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  1. @Phillygal and Goddess, all the local supermarkets around me (Food Lion, Kroger, Wal-Mart sup ctr) all have it, and I'm out in the boonies. Usually in with tofu and other healthy oddball stuff.
  2. Cool, a hiking thread. My daughter and I are about to go on a 50 mile back packing trip on the Foothills Trail, in upstate SC. Figuring on 4 days. I'll have some pics when we get back, but I'm not very comptent on posting pictures. Anxious to see the weight loss from that, did 30 miles a last year and even completely off plan eating freeze dried meals I lost maybe 8 pounds on the hike. It came back pretty quick though.
  3. Dropped WW about a year ago, was close to goal and figured I could lose the rest on my own. After undoing much of my progress I'm going to re-join again. Thinking of doing it online this time, but don't know much about it. How does weigh in work? I never really used the meetings. Not sure if the fact of online being "faceless" would reduce the feeling of being held accountable? Has anyone run into that? I had used the Core program, but I see that is either gone or changed. And what is the "Momentum" program? Details on the WW web site are vague. I had liked core as it did not involve tracking points for the most part. Thanks, Joel
  4. Made this last night and enjoyed it. Sort of like a type of chili, I served over brown rice and gave it a shot of hot sauce.
  5. This sounds good, have you (or anyone out there) tried it? On edit, I see one of the steps is to add cream, but cream is not listed on the ingredents. Perhaps mike was substituted for cream?
  6. Beats me, all ingredents are core. I sometimes use Unlcle Ben's Fast & Naurual 10 Min brown rice when in a hurry. Only ingredents in that is whole grain paraboiled brown rice.
  7. I would suggest when others here advised to go to a "bike shop", go to a shop that specializes in only bikes. That is where you will get the best advice and attention. Most will let you do test rides around the shop. And are usually professionally assembled for you. The sales reps at big box stores (everyone's favorite Wal-Mart) or even big box sporting good stores (Dicks, Bass Pro, Gander Mtn) don't really know enough to make a good reccomendation. I'd only go the big box stores if you have already done all the research and know what you want. And are ready for "some assembly required" (17 pages of poorly translated tri-lingual instructions, and aprox 7,000 loose nuts & bolts, made by political prisoners in the Great Republic of China). Expect to spend over $100 for a good bike, but take comfort in knowing you get what you pay for. We have 3 bikes in the house, kids is a 21 speed mountain bike, mine is a 21 speed sport cruiser (the hybrid JenniferM mentioned) and my wife's is a 7 speed cruiser (which allows her to sit almost upright).
  8. Neither are core, Better'n PB I think is 2 pts, it looks like PB2 is 1 pt. But that beats 4 pts for the reduced fat penaut butter. I found a store using the locator on PB2 website, so I'm going to pick some up and try making Pad Thai this weekend.
  9. Does anyone have any feedback on cooking with Better'n Peanut Butter? I've also seen refrences here to something called PB2, but I don't know what it is. Can you cook with that as well? Thanks for any tips.
  10. Thanks, I did not know they made baked scoops. Looks like 2 pts for a serving of 15 chips.
  11. I miss chips and things to scoop dips with. Do you think if I took the polenta in a tube, sliced it thin and baked or broiled it that it would come out ridged enough to use in a nacho like dish?
  12. jmitch1965


    For a simple side dish, just follow the directions on the box. I find couscous sort of bland unless you do things to zip it up some. A simple way to add flavor is to cook it in chicken broth insted of water. Box mix I use calls for adding butter or margine, I use a little olive oil insted. I also like to add curry powder. You can make it more substancial of a dish by adding vegetables to it too (chopped onion, corn, beans). I think the ratio is 1 cup couscous/1 1/4 cup liquid (may be wrong, if directions on box are different follow those). Boil liquid, remove it from heat and add couscous and cover. Let it sit for maybe 10min. 1 cup uncooked gives about 2 cups when cooked.
  13. For a while it won't really matter how you work out different muscle groups. An all over work out can be done in 45min or so. As you progress, you will want to work certain groups harder, and with mutiple different exercises for the same group. At that point it will be necessary to use one of the types of "split" routines. Grouping the push and pull muscles together is the most common.
  14. Thanks, that confirms what I thought.
  15. I think I've seen recipies on the core board that have some "cream of" soups as ingredents. Are these core? Or maybe there was a point value associated with them that I missed.
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