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  1. Thank you everyone for your welcoming. Sometimes I just need a reminder to put one foot in front of the other and go a step at a time. To this end, I have joined a new gym that is opening on Sat, went for a walk yesterday and am going again today and am trying to get my stress under control. I'm looking forward, to looking forward to this journey again. Thanks again!
  2. Hi guys, I haven't been here in a long long time and then I got a birthday greeting the other day and it got me thinking. While I was never a huge poster - I did enjoy following the conversation and I think it helped to know other people on the same track as me. So I have found my way back and am in need of some support. Quick version of story is I was doing very well on my own - had lost over 25kg / 55lbs and then I let life get in the way. Much has happened over the last few years - including separating from my husband recently and I am now giving myself the opportunity to start again and take care of me. Still a very difficult concept to grasp - but am working on it. The last few months have been tough - and I have lacked the motivation to do anything - no exercise, no cooking, nothing. The result is a temporary 6kg weight gain. This will go away when I stop eating all the processed takeaways that I have lived on for the last 3 weeks, but I need to restart my motivation for improvement. And I thought what better place to come back to than here. You guys are some of the most inspiring people I know. I think for the next few weeks I need a Momma Hen - somebody to just help me get back on my walking feet and keep me pointed in the right direction. It won't be forever - just until I can I get the momentum going again to keep me rolling. Anybody up to the challenge?
  3. Activity points question - in the NZ program - you shouldn't use more than 12 points a week - would I ignore this rule on Wendies? I would think so especially with the clarification above....
  4. Thanks for the insight ladies - I made the leap - not much of a leap really - more of a hop - onto Wendie's as of today starting with my SHD!! Yesterday was my weight in (800 gram loss) and I always eat lighter on that day - if for no other reason than to not have a heavy weight of undigested food in my system. Since I weigh in the evening after work - I will have my SHD, the day after weigh in which for this week and next is Thursday and then will go to Tuesdays when my normal meetings resume. It worked out well really - we had a girls day out - my MIL, SIL and her 2yro and me. We went into the city, hiked around a bit, caught the bus back to Skycity where we were parked (forgot the pram and the toddler was tired of walking and a bit too heavy to carry much farther) and then had a scrumptious smorgasboard/buffet lunch. So menu for today went something like this: Breakfast - Crepes with fresh fruit, bacon, and maple syrup - 8 points Lunch - Buffet of which I had - large fresh salad (no meat or cheese), coucous, tuna pasta salad, 2 pieces ham, 2 pieces turkey w/ gravy, mac and cheese, peas, no bread, no soup and for dessert - soft serve ice cream (about 3 tbsp), 1/2 square of cheesecake, dark chocolate slivers (about 1 tbsp) and 1 bite of mud cake (too rich). I was stuffed - 20 points Dinner - Fresh Chicken Salad with 70g sliced chicken breast (they cooked the whole bird) lettuce, asparagus, bell pepper, onion, tomato, apple and WW 0 point French Dressing, and a WW Mint Delight Ice Cream and 2 WW Chocolate Chip Cookies for dessert - 7 points = 35 points (SHD) - no AP's used but 5900 steps done walking around the city and playing kickball with the family. AP's earned = ~6. The program makes sense and I'm not worried about gaining - if I do it's no big deal - I mean it took 30 years to put it on - so one-two weeks of body adjusting gain isn't gonna kill me... So tomorrow is a 20 point + all AP day - I'll let you know how it goes - but 20 points is no big deal either - I only had 19 on my weigh in day - so no problem.... Thanks for the push in the right direction - in not waiting - I'm going for it!
  5. Wendy, Thanks for asking...As we don't get flex points in NZ - my plan would look like this: Points Plan Day 1 - 20 + all AP's Day 2 - 25 + 1/2 AP's Day 3 - 22 + all AP's Day 4 - 35 + NO AP's Day 5 - 20 + all AP's Day 6 - 24 + 1/2 AP's Day 7 - 22 + all AP's As far as an explanation of the difference in programs go - try this thread (which was my intro to the board thread) - if you have any more questions - just let me know.... http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=106080 It has been suggested to me that as this is my first time on WW and I am only going for my third weigh in - I should keep this plan up my sleeve til I plateau? What do you guys think - I thought it would start it off the right way but a friend has suggested that as long as I am losing on my normal points - keep at that til I get stuck and use this to get unstuck.... Hmmmm - would love feedback on this....
  6. Hi Michelle, Thanks for the breakdown... Looking at the Wendies site - I would be on 30 points according to my weight - but our foods are pointed differently ... and we don't get flexi points at all - so based on this your weekly total would be 195 points - which is already 27 points over my WWNZ total and that's not including my jump to 30 points... Make any sense? I know I'm confused now...
  7. Any one want to help me come up with a way of making this work for the WWNZ program... I get 24 points a day/ we don't use flexi points / and we count AP's differently...but I can sort most of that out... Basically I get 168 points a week - so would I just divide that up into the low/high/SHD groups and go from there - then use the same basic formula for AP's in terms of which days to use them... This makes sense to me and I'd like to give it a whirl - but without flexi points - I'm not sure how to go about it.... Thanks!
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