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  1. Thanks - I do like this recipe!
  2. I bought two pie pumpkins and am looking for some Core/SiFi ways of using them. TIA!
  3. When I hit the meeting where they first explained about activity points, I thought about having a T-shirt made that said "Will Work (out) for Food" Exercising is as important for maintaining as it is while in losing mode.
  4. No, although at ~14 my doctor had a talk with me, telling me that I probably would have a tendency to be heavy and then he told me what to avoid. It boggled my mind then (just not mature enough to get the connection between what I put in my mouth and the fact that it might have bodily consequences). The one I remember was fruit syrup (like what canned fruits are often packaged in). Like Luanne, I look at pictures of me (through age 29), and I really was not fat. My problems began when we moved out into the country, and if I wanted pie, I'd have to bake one, and with only two of us here, I ate too much of it! It didn't help that I got very little exercise. When I started WW, and started to learn both about normal portion sizes, and about what you have to limit if you want to lose, I think I got a pretty clear picture of why I'd gained. My mom, however "was always big" - or at least she thought so. She wasn't huge, but probably heavier then the "ideal", and I think psychologically, always thinking that hurt her.
  5. I kind of like the "military-themed" number of posts ranking system. I never felt either put down, or built up by it (or by the number of views). It kind of goes along with the bootcamp theme. If I saw that many people had viewed but few or none had posted when I asked a question, it just made me think that a lot of others were wondering the same thing.
  6. Welcome, Jason! I sincerely hope that this forum can be revived. I've gotten a LOT of help here (and written a lot in the spirit of helping others), but it does seem to be pretty dead most of the time these days. I've wondered why the big change - maybe people migrating to the social networks to get the same things? But if you can answer that question (why the dropoff in interest) and address it, maybe you can effect a turnaround.
  7. DES2

    CORE Bread

    Yeah, I can't stomach the stuff they call a Power Food! Not worth it.
  8. DES2

    CORE Bread

    I think that's a slippery slope... I can make good whole wheat bread, but it's not Core by a long shot. I was really amazed when I tallied the points. FWIW, you'll be safer just counting it (and enjoying it).
  9. Officially, WW only has you weigh once a week - preferably at around the same time. Probably better now that you're following the program, to just do it that way. If you're on program, you don't need to "resume" counting - because you already are. Even if you stick to the program scrupulously, there will be weeks when you won't lose. It's the long-term trend that's important. I was told in maintenance mode, to weigh more often (I think it was ~every 3 days), because then, you DO adjust what you are eating in order to learn what is the appropriate level you need in order to maintain. For the heck of it, I weighed myself morning and evening. It was very interesting to me that my average weight loss overnight was ~3 lbs.! And that almost has to be from water loss (from potty trips, respiration, and sweat...).
  10. I bet you're going to make it Genoa - you have the right attitude! It is all about making a lifestyle change - getting to a new normal. Like Super Bowl XLI said, after you reach goal, to maintain, you do basically have to keep doing what you did to lose the weight. I REALLY REALLY like what you said about making sure that the food choices you make now are choices you can live with indefinitely! If you want to do less point-counting, you might consider trying the Core program (but you do need to be really sure to guard against eating too much - if portion control is a problem). Don't worry about the age thing, it's just a number!
  11. Really, it's just like putting some of the fat back in that they took out to make it FF. It's actually pretty good, and since I do Core, it's all OP.
  12. Sounds like you're doing fine. Those times when I've used up my weeklies and APs and WI is several days off, I just limit myself to Core foods.
  13. Probably eating my 2 tsp. of canola oil daily (usually on a baked potato, but occasionally stirring it into a cup of ff yogurt or having it in some other non-normal way). It's something I NEVER would have thought of doing pre-WW. I'm sorry this board seem so dead now. I have gotten many wonderful ideas here, and with the way WW "poofs" any proprietary info (like points values or whether something is a power food) on their official BB, I would think people would be flocking here!
  14. Genoa, I'm so sorry for the loss of your child! Sounds like what you've been doing for the last six months is definitely the sort of "lifestyle changes" that WW is aiming for. I feel as you do about the electronic calculator (and also the cookbooks). I admire your ability to calculate the old points in your head - I always used my slider. As much as I love technology (and I DO love many aspects of it), there's something in me that really resents having to use an electronic device to figure points.
  15. My sentiments exactly! Although I think the P+ program appears to make a lot of sense, for many of the same reasons as you state above, it's unlikely I'll switch over to it. I think what's more important is to have a reasonably healthy program (which Flex, Core, P+ all are), and to stick to it. Genoa, from your stats, it sounds like if you really implemented the lifestyle changes. Congratulations and good luck - whatever program you choose.
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