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  1. ughh just lost a post... grr... getting so sick of that... i hate this new thread format! sorry i have been MIA, work has been extremely extremely busy, between that, the gym, the band, church, and so on and so on, I haven't had time to hardly open my computer... I have been doing well w/ my weight though and should be on Katy's wall of fame alot!! haha.... I weighed in yesterday AM, and weighed 200.3 lbs.... I haven't seen this in soooo long!!! This makes me down 24 lbs since thanksgiving.... and since 1/20 I am down 12.3 lbs.... I feel like I'm finally starting to see a difference which makes me want to try harder!! I am going to head to bed, I am so beyond exhausted but did want to check in... I went to the dr monday, she did an EKG which was normal, and she has referred me to a cardiologist, I have an appointment on the 5th w/ the cardiologist, and then follow back up with her on the 9th, I'll let ya know when I know something... hope all is well with each of you... I have been following along on my cell but haven't been able to take the time to post... hugs to you all!
  2. Hey ladies!! Hope you are all having a good day! I am just sitting down to a computer, been a crazy day, adam had his wisdom teeth (4 of them) extracted today so I took the day off... I've finally got him settled and now my head feels like it could blow off, I have no idea where this headache came from but it could seriously go away!! I can't hardly think, i took some meds, hopefully they will kick in soon!!! I went to the gym monday, my heart rate has been way high... it was 191 when I was exercising... this is the second time in a row that I was exercising and it's gotten up that high, I have been using the elliptical, and not doing no where near what I used to do when I used to go to the gym, only doing it for max 18 minutes... I go to the dr monday and I will talk with her, years ago I had to take toporol to lower my heart rate, I don't know if they will want me to start taking that again or not, my guess is, given my cardiac history, she may want to do a stress test... I have gone to the gym 3 times a week for 2 weeks, and it seems like it's only getting worse not better, I slow down and its like I have a time getting it to return to normal... anyone else experience anything like this? any suggestions, thoughts, comments? I meet with my trainer again tomorrow, I figured I would talk with her about it too... Nancy-I'll be thinking about you friday... I'm sure it will all be fine! As for sitting down to take a shower... I know exactly what you mean, most of the time I stand, and put my knee on the seat to steady my balance, I know you'll be in a cast, and that may be quite difficult, but at least worth a try if thats easier.. just think of how much you will be able to do once your leg gets better... katy-when is your interview? Or did you just apply today? Esther-hope you had fun at the mall.... glad you enjoyed the mtg, and a pound is a pound! so yay! Sandy-love that quote, so very very true!! how are you today? Rhonda-I got the wii active for christmas, I don't know that the exercises are necessarily fun... but they do def give you a workout!!! I would try it! To me it was worth the money! Karen-heard on the radio there will freezing temps all through the southeast including frost warnings for even FL.... will that affect you guys? Will the veggies be ok? Tanya-hope you get caught up on your work so you can enjoy your vacation! I hate being behind at work, although that seems to be my life story anymore.... Oh… Adams cousin has been teaching me how to use coupons, crazy the deals that you can get! I got 2 covergirl makeup’s (a foundation and a powder), at CVS, it was buy 2 products at $6 each and you get $5 extra care bucks, well on CVS’s website you can sign up to get double extra care bucks… you get whatever it says back immediately, and then you get the other half at the end of april in the mail… so… I had a coupon that said buy one get one free, so that made 2 for 6.00 plus tax, then I had a coupon for 1.50 off any covergirl product, so that made it 4.50 plus tax, So all together it was like 4.60 or something… I paid for that w/ my debit, and got $5 extra care bucks that I could use immediately… so technically I made .40 on that makeup, didn’t cost me anything, and… If you really break it down I made $5.40 b/c I will get an additional $5 in the mail in April b/c I signed up to dbl my extra care bucks…. Is that not crazy! And I got two things of makeup that were normally $8-$9 a piece… I also got 2 boxes of kelloggs cereal, renu it contact solution, Excedrin pm, 3 airwick imotion thingys olay body wash for me, Johnson and Johnson babywash for lexi, 2 gillette mens body washes, 1 gillette mens deodorant, 3 chapsticks, 1 ½ gallon of milk, crest tooth paste, 2 things of covergirl makeup, 2 airwick plugin refills, a super pack of kotex tampons, 1 jar skippy pb, 3 pk of orbit gum, 2 oral b toothbrushes, scope mouthwash, 2 2ltr sprite, 1 large can of Lysol spray, all for $46.00, that’s counting the $5 extra care bucks I’ll get back in the mail in April…. It should have been $143, so I saved almost $100 That’s crazy! Def worth it, now that was 3 trips to the stores, 2 different walgreens, and 1 trip to cvs… adams cousin’s blog is www.countrycouponclipper.blogspot.com she posts weekly deals at different grocery stores and online printable coupons… I posted a picture last night on facebook, I went back and got a few more things today and added it into all of my totals, but you get a pretty good idea of it, I don’t think I can post it on here from my phone… last time I did that you couldn’t see the pic…
  3. hey ladies, just a quick pop in, I was soooo busy today at work... jan and feb are usually my slow months but good lord have i been busy, I looked at my net role on my caseload this week and it was 170... that is completely unmanagable, hoping that it gets easier soon!
