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  1. Posted this on the other thread, but I really like Alpine SF, and it's only 15 cal.
  2. Blech! I tried the vanilla and threw the other 3 away. Fortunately, I only paid $.50 for it. I much prefer all other yogurt, especially the WW, and the activia was very good--tasted kind of like the custard yogurt.
  3. Ack! I missed it. I ordered this combo the first time and loved it, though it came in 100 degree weather and the chips in the muffins were all melted. I let them know, and they sent out a replacement order! They have a customer for life now!
  4. imlovin'it

    Broken Toe

    I found the recumbant bike is easiest on a broken toe. I broke my little toe a couple of years ago. It had to be pulled back into place (displaced fracture), but I popped it back out a few days later when DD fell down and knocked her front teeth loose. I had to scoop her up and run her to the dentist, and forgot about my well being for a while. Sigh. About 8 months after that I had to have surgery to repair it (same as hammer toe surgery). I was on crutches with a pin in my toe for 5 weeks, then in the bootie for another month. Just take it easy till the pain dies down. You don't want to have any permenant damage!
  5. I bought a Tanita scale from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It measures to the nearest .2 and does body fat too, but I don't care about that. I believe it was $50, and I used the 20% off coupon. It's always been dead on, and reads the same no matter how I stand on it. Just my $.02 http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=13033102&RN=444
  6. I know that personally, I cannot lose unless I eat all of my points--FPs, APs, and daily. For a while my loss slowed down b/c I was valuing my workouts as 3-4 APs, and I was really earning 6-8. I ate more, and the next week I lost 3 lbs. Also, make sure you're drinking enough water--I usually get that sick feeling when my throat is dry.
  7. This is one of those things that I find really interesting. There's no way I would go by the WW guidelines b/c I would worry about not getting enough calcium. I always make sure I get 100% of my daily calcium, and not just the 50% that WW says you must have. I've read studies (which will promptly be overturned!) which say that calcium from food is the best source. To me, it's worth the 4 points to keep my bones intact for the rest of my life. But, in answer to the original question, the premade pudding does not contain enough milk to count as a dairy serving. WW says the SF/FF pudding counts b/c they know how much milk is in it. Still, I love the Kozy Shack and think it makes a great snack.
  8. When I used to hike, I'd take a big bag of beef jerky--excellent protein for the calories. PB also gave me good energy.
  9. To add on to what the others said, maybe your hips just look bigger to you b/c your top is getting smaller? I'm also a fairly extreme pear--I wear a size 10 dress (29.5" waist), but a 14-16 pants. My problem now is wanting to lose another 15-20 lbs, but now my top is becoming too small. I've been doing a lot of lower body work, so while my butt and hips are still big, at least my butt is round and higher, and there's not quite as much on my hips. So, just keep up the cardio, and some of that fat will eventually melt off.
  10. I'd always heard that WW figures you'll eat about 250 cal or so of 0 pt foods, and figures that in when calculating points allowances. Otherwise my 22 pts would average out to about 1100 cal--not for this girl!
  11. Thanks EmmaJean! Wonder where the factory is--that's my area code!
  12. Anyone find Alba in the Chicago area? I used to use this stuff all the time back in college, but never thought about using it for WW purposes. I don't buy any WW products.
  13. I would say to do what works for you. I've done both, and both worked well for me. When I had to be at work at 7, I would exercise at 5 on an empty stomach. Now I workout at 8 or 9, and always eat first. There's so much conflicting info out there on what practices are best for weightloss and exercise that you just have to go with what feels right for you.
  14. I'm with Nancy. Might as well get a whole milk in there! Some people can "nickle and dime" their program to death. While 20 cal might not make a big difference, and is technically 0 pts, too many little things like that can add up and make you lax.
  15. OMG, I'd forgotten about those? I didn't realize they were WW! The little bits of apple that were flavored like strawberry,etc., right? Anyone know if these are anywhere else but Sams?
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