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  1. awesome deal. just ordered mine! thanks for sharing joanne!
  2. me too...hope more people are anjoying it and just not posting about it. if not they are missing out! it's on the menu for tonight! BTW- love the carrots. thanks for the addition!
  3. this is not my original recipe but I cannot remember where I got it... this recipe serves 4 @ 5 points a serving 3 cups cooked chicken breast -cubed 1 1/2 cups celery -sliced 1 medium onion -chopped 3 cups mushrooms -sliced, fresh 14 1/2 ounces fat free chicken broth 3 T soy sauce 2 T corn starch 1/2 cup cold water 8 ounces bean sprouts combine chicken. celery, onion, mushrooms, broth & soy sauce. bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer 10 minutesor until veggies are tender. Stir in bean sprouts. In a small bowl combine cold water & cornstarch, blend until smooth. Over medium high heat gradually add cornstarch mix to chicken mix, stirring constantly until thickened. Serve over rice (add points for rice) I do not add the mushrooms because DH & my kids would DIE if they ate a mushroom so I add more bean sprouts. This is one of my favorites!
  4. I wanted to make this http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=52577&page=1&pp=25&highlight=banana+bread recipe. It is for banana bread but I wanted to make muffins. Do I need to change oven temp and/or cooking time? Any suggestions? BTW- this is an AWESOME recipe! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! The kiddos are begging me to make it right now!
  5. my mouth is hangin open in awe! your after shot looks like your before shots younger sister! Nice Job!
  6. has anyone double checked the points on this one? I made them, LOVE THEM, ate them and now I am checking the points and I am getting 3 per muffin. What cake mix brand did you use?
  7. we love these. i add some onion and worsh. sauce and a peice of dill pickle in the middle (we don't eat the pickle it just adds a little flavor and helps keep it moist) with a little red stuff on top towards the end. LOVE IT!
  8. LOVE IT! THis was one of the first recipes I tried when I started WW. I was amazed at the flavor and the portion size. I actually couldn't finish my dinner. Great for leftovers for lunch as well. YUMMY!
  9. another favorite in my household! I add the carrots! I actually had to throw out the leftovers last time because it was oo good I wanted to eat it all! It's in the crockpot as we speak!
  10. sooooo goood! I add the minute rice. Sometimes scallions if I have or zuchinni! We have tis at least every other week!
  11. We love these. I took chicken breasts and put them in a skillet, dumped a jar of salsa over, covered and simmered until the chicken was cooked. Then cubed the chicken and threw it and the salsa in with the rest of the ingredients. It gave it a spicy kick! YUMMMMMY! I usually make two or three batches at once so we have leftovers for lunch. My daycare kids love them too!
  12. CHeck the breakfast board. I think I saw it there!
  13. We have been eating this for years and LOVE IT. I just found out from my mom it is an old WW recipe. I am not sure how to figure points and portions on this...could someone help? 1 -whole fresh turkey breast (remove the skin) 2 cans -mexican stewed tomatos 1 package chicken fajita seasoning (we use lawrys brand) onion and bell pepper sliced Throw it all into the crock pot and cook. I usually cook mine on low from about 9-6... You can trow it in a tortillia or on rice! I would like to know the points without the tortillia or rice and what a serving would be. I know the veggies are 0 points and I realize the turkey is 1pt per ounce but how would you weigh it with all the juice? Sorry if I am being obsessive. I have never had a problem figuring points but his one has me stumped...
  14. Wow Jennifer thank you so much for all the info. I am going to print it out and really read through it once the kids go to sleep. I will definatly pm you because I am sure I'll have some questions!
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