  4. and heres the pic I was trying to post the other day.... and I'm done haha...
  5. ooooooo oooo oooh I didn't lose my post....yippeee!!!! haha it must have just submitted.... ok yay! lol... now on to uploading pictures if this thing will work today... I also made my first cake tonight for a program at church tomorrow night that we're having... It didn't turn out half bad, except when it was completely done and I was cleaning up I dropped my cutting board onto the side of it and messed up one of the hearts... but ohh well ok seems I'm having issues getting pictures to load, I'm gonna try this and see if it works... Rhonda how did you get your pics to load today? yay I figured it out... ok ladies, post them on photobucket then use the image code one and paste it in here...
  6. fa;dslkjfa;ldkjfa;ldfkja;ldskjfa'ldkjfa'lfkj apewfiokaqkjgaerlfja'ewnja'dslgnjas'dfjla soooo agggravated!!! just lost a long post full of personals..... grrrrrr!!!!! I hate hate hate hate hate when that happens..... I'll come back later and redo them! sorry ladies!! Hope you are all having a great weekend.... we are having a wonderful lazy weekend here... it snowed today here...which is pretty much unheard of... we had fun and took lexi out in it...she wasn't sure what to think.... I'll post pictures in a bit!!!
  7. hiyas ladies!!! hope you all had a wonderful day and are having an awesome weekend!!! I have had an absolutely awesome weekend! We woke up to about 3 inches of snow this morning... very unusual for here... we took lexi out to play in it for a bit, she wasn't sure what to think... then we came in and I cooked us breakfast and since we've just been kinda lazy, so so so nice for a change, I've been in the process of decorating a cake for church tomorrow... I am so excited about it haha... I had to take a break, bending over the stupid cake thingy was hurting my back... but I am really enjoying it!! Rhonda-cute little shoe topper thingys! I would LOVE to have another diaper bag embroidered for lexi, my sis got me one for my baby shower, but it broke .... I saw some on Ebay that were really cute, so maybe eventually i'll get one! BTW I saw your picture on facebook and GIRL you look amazing! WTG sweetie!!! Katy-when are you leaving for FL? Are you excited? will you get to see Karen while you're there? Karen-Is Keri feeling any better? When is her procedure? Nancy-I just today saw your pictures of wilmington, I posted on them on your fb page... but I can't believe i iddn't know you were coming to wilm. hah I grew up about 15 min outside of wilmington, when I was in college I did my undergrad at UNC-Wilm. and lived in wilm then... but now we are about 45 min to an hour but we go that way all the time b/c thats where my mom and dad and nana are.... we are actually abotu 45 min from wilm, and 30 min from North myrtle Beach... so next time you come you have to let me know so we can get together for sure!!! Tanya-did she mean take him for good or just take him for the night? Why on earth would she want her child out at 1am... ughhh I so wish you and mike could get him from her, she really really needs to grow up and learn responsibility!
  8. ok I can't upload any pictures either... so you can see them on fb they're on there...
