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  1. That is a good question Veronica about Lynn. I pmed CW and didnt get a reply. She was so full of great information and always a help to newbies. I won't be here if she isn't most likely. I have been checking last 2 days just to see if there is an update on her status. Great news about your DD doing great virtual schooling! Carol, great news about being under goal!
  2. HI Everyone Everyone is so busy with back to school and my house is so quiet now! I have to admit while I miss the kids I am loving making simple SF meals for DH and I with no one complaining. Tonight is grilled pork loin, baked potatoes and spinach! Yummy. Kind of odd to be in the house alone all the time after all these years. But luckily we enjoy each other's company alot. Although i am thinking about taking a class or something. I am so glad I got my full time job before they left or I would be really lonely. Becky good luck with the job. that was me going back to work in Feb. Had to get a wardrobe! It was fun though. I like dressing up a little bit. WE don't have to be that dressed luckily. K- your cooking sounds wonderful! Lynn, hard to get back in the swing isn't it! Glad presentation went well
  3. HI Everyone, Sorry life has been so busy I haven't been on here. Occasionally stalking though! DD went off to Penn State on Saturday. She is now in a apartment and it is the 5th floor. The elevators had humongous lines so we walked up and down 5 flights at least 10 times. We had help to move her so that wasn't bad but 2 other girls came after her and we helped them too! My legs were sore on Sunday! Thank heavens we don't move DS in until tomorrow and he is on the 1st floor! Today at the gym i went on the stepmill for about 20 min. I figured it is a weak are for me so better work on it! So my baby boy (18 years old) leaves for Temple U tomorrow. After 20 years (DD is almost 20) DH and I will be alone in the house. I am sure I will miss the kids but I am also kind of looking forward to it. Nice to cook simple meals that no one complains about! I am planning a lot of fish dinners. Hi Karen and Becky! Enjoy the spa and lake! Lynn, be careful with those hedge clippers. you are dangerous!
  4. Oh Lynn what a week! Yikes! I have to say I came home this morning after being away only since Fri night and had a ton of cat poop to clean up (2 kittens though) so I cannot even imagine that room after a week. And did the poor cat not have food or water??
  5. Lynn Happy birthday! You are an inspiration to all of us!
  6. Mirstar, you did inspire me, I made two servings of grits and put them in the fridge. I ate on serving for breakfast today and added a laughing cow cheese wedge, 1 pt, the new Queso flavor. It was good. I usually just cook them in saucepan, when I try the microwave it tends to boil over and I don't find it to be much faster. Becky how old is your son? My daughter (now almost 20!) took forever to learn to ride a bike and never really took to it. We would try family bike rides and she didn't like it and NEVER figured out how to work the gears. She isn't the most coordinated. In fact the day she learned to ride her bike, (she was 6), my son who was 4 jumped on the bike and took off. Never ran next to him once. I felt so bad for her, he robbed her moment of fame. But she is an awesome student! Her talents lie in other places
  7. Hi Lynn and welcome Miriam! Quick hello! i am at work also Miriam I love Grits and haven't made them in a while. I think I will make some tonight so I have them for b-fast tomorrow. i always run out of time!!
  8. Hi everyone! Becky I am having date night too! It is our 22nd anniversary! We finally agreed on a restaurant! Italian of course, will need points i am sure. My kitties just came home yesterday from getting neutered/spayed and declawed. I feel bad for them but glad it is done. Eddie the boy usually likes to lay near you but not on your lap but last night he was all over my lap. Guess he missed us! Lynn enjoy your camping. Camping is not my cup of tea but I know you like the outdoors. I do like to kayak though! We keep forgetting my FIL keeps a kayak at his beach house on the bay. Need to remember next time we are there! Happy Fri everyone!
  9. Love the video of Odie the swimming dog! Too funny! Amy your kids are just beautiful! And how true that when you are home your weekends are more fun. Just going back to work full time after home when kids growing up I resent spending all weekend on housework/office work. Lynn 100 miles! Wowzer! Soya, congrats on loss
  10. WWguy, i think it means either 6 boullion cubes or 6 seasoning packets or 3-4 tsps. But this soup is so versatile you can tweek it to what works for you. Use less and add salt free seasoning if you like.
  11. Hi Everyone! Just a quick hi as I am at work. mon and Tues i was at an autism training. It was interesting the first day but very repetitive the second day! Becky my friend is having trouble keeping her dog out of her pool too. She is worried about the liner and the dog drowning. The dog is a golden though and they can swim but she is afraid she won't be able to get out and get tired. Sailor I usually have a 15-20 min commute to work but yesterday I had to go on PA turnpike to training and the first day it took me 40 min and yesterday mroning 1 1/2 hrs. It was awful! So stay home! So glad to see posters again!
  12. HI Sailor and Linda! So glad to see you both got on. I have been trying to post but been busy too. I like you Linda need more hours in my day. I wasn't home quite as long as you but the adjustment to full time is tough anyway. I am still doling my DH's business stuff too and it is hard. And I need to not multitask so much, I have been making mistakes a lot! We have have a grad party every weekend since 6/12 and tomorrow we have a grad party for siblings (1 college, 1 high school) and a house warming for one of our employees! Next Sat is 2 grad parties and a wedding! A whirlwnd. I did take off on Tues and we went to the Jersey shore Sat night late until Tues but then Tues was so awful hot we ended up coming home early. Too hot for beach or the boat! And the green flies were biting. Linda, another wedding coming?? Wow, how exciting! Sailor, i hate to bring up sore subject but did you find your dog? I keep thinking about him! My friend found a yorkie last week and took him home and I thought of you, but they did find the owner the next morning. Well i am at work (ssshhh) so better go!
  13. I hope they fix it so she can get on. I was hoping she mightve found her dog. I heard that is a great festival at Penn State Lynn. Apparently a drink fest for some of the students though! My daughter is moving into an apartment this fall so i bet next year she goes up. She would have to pay to stay somewhere now. Enjoy yourself! Quick hello as I am at work!
  14. Wendy just make sure you rinse the quinoa really well or it will taste bitter. But that is the only extra step
  15. SueC


    Hi Amy and everyone ! So glad to hear about your changes and enjoy your time with your children. It goes by so fast! I have been absent alot myself as I have begun working full time and don't have much time to post. But I do try to check in and read. 87 lbs is amazing. Keep doing what you are doing! We need to see some updated pics of those adorable children
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