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  1. Hi Jason:

    Is there a way to set the font size of print so it's permanent? I'm on the 50's plus and we have to make the print bigger every time we post.


    Have a great day.


  2. Hi Jason:

    Not too excited that anyone can see our email addresses now. Also, # of posts we have typed is no where near correct.

    Have a great day.


    1. dirtcakes


      Hey Ashlee,

      Only staff / moderators can see email addresses - you are part of that group of less than 10 trusted people.

      I noticed the # of posts thing. I think the new software may only count topics created, and not all replies in every topic. I could be wrong, but I will look into it to ensure we are getting accurate counts.

      Hope this helps! Let me know any other questions or concerns.


    2. ashlee


      Jason - Tx - I forgot I was "one of those people" lol. Tx for the speedy reply. Have a super week. # of posts - it's not "life and death" lol - just happened to notice it.

  3. Welcome There is a thread at the top "Healthy Recipes". Lots of advice. Find a threat that suits your needs and start posting and reading. I'm sure you will make friends here - lots of people to "talk" to. Ashlee
  4. ashlee

    BMI chart

    Hello I checked too and it's not shown. How strange! I don't know what to tell you. I sent Jason, the owner of this site a message. We will see what he says about it. Ashlee
  5. ashlee

    BMI chart

    Hi Go to SETTINGS and then EDIT SIGNATURE and save. Go to the top of this page and look under TOOLS. BMI. CALCULATOR is there. You need your height, as well. Ashlee
  6. ashlee


    Eat healthy. Eat protein. Eat from all the food groups and limit carbs and sugar. There are no "miracle" foods though. Watch portion control too. Get some exercise. Walking is a great exercise. WW. is based on calories/saturated fats/sugar and prote Ashlee
  7. ashlee

    CW Checking In.

    I have thought of you CW. Welcome back. I'm not going to WW. classes anymore, but hanging in there doing it on my own. Take care. Ashlee
  8. Hello Hope you like it. There are free paper trackers, which you receive each week, alongwith the brochure that is the subject matter of the meeting that day. Our actual meetings are 1/2 hour in length. All "new people" stay after the meeting and the leader goes over the Plan with them. Ashlee
  9. Hello: Well, my friend cooks enough oats at once to do her and DH for the week and maybe longer. I didn't go into the details as to how much they eat of it at once. They eat it every day! Also, it's not a "glob" of oats if you stir it as it's cooking. You put it in a colander to rinse. I use a strainer as I only cook about 1/2 cup at once for myself. Seems pretty easy to me. Of course, you can buy the individual pkgs. if you want. Oh well, to each his own. Ashlee P.S: Hope the floor isn't too hard with all that rolling!!!
  10. A WW. friend buys a huge bag of oats in the grocery store. She brought me some, along with the recipe for cooking them. These are not flakes. They look more like seeds of grain. Fill large pot with water. Put in 1 or 2 cups of oats. Bring to a boil. Turn down from high heat and simmer, stir occasionally After 45 mins., rinse oats in colander They are ready to eat. Let remainder dry for a few hours, stirring occasionally. Put in fridge. She eats 4 tbsps. in a bowl with milk and microwaves them for 2 mins. Then she adds ground flax seeds, and whatever type of frozen berries or fresh ones that you like. I'm going to try them soon. Ashlee
  11. Eat to feed your body, NOT your emotions. Ashlee
  12. Weight Watchers is a balanced plan that one can follow for "life". However, I think it's always good to limit carbs/sugar and sat.fat. Ashlee
  13. I use Smart Points. I like that WW. has finally realized that sugar should be counted in the points system. So it's now Calories,Sat.Fat,Sugar and Protein. We will do this journey and be successful Ashlee
  14. Stay and give support and receive support. I think it's just fallen off, been revised,etc. Find a spot that works for you and keep on posting. Don't forget to look under the section "Weight Watchers - Sub Forms". Ashlee
  15. Hi Becky: You can do this journey. We are all there with you. Track your food, get some exercise (just walk around the block or take a walk at noon hour - it doesn't have to be miles). Hungry, or think your hungry- get some celery/baby carrots - cut them up and have them at the ready in the fridge or at your desk at work, etc. Eat as many as you want. Eat some fruit - grapes are great as they don't need to be cut up - just grab, wash and eat . Apples are good too. Make sure you eat enough protein. A lot of people don't. Protein keeps you full. Measure your food. You will be surprised how much you get in say chicken/pork loin chop, etc. Personally, I will overeat a little in the meat dept. if I'm hungry, rather than grab that second piece of a carb (bread, potato). Eat as "clean" as you can I would say. That means don't drench everything in sauces or dressings, no matter how low they are in points. Sauces and dressings do nothing to keep you full. Get busy and get started. Just starting back is half the battle. Ashlee
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