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  1. I made lifetime a lifetime ago. Yo-yo'd for about 30 years. My highest being 55lbs over goal. I joined here in 2005 and still never got my act together. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes, 5 years ago I started to eat healthier and lower my carbs, lots of activity and got down to below goal and kept it off until 18-24 months ago. I had an undiagnosed kidney stone. It was too big to pass and mimic'd uterine and ovarian pain. A LOT of pain. We moved, I got a new doctor and a new round of tests. Kidney stone is gone, but I'm left with 28 lbs to lose to make it back to goal. I recommitted yesterday and the first thing I did this morning is to check if my old log in worked No meetings, using myfitnesspal to track.
  2. I'd like to join. Bronwyn's 10 week challenge Goals: Starting Wt 168.2 05/10/10 1-2 AP's 4 days a week OP everyday, post journal 64oz water take vitamin and Rx I already track every bite. I don't drink my water, take my Rx or vitamins. I don't exercise with a schedule. I don't track my hunger. This first week I'll post my journal, and check in to keep track of water, meds and exercise. Then I'll work on hunger.
  3. I went back to Weight Watcher meetings last night. This will be my official restart number 2. Unofficial restarts number in the hundreds. I edited my signature and am posting here for accountability. I'm actually going to another Weight Wathcer meeting in a few minutes. I think I need to go to more than one a week for these first few weeks.
  4. At work they celebrate birthdays once a month. We're a small company so it's very noticed if you don't attend. They make sure we always have a veggie tray from Costco, a fruit tray from Costco, Food porn alert ...... a Costco cake, either the tall chocolate one or larger one with mousse filling, a cheesecake, brownie bites, and a pie. This month is Apple. Anyway, I'm diabetic so I have in the past been able to completely resist all fruit and cakes, and have also gone off the deep end and have eaten way more than I ever need to. I've never been able to eat just the veggies, or small piece of fruit without going back for cake. So I need to resist. Would be ok, but my will is low today. What can I substitute? Right now my only idea is to treat myself to a Starbucks Non fat, SF iced Latte The other idea is to eat a little more at lunch. I usually have a large salad, a bowl of progresso soup, an apple and a wedge of laughing cow cheese. Any ideas or help is appreciated.
  5. I'd look at your glucose levels. I tend to crave cereal at night. I started eating cereal at night to replace ice cream. Now I find I do it as a boost in carbs. Which for me is a bad thing.
  6. His diet should include 40 grams of carbs per meal. 15 grams of carbs per snack. Oranges are a great snack. While orange juice is not. He needs to get to a diabetes technician and have all of his options explianed.
  7. I get 58 points for 1 cup of canola oil.
  8. I second the advice of going to meetings. At least the first one. You'll get an accurate starting weight, you'll get some great resources. Next I'd start posting here as often as possible. Pick a community and get to know the folks there. Good luck!!
  9. Sometimes a recipe will be calculated based on the old way of calculating fiber. It still gets passed around and passed around. Sometimes I'll see a recipe that is for core. Maybe 1 cup of this would have to be counted as one point for core as the other ingredients are 0 on core.
  10. I'm not suggesting people start eating franken foods just because they are low fat. What I'm referring to is the notion that eating full fat of something is better for me if I'm not getting in my points. Now if someone suggested eating full 'Healthy' Fat of something so that I got in my points, I'd agree. Salad dressing that is higher in fat can mean it is laden with mayo, or it can mean it get's high fat content from olive oil. So instead of suggesting someone up their point count by eating full fat stuff, why don't we suggest they up their point count by eating full fat olive oil vinegrette's, and tossing a handful of almonds into the oatmeal?
  11. Oh and to answer Becca's question, You can't go below 20 points a day. WW rules. (although with the new formula if this has changed I stand corrected) If you are not getting all your points eaten, usually happens when you have a high number of them to start with, then try eating more in the morning. We tend to get in a diet mentality that means we have to skip breakfast. One of the best things I did for weight loss is to eat 4-6 points for breakfast everyday. It meant that I ate all of my points in a day or even *gasp* went over. But I found I lost so much more weight when I did that then when I tried to 'save' some of my points. The other thing that bumped my weight loss was making sure I got my healthy 8's. You'd be surprised what getting 8 hours sleep, and drinking water can do for you.
  12. I disagree with this. And I'm not picking on you Duchess, your post was just the next one I saw that suggested this. I see this suggestion a lot. How can eating full fat mayo be healthy for me? I thought WW was about healthy eating? So I would like to propose that maybe a new wording be adapted. If a person isn't getting in all of their daily points, why can't we suggest adding healthy oils to there veggies as they roast them, adding in almonds to their snack, putting pb on the fruit, etc.
  13. Very normal. Lot's more fiber, lots more water, more excercise. All combne to help the system. If it becomes too severe go to a dr tho.
  14. Welcome newbies. Read around for a while. We have some great boards, age related, religion related, sex related, etc.Congratulations on making the commitment to a healthier you.
  15. If you can't get the candy dish removed fill it with things you don't like. Or change it to a type with a lid. Something you have to physically remove to get to the candy. Place it as far from you as possible. Especially if you have to get up and walk around the desk to get access to them. Set it in your mind that the candy doesn't belong to you. What are you eating the rest of the day? Are you getting your healthy 8's in? Are you eating too many carbs or frozen meals? Maybe if you changed some of your choices the candy dish wouldn't be so tempting. I love having whole wheat bread with 1 tsp smart beat margarine, 1 packet of splenda and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. I find it helps keep me from eating unhealthy cakes and muffins. As for pizza and other food porn that pops up in our life, we just have to have strength and avoid it. If you are making good choices thru the day and you have all your healthy 8's in the when you come across a situtaion you will have more control. When you are in control you will be able to put the rest of the pizza in ziploc baggies and into the freezer right away. You also need to get BF on your side. His having pizza there when you got there is just sabotaging you. He could have gotten it earlier so it was gone when you got there. He could have gotten just enough for himself, a smaller pizza so there wouldn't be enough for you. You need him on your side. Explain to him that this is hurting you. Is there anything else around his place that you are tempted by? I have my family take their treats into their rooms or in dh's case to his garage. If it's something that has to stay in the house I often write names on the boxes. Lastly, are you pre-planning your days? Often when are days are planned ahead we can avoid misteps because we know from looking at our plan that in just a few short hours/minutes it will be time for the next snack or meal.
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