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  1. Breyers 98% fat free slow churned Vanilla ice cream is only 1 point a serving (1/2 C) and is very good.
  2. mymojo


    I have been eating HoneyComb cereal as a snack. It actually has 3 grams of fiber, 1 fat gram and the serving size is 1 1/2 cups. I know not the healthiest choice, but a nice sweet snack for only 2 pts.
  3. This soup is awesome. But, I am wondering about the points as well. Does anyone have master cook to run the recipe through? I also couldn't find ff gravy mix and used regular powdered mix. It is just too tastey to be only a point.
  4. I just ate the mocha one. IMO it was really good, but kinda small for a 3 pt snack....I am still hungry. But, you are right, the coffee flavor is definitely very tastey and not bitter.
  5. I tried the bbq chicken and loved it too. They are all so good. And, you are right, they are big. I cut them into 8 small pieces and make it last. YUM.
  6. You look awesome!! Great job!
  7. Firechick, I found the roasted garlic at a super Krogers. I didn't see it at WalMart or the regular Krogers tho. I think you would like that one the best since you like the garlic. It is just too good for words. Kris
  8. OK, THESE ROCK! I have had both the gourmet mushroom and roasted garlic. They are both fantastic. At 6 points...they are a real treat. I wish I had another..... I think there was a review on these, but I couldn't find it. They are just so good I had to tell ya'all.
  9. Wiffelney, I am flattered by your question. One thing that might be giving me a boost is the fact that I am still breastfeeding my 8 month old. I eat 30 points a day and exercise 5 out of 7 days a week. I really think exercise is the key. I focus on cardio 5 days a week with a bit of strength training 2 days a week. As far as cardio goes, I really try to burn the most calories in the least amount of time. So, the elliptical is my best friend. I do the weight loss program and really try hard to move the fastest my feet will go for 30 minutes straight. It says I am burning 450 calories and going 3.7 miles. I sweat like I have never sweated before, so it has to be right. Then, if I have any energy left I try to run an extra mile on the treadmill. That doesn't always happen tho. You are doing great and have lost a lot already. Just think where we would be right now if we didn't start when we did? I had fast and large losses in the beginning 6 weeks because of having a newborn and breastfeeding 10+ times a day. Things have slowed for me.....1 -2 pounds a week.(if that). Just stick with it. It will come off as long as you are diligent. ALso, one thing I have noticed on my weigh in card...is... that the weeks that I had the most success were the weeks that I ate all of my flex points. The weeks that I didn't eat my flex points, I noticed a gain or maintaining. Go figure, but I am sure to eat my flex points now. Hope that helps. Kris
  10. REALLY??? That is even better. You are right, I am closer than I thought. I guess 155 would be my goal then I am a happy girl! Thanks so much, I needed this good news today more than you know!
  11. Thank you Joanne! Looks like I need to be at 148. Only 10 pounds away. I can do this. Congrats to you ....106 pounds gone! Good for you. You are an inspiration. I checked out your pics and you look wonderful. I know you gotta feel so great about yourself. Wow. What an accomplishment. Kris
  12. Does anyone know what the highest weight range I could be in for ww? I am 5'6', 158 pounds, and 35 yrs old. I am looking through all of my weight watchers stuff and can't seem to find the range. I originally had the goal to be 145, and still want to be there, but I wanted to adjust my goal to the highest weight ww will allow for my height and age so that I can start working on my maintenace and achieve lifetime earlier. I have spent so much money on ww and need to stop due to financial problems, but don't want to give up the meetings because I know how important they are to me and my success. So, I just have to get to goal earlier than later. Am I making any sense? I hope so. Please help! Kris
  13. Wow. I can't even believe your friends told you that. What is the point of doing ww if you don't go into it with the idea of wanting to be healthy? Otherwise, you may as well do the low carb thing, or the pills, or the endless other diets that only work for a short period of time. WW is about a lifestyle you choose to live forever, it isn't a "diet" that is just to get you to goal. Your goal should not be a number exactly...it should be being able to feel as healthy and fit as you can with the ability to pick and choose your food choices wisely. Sorry to get on my soap box, but I just couldn't pass this one up. Kris
  14. Sounds great. Do you know the points?
  15. I just bought this over the weekend. And, I have to agree...it is yummy. Not like true peanut butter, but definitely a good substitute. It is sweeter than pb and not as peanutty, but worth only 1 pt! I put it over 2 pieces of ww toasted bread and it melted perfectly (only a 2 pt snack).
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