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  1. Thanks for the advice. My surgery was on my calf, just above my ankle, so there won't be an issue with my joints. And this is my apartment complex pool so I'll just have to contend with kids playing near me but no dolphins thank goodness And I didn't even think about running in the water. I used to do water aerobics classes and occassionally we would spend the class running and walking, so I can definitely incorporate that. Thanks again!
  2. Are there any swimmers out there? For my main cardio exercise I like to run, but I had leg surgery a couple of weeks ago and can't run for another month. Starting tomorrow though I can go into a pool (the incision will be healed enough) and the doctor said I can do any low/no impact exercise I want such as swimming, bike riding and walking. Since my apartment is right next to my pool and I absolutely love being in the water I want to try swimming. I'm not a strong swimmer right now but I can make it from one end of the pool to the other. I've just never used swimming as exercise, so I don't know how to start. Should I just do laps until I'm tired or should I follow a more structured program? I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give me. Thanks!
  3. I do have the fluidity bar and absolutely love it! It's pretty easy to use, its definitely no impact, but you can tell your working your muscles when using it and I started to notice a difference in my body after about 3 weeks. I was a little hesitant to get it because of the price, but I am so glad that I did get it now, I think its worth every penny. The only thing I don't like is you really have to pay close attention to the instructor until you learn the moves because she doesn't give clear instructions. So watch it couple of times through first. But other than that I think its awesome!
  4. Hi everyone! I miss you guys and I miss running! I haven't been here in a while so let me fill you in quickly on what's been going on. I think the last time I checked in I was getting very lightheaded and had a constant headache. Well, after lots of tests and doctors visits it turns out I'm suffering from exercise induced migraines. I couldn't believe when the neurologist said that. After all this work losing weight and getting healthy, that's what is causing me to have migraines?!?! Anyway, I can actually exercise during all this if I take meds before exercise, but my stupid insurance company will only cover 18 pills a month and they are incredibly expensive even with my perscription plan so I'm very stingy with them because its not only exercise that brings on a migraine, just having a really busy day running errands or lack of sleep will do it too. But the good news is that I am getting better, I don't have a migraine every day and they are happening less frequently and the doctor feels that within the next few months they should be gone completely and then my life can get back to normal which means I can get back to my normal exercise routine and running!!! I was just scanning through this thread and it sounds like everyone is doing really well and its great to see lots of new people on here. Can't wait until I'm back with you guys full time. Happy running everyone!
  5. Hi Runners, I haven't been here for a while because I haven't been able to run, or exercise at all. For a while I've been getting lightheaded when standing up after I've been sitting. It began to happen more frequently and then started happening while I was exercising. After my last long run (2 weeks ago) I almost passed out because I was so lightheaded, and I've had a headache ever since. My doctor is doing lots of tests trying to figure out what's going on and she gave me new meds today to help with the headache and lightheadedness, so hopefully these will work and I'll be able to get back to at least walking soon. I'll try to check in a little more often and I'll definitely let ya'll know when I start running again
  6. mrss - yes, I've seen those beautiful runners and used to say to myself "I can't wait until I'm a real runner" then I realized that I am a real runner! I also started looking at all the runners/walkers I pass and everyone has their own style and I should just be proud of myself for being out there with them, no matter how awkward I might look sblovin - I did the couch 2 5K when I started running, and there were days I thought I was going to die. I think what helped me is that 1. I really, really wanted to be a runner so I was motivated to make it work 2. I ran on the beach which I love so I was motivated to get out there 3 times a week just to be on the beach and 3. I had a goal. I knew I wanted to be able to run a 5K race. Do you run somewhere you enjoy being? Do you have a goal in mind? Maybe you can even find a way to reward yourself for each run or each week you finish? Check back in and let us know how you are doing? Hope everyone else is having a great week!
