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  1. Does anyone know if WW is open? I didnt think to ask at last weeks meeting.
  2. I rejoined today. My calculator was 10.00
  3. Hello everyone. I am sorry I have AWOL for a couple of wks. I am back with a plan! Yippee Sunday- None Monday- None Tuesday- Firm- Fat Burning Workout- 44 mins- DONE Wednesday- Gilad- 30 mins DONE Thursday- Denise Austin's Power Zone -55 mins-DONE Friday- Gilad - 30 mins Saturday- Denise Austin's Power Zone -55 mins Hugs, Barb
  4. Sorry to disappoint but this wk was not a good one for me AP wise.
  5. X post Good evening all - Just wanted to post a quickie. Did my WI now b/c I wont be able to do it in the morning for a few days. Had a 2.5 lbs loss this wk! :jump_jack I am so shocked b/c I didnt exercise like I wanted. Also- I finally got the 5 Firm videos from Ebay today! Cant wait to start! Hugs, Barb
  6. Amy- WOO HOO! Congrats on your loss! As for my wk- Not going as planned. Sorry guys. Hugs Barb
  7. LOL Todd- You have great taste- hope she works you hard Barb
  8. Goal for the wk: Sunday- 55 mins Power Zone- DONE! Monday- 30 min Tae Bo- DIDNT DO Tuesday- 55 min Power Zone- DIDNT DO Wednesday- Rest Thursday- 55 min Power Zone-DIDNT DO Friday- Rest - WI Today! Saturday- 30 min Tae Bo- DIDNT DO
  9. Hello all, I was wondering what do you and how do you all feel after exercising? After I get in a good workout I usually feel like can breathe 100 times deeper and clearer- which I LOVE!!!!! But no matter if I am busy or on the PC after that- I feel tired- Like I could sleep for 3 hrs? Does that make sense? Does this happen to anyone else? What can I do the keep me awake and refreshed? TIA Barb
  10. X post Good morning everyone. My arms are still shakin'! I just got done a new dvd I ordered. Denise Austin's Power Zone. It even came with a flex band. I had to modify the workouts done on your knees b/c I cant kneel due to past surgery- but it was a wonderful 55 mins! Now all I have to do is memorize the moves so I am not trippin all over myself. LOL Later I will do a 20 min walk home from DS school.:walking: I am not walking there b/c I dont want to be a popcicle when I meet his teacher for the 1st time. ( So my Mom will drive me) So today will be a good exercise day for me. Tomorrow is WI. I am not feeling too good about it. I didnt get in as much exercise as I wanted and was low on pts a lot. But we shall see in the AM. Hugs, Barb PS I am still waiting for the FRIM Tapes I won on Ebay- Cant wait to see what you guys all rave about!
  11. Hi Firmies:bcbsalute I changed up my schedule a bit tonight. My feet are so sore from this darn plantar fascitis stuff and the new shoes I just bought. I was actually in bed - then decided to get up and try the 8 min Tae Bo tape that has been collecting dust for a few yrs now. Man it was rough but I made it through plus did floor work. I feel good about doing it and not just going straight to bed. I just got in the new Denise Austin Power Zone w/ resistance band. I cant wait to try it tomorrow after work. I'll let you know how it goes. Joanne- you amaze me! I cant wait to be where you are. Todd- What kind of home gym do you use? WTG on not skipping your workout! Sal- Good luck at WI MrsBaldEagle- WTG! Leshia- Great plan! Does the cold slow you down? Nancy- hope you get your videos soon Amy- I love Gilad too. I am looking into his step tape. The only one I have is the one that came w/ my rebok step. Theresa- your schedule looks great! Gotta hit the hay- Have to open the store tomorrow. Blah! LOL Hugs, Barb:bcbsalute
  12. Hi all- I am here cking in. Trying to up last wks 11 AP's Do you get AP's for shopping? B/C man, I did alot of it this wknd! LOL:crazy: Sunday- 30 mins moderate walking-Done Monday- Rest Tuesday- 8 min Tae Bo workout w/ 10 mins floorwork- Done Wednesday- 55 mins Denise Austin's Power Zone- DIDNT DO. Thursday- 55 mins Denise Austin's Power Zone- DONE Later 20 min walk- DONE Friday- Rest WI- Down 2 lbs! Saturday- 55 mins Denise Austin's Power Zone- DIDNT DO Have a great wk Barb
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