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  1. Joe's has some great stuff. I will have to try their CornDogs...been a while since I had a corn dog. I agree, crunch sounds good, toaster offen it is
  2. Joe's has a bunch of great WW friendly foods. They have their 6gm per slice Bread (1 pt per slice - just awesome tasting), their Salsa Chips (I think it is 2 points for 10 of them), Laughing Cow cheese (best price around..usually) and their frozen (freeze dried too) fruits are just fantastic! I have not seen the Strawberries, but I will have to get some. In the service we used to have freeze dried fruit coctail...and it was so good (pears are just aweseome freeze dried). Thanks for the info!
  3. Their Chicken Sausage (Pre-cooked) packs are awesome!. About $4 and they are only 90 cals, 4gm fat each! I eat them with a Joseph's (non Trader Joy) Whole Wheat/Oat Bran Wrap (70 Cals - 1G fat - 6gm fiber)..so a good and tasty sausage breakfast for about 3 points - add some Laughing Cow or Jarsburg lite and go up to a whopping 5 points Their Yogurt (StonyFields in disguise) is good. Fat Free has 3 Grams of Fiber pers serving (Apple Pectin gives it that fiber). Love Trader Joes... Also - Their MultiGrain Tortilla Chips are great! Low Points. 2pts per 10 chips...and they taste great!
  4. Cool - I thought it would be lean, and I too love Lobster..actually all seafood Thanks again
  5. Thanks all The Oscar was actually a sliced Filet MIgnon I had some sides, some beer/wine but only a bit of each and ended up losing 3 lbs this week! Thanks again for the kind words!
  6. I ended up having their "Slightly Smaller" steaks. The Oscar Ribeye, no sauce (2 3 ounce ribeyes with asparagus and crabmeat - very yummie). I also had some fresh rasberries for desert. All in All I think I ended up doing well, and enjoying my dinner
  7. I will have to try them in Applesauce I have put in Oatmeal, soups, and on Cottage Cheese too....all very good.
  8. WW Suggests 2 oils a day. I have been told that 1 tsp of olive oil is 1 pt as is 1 TBSP of Flaxseed I have added the Whole Organic Flax Seeds to my daily diet as I find them crunchy and add to my morning yogurt, cereal or mixed in with yogurt and frozen berries (to make a poor mans frozen yogurt). Points, rounded to 10nths = .8 I use 1pt for every 1 TBSP. Hope that helps!
  9. Hi, Need to go out for a work Holiday Dinner. http://www.mortons.com/website/htmldocs/load_frames.html?kitchen.html is the link to their menu...anyone have any idea what point values would be etc? I can choose anything from the menu (they are not limiting what we can order from). I love both Steak and Lobster...would be interested in some input on possible selections and their point values (I know we dont know their serving sizes..etc), but just want a basic idea. I am saving all 35 flexpoints for that night, but think if I get a small steak, salad and limit my intake of sweets and other stuff..I shoudl be okay.... Thanks!
  10. Hi, Not 100% sure, but I think you need to break down each meal item. If they broke it down by meal item you definately could, not sure how they break it down
  11. What operating system do you have installed? Is Microsoft, go to thier update site and make sure to update. Also make sure you have Adobe Acrobat and Quicktime installed. I found this (may edit it to be more appropriate) Check this link if you have not already: http://www.valusoftsupport.com/Results.asp?search=full&show=titles&results=20&submit=prod&pid=400 WINDOWS: What We Can do to Fix System Errors System errors generally tell us there is a device conflict that can sometimes be corrected by... 1) Rebooting Windows (perhaps several times) 2) Running MasterCook alone (without other programs loaded and waiting on the task bar). That includes browser, and ICQ and Print Artist and Crash Guard, etc. Another hog is "desktop themes" - Try running MC without one and see if it improves the performance. 3) Updating your device drivers: stay current, take advantage of their bug fixes 4) Removing a program you installed recently. See if that helps. 5) Reduce the number of fonts. Running low on resources and disk space: 6) Clean the disk of clutter. - Empty the recycle bin. - Reduce the number of days the browser keeps copies of visited web pages in the cache. - Run maintenance on the newsgroup headers and messages. - Run "disk cleanup," "scan disk" and "defrag" 7) Check the available space on your hard drive. You can do this by double-clicking on the "My Computer" icon. Then right-click with your mouse on the "C:" drive icon and select "Properties". This will reveal a nifty pie chart that will show you how much drive space is available. If the problem persists, contact Tech. Support (We know they are not being helpful ) Can you post the exact msg, or find the log file that may contain it? When you do an uninstal, make sure to reboot after, or you will keep some files and they may cause the problem. I have MasterCook9, and clicked edit but no problems (I have windows XP SP2 all updated with SAV 9 running). Let us know
  12. You can really reduce the salt by draining, then rinsing with tap water. I rinse mine and it reduces the salt (by how much..who knows), but you can taste the difference and it does not taste bad at all Just an idea This LINK has some other ideas for reducing sodium intake
  13. I also love to "SPICE" up popcorn. Tobasco is good but can make it a bit soggy if you put too much on. I love Blair's HEAT! Especially the DRY RUBS (Blairs Death Rain Nitro is my Favorite!
  14. Hello everyone I found this in another post, but could not remember which one, so I will post a direct link to the article: http://www.weightwatchers.com/util/prt/article.aspx?articleID=20971 It gives a great description of APs. I use an eliptical that allows me to use my Heart Monitor, so if you use a Heart Monitor, or keep track of your pulse, you can use the methodology they discuss. I am 38 years young, so my APs would be measured using: An individual's Maximum Heart Rate can be estimated by using the formula: 220 – age in years = MHR. Pulse rate can then be monitored while an exercise is being done and the % MHR calculated to assess intensity. 220-38 = 182 (MHR) (this uses same idea as below but for us 38 year olds) Low Intensity: heart rate is 72-to-98 beats per minute is about 40-54% MHR Moderate Intensity: heart rate is 100-to-126 beats per minute is 55-69% MHR. High Intensity: heart rate is more than 127 beats per minute is equal to or greater than 70% MHR. I calculated using an Activity Point Calculator and came up with the following point EARNINGS per 10 minutes Low = .6 Pts Mod = .9 Pts High = 2.2 Pts These are all based on my WEIGHT of 275 lbs So – I focus in on the 100-126 for weight loss, but sometimes get to 130s due to HILLS etc J So, with a heart monitor you can measure your heart rate and base your points on how long you stay in those ZONES J. Hope that helps Heart monitors are pretty inexpensive these days, and MUCH smaller
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