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  1. thanks darling!! how are you doing?? :)

  2. OMG, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see this! I am so glad you got over the hump (remember your "Giving Up" post last summer??) and you have NO idea how much seeing this has helped me today. I have been struggling with a major plateau and this was just what I needed. You look wonderful, congratulations!
  3. Hey buddies! I just figured out that this soup is also REALLY DARN GREAT if you go easy on the blending (leaving it more chunky than not) and add a can of mixed beans! It makes it hearty and oh-so-good! Season to your desire to make up for the extra stuff! pia
  4. wow, what a great accomplishment! and yes, you do look years younger!! pia
  5. you look awesome!! WTG buddy! pia
  6. WOW - good for you! You def look much younger and stronger! WTG!! pia
  7. WTG buddy - you look AWEZOME!!! Keep it up and you will be at goal in NO TIME! pia
  8. YAY, glad you liked it! and yes, perfect for a chilly fall day!! pia
  9. hey hey suzie - let me know what you think!! If anyone else tries it, let me know what you think! pia
  10. WTG buddy - best of luck the rest of the way!! pia
  11. WTG Rebecca - congrats on your new lease on life!! pia
  12. WOW, you look fantatstic, like a totally different person! WTG!! pia
  13. Thanks so much! No, I didn't cut my hair - it is very long, actually, most of the way down my back! I have curly hair, and had straightened it to pull my hair back the way it would be on the wedding day - but when this pic was taken I had put it back down! I will definately post wedding pics as soon as I get them! pia
  14. Thanks for all the support and inspiration you have all given to me! Before: At my highest, I was somewhere in the 2teens During: First Fitting, about 181 Bikini shot!! About 175 YESTERDAY: I will post all the pictures I have in my wedding dress once I am married - all the way from the 200s down! Pia
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