  7. Hi N! I found etools to be pretty useless when it came to weight training also. What I've done is invest in a heart rate monitor and it has been awesome! I got one that tracks my calories burned and for every 100 cals you burn, you earn 1 AP. When I first got the HRM I would double check it against my slider and my perceived exertion and they came out the same almost every time, so now I fell comfortable calculating my APs based on the HRM. Today I did upper body and abs and burned about 180 cals during that portion of my workout. I do always round down so I would count this as 1 AP. Hope this helps. And I agree with mrss, eat your APs
  8. Hi all! mrss - I like the idea of the monthly thread, thanks for starting it! I had a good 3 mile run on the TM this morning and then an awesome upper body and ab workout. I was talking to someone at work today about the Gate River Run (the 15K I'm doing in March - it really is a BIG deal around here in Jacksonville) and it turns out her husband is running it and she's going to run the 5K part of it. It turns out that there are quite a few people at work who want to walk or run either the 5K or 15K so we are going to try and talk our director into sponsoring us and making it a company event with t-shirts and everything It will be awesome having a whole group of people so I hope our director agrees to it.
  9. Happy Sunday Runners! Today was my long run and I upped my mileage to 6 miles. It felt great! I just kept a slow & steady pace during the whole run and at the end I even felt like I could have gone further. Up to this point I've only run 5K races and I really wanted to do a longer race than a 5K before my 15K race in March. Yesterday I found a 5 miler on the beach at the beginning of February, so I'm going to run that and I'm very excited. I've been doing 5 miles in just over 1 hour (1:01) so I'm going to try and get my race time for this under 1 hour. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
  10. Hi Runners - Yesterday was a rest day and today I ran a mile before my strength training, but I did increase the incline every 0.25 miles. Sarah - I keep track of both mileage and time. I use the running log at http://www.coolrunning.com I like this log because it keeps track of your weekly, monthly and yearly averages. You can also keep a record of the weather and there's a place for notes.
  11. Cathleen - welcome! Sarah - congrats on the 1/2 marathon! But make sure you don't overdo it and hurt yourself mrss - congrats on the 5 mile on the tm I did 3 mile on the tm this morning followed by an awesome upper body and ab workout. I'm finding that between 25 - 35 min. I just drag and want to quit, and it finally dawned on me that its probably all mental because if I push through the 35 min mark I'm ok for the rest of the run. Of course on the 3 mile run I finish in about 35 min, but knowing this will help with my longer runs
  12. Wow Joanne, you are a geek! JK! The only workouts I track are my runs, although I've been thinking about putting together an excel spreadsheet to track all my workout...guess that makes me a geek too LOL! My proudest exercise accomplisment is my running. I started the Couch 25K program in June and since starting I have run 3 5K races, with another planned for later this month and I'm in training for a 15K in March. Yesterday was a long run for me, I did 5 miles in 1:01:45. I never thought I would ever be able to run for an hour at a time. When I started the C25K running for 1 minute was hard. I'm also proud that I have joined a "regular" gym instead of a woman's only gym and I'm feeling comfortable being there. Thanks for starting this thread, I'm glad I took a few minutes to think about these accomplishments. I think I'm going to go work on my spreadsheet now
  13. Happy New Year's Eve! I had a great long run (5 miles) on the beach today. It was in the 60's and absolutely beautiful! Now I'm heading out to go see the new Rocky movie (my WW leader said it was very good and very inspirtational) and then just spend a quiet new years at home. Have a safe and happy new year everyone!
  14. I used to belong to Curves and loved it. I think its a great place for those just starting to because its easy to learn the equipment and its nice getting to know the other women who work out when you do. The reason I don't belong anymore is because for me it got too easy. I felt that after a year of exercising at Curves, running and doing some DVDs at home, that I was not getting a good enough workout at Curves. So, if you're just starting out, then I say definitely join!
  15. Good morning runners! I did a quick 2.59 miles this morning, but I've also been doing some quick runs (about 1 mile) on my strength training days and I don't want to suddenly increase my weekly mileage by too much. I'm feeling good and strong. And today is my last day of work for the year Can ya tell I'm excited about the long weekend? Have a great day!
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