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  1. Thanks. Found it all and printed stuff out. Now, to find that equation you mention. I'm really liking the sound of this.
  2. I'm just learning about it today here but so far it sounds good to me and I think I'll try it. After all, I can always go bak to "old school" if I choose.
  3. Hi exercisers! I see so far, there are runners here. I used to run but have trouble with my feet. I do hope to get back to it one day. Losing weight will help, I'm sure. For now, I'm going back to something I did many years ago....Body for Life. What I like about it for these winter months is I know what I'm supposed to do each day. Also, it builds muscle and I need to get this metabolism revved up! I'm making up my journal today but did my first upper body work out yesterday. Today is cardio. Pretty much the only cardio I can do for any length of time is the stationary bike so that's what my cardio days will be until I can open up my options. Here's my schedule for this week. Sunday is supposed to be an "off" day but I will use it for either swimming or yoga. I started Tues rather than Monday this week so I won't get that "off" day. Tues~upper body DONE Wed~cardio Thurs~lower body Fri~cardio Sat~upper body Sun~cardio It's pretty straight forward but I want it posted here so I can update as I do it for accountability. Jack, WOW! You really rack up some miles. I hope to be you when I grow up. Heather, WTG. Running is kind of addicting isn't it!? Looks like you made some huge life changes in 2010!
  4. Where do we get info about the new program SFT if we are not attending meetings or signed up for WW online? And, I hope I can join you guys here. I had a group in the Buddy part of BCB that I used to post with but there's not much going on there. And, I looked around but looks like I'll feel most at home here since I do "core". I'm with many of you and having a hard time giving up calling it that.
  5. I lost our thread again. I feel like I'm going crazy. I hope you all can find us here again. It would be silly to have to have Lissa email everyone to regroup one more time. Speaking of regrouping. I had a gain this week. I want to have a June full of losses from here on out. Here's my plan: 1) lotsa water 2) many whole foods - cut back on white 3) keep upping my activity 4) journal every bite 5) post here 6) get enough rest How about you? What do you want to have done come the end of June 2010! I hopped on my bike for a short 6 mile ride this evening. That felt great. Now to make the next healthy decision and get to bed early! Talk to you all tomorrow!
  6. I'm sorry. I have been making this recipe for so long, I don't know for sure. I always buy large packages of frozen vegies and just dump in what looks right. I would guess a 10 or 12 oz bag of green beans would be about right.
  7. Green Beans w/Hamburger (rice dish) 1 lb ground beef 1 med onion chopped 1 clove garlic (or powder or salt) 1 ½ c water 3 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp molasses (pts) 1 package frozen green beans ¼ c cold water 3 tbsp corn starch (pts) Cook hamburger w/onion. Stir in garlic, water, soy sauce and molasses. Boil. Add green beans and simmer uncovered 15 min. Blend cold water and corn starch & stir into the mixture. Serve over brown rice. I had forgotten about this recipe. I used to make it a lot when my kids were little. It sounds strange but you just have to try it. I made it again last week and it's still yummy! :-) It makes really good leftovers too. I'm adding it to my normal rotation of SiFi recipes! And, since I'm here, thanks so much to all who contributed to this wonderful list of recipes. It has made the SiFi program so much easier (and even fun) for me to stick to! CHOICES!!
  8. We're missing you on the Goal Getter thread at BCB. Stop in and say "Hi" sometime. Maybe you'd like to join our Christmas challenge?

  9. Anyone make their own core refried beans? I've looked around a little and can't find a recipe. I suppose I could just try something myself but, I'd like a starting point. Also, curious if any of you have tried them with different types of beans. All I have at home right now are dried split peas and black beans.
  10. Breakfast was a smoothie w/strawberries, banana, tomatoes, light plain soy milk and 2 TBSP of oatmeal. I made too much so it might end up being a snack too. I also have an apple for a snack. Lunch will be beans & rice (made like chili) over greens and mixed vegies. I'm not sure about dinner yet but I made a big batch of chickpeas in the crockpot so I'm ready to go! I'm leaning toward chickpeas and vegies with a baked potato. Potatoes to me, are so satisfying. I even like them cold and plain. I wish we had all those cool foods you mentioned Carol but, was excited at the grocery store last eve to be stocking up on dried beans and pouring over the frozen vegie choices they have now-a-days. My kids think I've lost it. LOL Sign me up for longer eyelashes, healthier fingernails, etc.
  11. Very good points. Maybe that's why it feels overwhelming to me. I have NEVER given up dairy and/or meat. When I think about it, what I think I was looking for deep down was a push to JUST DO IT. So, I think I will sign up for that 21 day jumpstart program and do just that. Especially since DH is on board too. THANKS again for all the feed back!
  12. I'll look into signing up for that jumpstart thing too. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for all your responses. I'm not sure I communicated myself well. I didn't mean to challenge anyone or to suggest that this thread is in conflict with SiFi. The conflict is within myself (KimberlyW seemed to best understand where I'm coming from here.) & deciding how to proceed as I try this plant based eating concept. I wondered how others who may have had those same hangups felt after they had tried this out for awhile. I understand that I will have to make some decisions for myself and was trying to gather more info. My point with grains was mainly that the plant based diet suggests that we build our meals around them and core limits them. I hadn't really thought that if need be, I can use WPAs for them. That's one of my struggles. I'm an all or nothing kinda gal and it gets me in trouble all the time! And, yes, I was curious if it seemed to have an effect on losses but I guess those testing seem to be losing weight! I haven't had potatoes or rice much lately at all because I use oats, bran, grits, etc to meet my grain quota so it's a mental shift for me. I would really like to see a subset under the SiFi area of BCB. I feel the number of people participating in this thread are part of what makes it so valuable. The 2 for 2 does seem like a great place to start. Thanks.
  14. Oh, and anyone have problems eating that much grains? I'm such a carb addict which is partially why I gravitated toward SiFi. I keep thinking this goes against the "grain" (LOL) even though I read that a plant based diet is good for keeping blood sugar levels in check.
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