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  1. Wow! What a dramatic change! Congrats!
  2. That's amazing! You don't look like the same person! Do you have people you've known a long time walking by and not knowing it's you?
  3. You look great! Congrats on hitting goal!
  4. Thanks ya'll! icinglady, I'm going to have to look for that bee keepers secret stuff. Thanks or the tip.
  5. Here are a couple face shots of me. I forgot the first one was even taken. (Mental block? LOL I couldn't get away from the camera that time.) It was from Thanksgiving '06. The second was was taken around my birthday, Nov. 21, '07. I think I've lost about 10 pounds since then. (I seem to look kinda "euro" in that second one. lol) Too bad it shows my forever chapped lips, though. (Edited: found a date for it. It was a couple of weeks before Halloween. I've lost 15 lbs since then!)
  6. I've noticed that my health has improved just by doing all the healthy guidelines, and adding in more exercise to my day. Since I've lost 45 lbs everything has improved. Cholesterol is down, blood pressure is great (never was bad, though) and even my resting heart rate has gone from low 90's to low 70's!
  7. Great job!!! I bet you feel wonderful!
  8. I use e-tools and do half points because it does. If you got different results on paper I'd just do what the tracker says.
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