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  1. Happy to announce that April 1st marks the 13th anniversary of my reaching goal and becoming a lifetimer. I've been able to stay at or below goal all these years thanks to WW and the wonderful support and advice from the members on this site.
  2. Thanks - I do the point counting at which I had my successful 65 pound weight loss. I can still eat the edemame but have to count the points. They are really tasty and filling.
  3. On the new Simple Start program, it I suggested that edamame can be eaten as a snack. On the package the nutrition information would give it points if one is using a point program. I a confused - is edamame now a free veggie? Thanks for any help.
  4. Another variation is a box of angel food cake mix and a can of crushed pineapple. Just mix together and bake. I like it with a touch of cool whip on top. Makes a nice treat.
  5. Welcome - you will find lots of support and advice here. Best wishes on your weight loss journey.
  6. http://www.consumersearch.com/weight-loss-programs
  7. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance - Lee Marvin
  8. April 1 is my 12th anniversary of reaching goal weight. Have been lucky enough to maintain the goal weight - lots of hard work, but rewarding. While I was losing and then maintaining, the help and support I received from the members of BCB really helped me. Many thanks.
  9. The Man In The Gladd Booth - Maximilliam Schell
  10. Luther Adler - The Man In The Glass Booth
  11. Ben Affleck - He's Just Not That Into You
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