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  1. Hi where's the recipe, I don't see it!
  2. The one I want to do in Dec, was advertised at my local health center. Then I heard at my local WW meeting, the leader talking about how she does a turkey trot every year. So I did a search of my city/turkey trot and it actually came up with quite a few. Which also directed me to all the upcoming runs their clubs will be offering in the upcoming year. Maybe try that!
  3. Hi Julie, that's exciting that's for posting! I actually walked about a half mile and then ran a whole mile, followed by more walking this past Thursday! I was so pumped...I actually ran a mile...I really couldn't believe it! I know for the seasoned runners they may think she's crazy...excited over a mile. But, I was just so thrilled that I did it. And I wasn't even sore afterwards. I really hope I can keep it up and keep progressing. I wanted to download that podcast. And I probably will soon. I imagine I'm going to need guidance and motivation to get me going further. BTW,purpleangle, those things for your shoes look like they should work well. I just something like that, a cheaper version for sale in this week's Menards flyer for $9.99. I was thinking I wonder if those would work for running.
  4. Yes, I must sign up!! I was even starting to considering signing up for a Turkey Trot. And then just doing the best I can with the walk/run. The 5k isn't the problem, I could walk that without a problem. It may take me an hour....but, if I get some stints of jogging in there it could be less time. What I want to know is how do people jog in the cold? I can't believe I've become interested in this during this time of year! I can always go to the gym I suppose when it gets really bad out, I'm in Minnesota. I just perfer to be outside. I read someone here on the board will jog outside as long as it's above 10 degrees. I have to research a little to learn how to do that safely!
  5. I really appreciate all the feed back. I'm really excited about starting to run! I did it a second time this week (the walk/run) and the feeling afterwards is great. I can't wait to start using those pod casts! I'd love to be able to run. There's a 5k coming up here on Dec 28 that I'd love to be ready for. We'll see, it's all new, but it feels good to push myself beyond just walking. Thanks for everyones comments. I've got to download that podcast now...thanks buddies!!
  6. Thanks for sharing Darlene! I love to hear from others who have been there. That pod cast sounds interesting. Is that something I can find online? Any other runners with feedback for me?
  7. I have never been a "runner". I like to walk! Lately I'm drawn to it and have been thinking about it. And today for the first time during my walk, I started switching from walking to running at every block. I was also pushing a stroller. Well, it was a little challenging. And I can't say it felt as plesant as my walking does. But, it did feel very empowering! When I finished my 30 minute walk run it felt very good. I couldn't believe I was actually running. I guess my question is, with time if I keep it up will it get easier? I don't know if it's mentally that I think this is hard and challenging/a bit unplesant. Or is it because this is new? Do you remember what is was like when you first started running? Hard? Challenging? Did you outgrow that with experience/time? Like I said I'm not a runner and I was wondering if this is how people feel? (I'm thinking about training for a 5k, that's this Dec28)
  8. Thanks for the help guys! I'm going to see what I can do here...wish me luck!
  9. I have some pics loaded on photobucket. But, from what I experience the avatar size they offer there is still to big for this site. How do I make it small enough to fit here at Boot Camp Buddies? Or is there another site I should work from. It's been so frustrating...How does everyone get their pic small enough. I hope someone will be so kind to help me. Thank you!!!
  10. Wow Debi, you look great!!! You should be very proud. I can't wait to get to be where you are at! I got your message last night. And I agree with you about taking it slow, after I have the baby. I'm just so ready to have my body back! Your pics are very inspirational!! -Rachel
  11. Thanks Joanne, I wanted to find out about changing my username. Can I do that?
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