  9. hey ladies, thought I'd get the day started tomorrow since it's almost friday here my time and by the time i finish this post it probably will be even closer to friday haha... so excited that the weekend is almost here...it has been a long busy week at work, then w/ the gym added on I haven't had time for anything and have hardly logged into the computer.. I did update my signature the other day... I have a staff mtg tomorrow and won't be online but wanted to post some new pictures from tonight... Lexi is getting so big, Sandy her bday is April 13th! Adam has surgery next wednesday... they are removing all 4 of his wisdom teeth, so I'm taking Wednesday as a vacation day, and may take thursday... he's been miserable so I'll be glad when he starts feeling better!! Nancy-what day is your surgery? sorry Curbie is being so difficult.... Are you guys clearing up from all the snow you had? glad you were able to enjoy the pool... we have 2 pools at the gym, I would LOVE to get in them, but my leg isn't waterproof, and I don't think they'd necessarily like me to leave my leg sitting beside the pool w/ all to walk by haha...someone might not understand why theres a leg laying by the pool, they have one regular pool and then they have a therapeutic pool... Sandy-saying prayers for you today..sorry things are so difficult for you right now... when is your procedure scheduled for? Rhonda-glad you were doing much better today!!! How'd nick's appt go? Karen-sorry Keri is having so many difficulties right now...hoping the procedure helps and gives her some relief... hoping the veggies hold up w/ all of this cold coming through!! Esther-you are doing so well w/ the wii!!!! I'm so impressed!!! How is Geri doing? WHen do you guys leave on your next trip and where are you headed to? Tanya-when are you guys leaving for MB? Hopefully the snow won't mess up your travel plans, you know down here everything shuts down when it snows! Katy-hate it when I lose a long post!! speaking of I hope I dont' lose this one i haven't saved it... I'd be so mad! Cressa-hope the meds level off soon... headaches suck!!! Ok I'm goign to post this before I lose it.... then going to come back and try...try being the key word to post pics of little lexi bug... she's so funny and precious, a guy from church tonight had a new puppy...he brought him in the church after church was over haha and lexi was so excited, she's never really played with or seen a puppy..the others were from tonight after she was in her jammies....
  10. hey ladies!! just a really quick post b/c this little girl is tired and heading to bed... i didn't want you to think that I had forgotten about you... yesterday was my first real day at the gym, I took an hour long class called bootcamp...oh my lord...it was hard!! I had to go from station to station 45 seconds at each station and there was 14 of them, each station we had to do something different... it was really fast paced and wow! was hard but I was so proud of myself, I did it! Today I met one on one with my personal trainer, she was the teacher of the class last night... she said she was really impressed i actually did all the exercises just as I was suppsoed to, and she thought I had done a really good job! Yay! haha... she told me she wants me starting out w/ 30 minutes cardio at least 3 times per week, she said that should be our very minimum.... we can take a class or exercise in the gym or both, whatever we choose, so monday I did the bootcamp class for an hour, then today I did the elliptical for 16 minutes, and then walked 1/2 mile on the track... my only concern is my heart rate when I'm on the elliptical gets up sooo high... the machine told me it was at 180, and stayed there the whole time I was working out on the elliptical... I didn't feel funny but I know my heart rate shouldn't be that high... any suggestions?? Ok I have to go complete my food journal... and then to bed for me... so I can start again tomorrow, get my bags packed for the gym, my lunch packed for the day, then lexi's clothes and food packed for the day, in the mornings, lexi changed and ready to go w/ a bottle made, mommy ready to go, breakfast made, out the door, lexi to grandma's then me to my work, off of work and straight to the gym, leave gym and depending on which day of the week it is, head 1st to pick up Lexi, and then it's either home to cook dinner or to the church...then when we finish at church it's home to fix dinner, get baths, and start all over for the next day... sooo tired! but def enjoying the gym... and feel like i am getting ALOT out of it! alrighty please excuse the fact that i am making this all about me.... ohh good news!! I weighed in this am and I weighed 203.5 woohooo, almost to onderland!!! so excited!!! hoping you ladies w/ bad weather are able to keep your power, nancy I loved your pictures!!! I'll post in when I get a chance... hugs to you all!!!
  11. hey ladies, I had a crazy couple of days.... but wanted to check in and tell you everything is good here, we're having a big superbowl party tomorrow, I think about 25 people coming over, my house is not that big! We got NEW dining room furniture...this is a really big deal! Our old table and chairs all the chairs had broke, it was a handmedown from my mom, and so when company came over we had to pull blue folding chairs out of the garage for people to sit in b/c they couldn't sit at our table in our chairs... the folding chairs were here from a youth christmas get together christmas before last haha.... but the new furniture is so pretty!!!!! I do have a question though, we paid outright for the table, but we financed $500 for the hutch that matched it, b/c it was the floor model and we knew we couldn't get another one... but the lady told me when she ran my credit that my credit score was 988, and she said this was really really good.... I told her I thought we were over extended and I knew I had some med bills and we probably had a few slow pays from my car, where we were late on my car payment a few times... in looking online I can't even find where your credit could be 988, they ran it from equifax... anyone know anything about this? is it possible to have a credit score of 988? ok I have to go cook a pile of food for tomorrow... I'll try to check in later!! have a great night!!!
  12. hey ladies! was a crazy busy day...the gym was fun, lots of encouragement and support w/ the group... trainer will be really tough on us but lots of fun, I meet w/ her one on one the first time next tuesday... we are required as part of the program to exercise at least 3 times a week... so no more excuses for me!! very excited!!!
  13. Hey ladies.... I am so beyond tired, my head is pounding... so this is gonna be a quick fly by, I didn't get home until after 9, ate dinner, and now getting ready to go to bed, been a really emotional day... we found out that my dad will never be able to have any regular food again... evidently the type of peg tube he had originally he could eat when he felt like he could, but now they've found that his stomach is not processing or digesting food, which causes him to immediately vomit as soon as it settles in his stomach, he can have liquids, puree's, and the nourishments through his feeding tube... I went and spent some time with him this evening... we had a nice visit... the mtg was really stupid.. nothing important, it was about a program that is thinking about coming to our town that our agency would have to utilize and support, basically that was the just of our mtg.... why she made it so secretive is beyond me... but whatever its over, guess that teaches me I shouldn't get so worked up over nothing... remembering a time when I was not obese.... hmmm.. I was always bigger than most of my friends... I remember a time in college when I lost a lot of weight, not really the most healthy way in the world, but I do remember feeling more comfortable with myself than ever before.. in high school before my heart surgery i was having alot of different health problems, they put me on prednisone and I ended up gaining lots and lots of weight, which I think really mentally affected me.. my weight has fluctuated up and down for years and years... I'm ready for it to stop fluctuating... I'm ready to lose it and keep it off! Tomorrow is work, then I have to be at the gym for the first mtg for the bfit crew... I'm soooo excited!!! I can't wait!!! I'm also starting to plan Lexi's first birthday party...we are going to have a minnie mouse party... I am working on learning how to decorate cakes becuase I have nothing else to do with my time... haha but I think it will be fun and relaxing!!! ok off to bed... have a great night!!!
  14. It's 11, and I'm just able to get on the computer, I was busy today, not sure what I got done today but stayed sooo busy! ladies, I hope that tomorrow I will have time to come on and tell you individually what you mean to me.... you are my strength, my motivation, and my inspiration! I love and appreciate each of you so much! I have been part of this group for over 4 years and although I have had my own ups and downs, this group never waivers, You guys have seen me get married, have my first child, get my first "real" job, and through all of my life's big moments, and stresses, you have been right there walking with me. Thank you for all that you do! I'm going to get a bath and get to bed, work comes early and I have a really long day tomorrow, I'm going to be out of the office all day tomorrow, we have a mandontory mtg that we none know what is about.... my mgr was very vauge and just said mandontory mtg for all counselors and supervisors at 1:30...it has me feeling uneasy...Being a state agency things have been kinda been up and down... not sure what the mtg is about, I heard she was making all caseloads general caseloads, so instead of high school students I would have to work with adults and high school students, it may not affect her school programs.... ughhh I don't know.. I will just be glad when its over... my dad is in the hospital again, they can't figure out why he keeps vomiting... they have said that they may have to put a feeding tube directly into his small intestines, if they do this mom said they have told her they won't let dad come home, he will have to be put in a nursing facility... I feel so sorry for my mom... I really need to do more to do my part in helping her... I don't help her hardly at all, and honestly tonight I feel like crap... ok enough about me I love you guys and will post at some point tomorrow when I get home!
  15. hey ladies, -Rhonda no they are not tried and true, that wasn't part of the challenge, it was just to post new recipes.... Katy-it was all that water if you go back and read the challenge, the person who drank the most water every day got 1 pt, you did that everyday, plus the one who drank the overall most total of water got an extra 2 pts WTG girl!!! Nancy-I love your challnege today and will get on it when I get home, i don't need to be online b/c I'm at work, just wanted to post and say hi and I'm thinking of you all! it's rainy, nasty, and cold here, would love to be curled up on my couch w/ little miss lex, but ohh well... work will have to do for now have a great day and I'll check in later tonight!
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