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  1. I have watched every season of the show and what you have to keep in mind is that they are working out/walking/running etc... for 8+ HOURS a day, every day that they are on the ranch. Plus their calories are limited so they may burn 8000 calories a DAY and consume 1200 to 1500. That combined with their higher starting weights account for week after week of 8, 9, 10 pound weight losses. Occasionally they will lose 1 or 2 a week but that is rare. As for the exercising they do, we don't see EVERY minute so we have no idea if they started out a little slower the first day or 2 until they got used to the machines and the exercises etc... Not every minute of every workout can be that intense. You should just do what YOUR body can handle and keep in mind that you want to get your heart rate up and keep it up for at least 20 minutes. You should check out the Biggest Loser website at NBC.com. Some the past contestants have blogs where they describe their battles in detail. A few have gained back significant amounts of weight (one guy lost 214 pounds to win his season and he has put back over 100 pounds) and some people have been very successful in keeping it off. The struggle never ends though and you have to be diligent EVERY day. The bottom line is that you have to eat less and exercise more. It isn't a big mystery. We just have to remember to not USE food as a reward, to celebrate, to comfort ourselves etc... Food is fuel to keep us going and keep us healthy. The people that keep that in mind are usually very successful. Good luck on your weight loss journey!
  2. This sounds really good---Thanks!
  3. quincy


    One thing to keep in mind is that a lot of soups are high in sodium. If you eat soup often and you find your weight going up on the scale---that might be something to look at.
  4. My leader recommended this a few months back and she said it also qualifies as 1 daily serving of dairy because the calcium content is over 25%. It is Swiss Miss Diet with Calcium. It is 25 calories per serving and has 0 Fat and 1 g of Fiber. It has 30% calcium and 6% iron and works out to 0 points. I have had it and it tastes just fine to me.Swiss Miss also makes a No Sugar Added w/ Calcium and a No Sugar Added and Marshmellows w/ Calcium. Both are 60 calories/1 g Fat/1g Fiber and 30% Calcium for 1 point. They taste ok to me too.
  5. I LOVE the cheeseburger Lean Pocket. It really hits the spot when you are looking for an option to fast food.
  6. I saw you too! I missed the first hour but have it on tape and I did watch the second hour and was totally impressed and motivated by their transformations. And when I saw your pictures---I had to smile! Good job!
  7. I had the Southwest Chicken one last night for dinner and it was out of this world! I can't wait to find the Steak and Cheese one! The bread was SO good!
  8. I just ordered it today from www.deepdiscountdvd.com and it was $9.28 and shipping is ALWAYS FREE on their site! WOO HOO! I can't wait for it to arrive based on the reviews I have read here. Thanks everyone!
  9. You all made me buy 2 last night (and they weren't even on sale)!!! I tried the potsticker one for lunch today and it was AWESOME! I am not a huge fan of Chinese food but I do like the occasional egg roll and potsticker and I can't wait to try the egg roll one! Thanks for the tip!
  10. Counting Your Steps The Truth About Pedometers February 4, 2005 — Pedometers are one of the least expensive home-exercise devices you can buy. You can own one for anywhere from 5 dollars to 55-dollars. But before you start counting your steps - buyer beware. When it comes to walking or running toward your fitness goal - every step counts. But while more and more Americans are turning to pedometers to track their progress. Action News has learned how far you walk depends on which device is counting. "It says my distance was 1.8." When we compared the numbers of four different pedometers at the Bellevue Sporting Club, we ended up with four different numbers. Debra Harding/CENTER CITY: "The Sportline registered 2.61 and the Nike read 2.10." Depending on the length of your stride. That could be the difference of more than two-thousand steps! And other tests show similar results. The bottom line is some step-counters aren't as accurate as you might think. Researchers at the University of Tennessee compared 13 pedometers. Some devices counted every step twice while others missed one out of every four steps. Consumer Reports magazine tested 12 basic pedometers and found that the faster you walk - the more accurate the pedometers will be. For instance, if you're walking at least 3 and a half miles an hour, the pedometers do pretty well. But at 2 and a half miles an hour, only 3 out of the 12 were accurate within 5 percent. Eight pedometers did prove to be on the mark. They include the Yamaz Digi-Walker SW-200 and SW-701, Sportline 330, New Lifestyles NL-2000, and the Nike SDM Tailwind.
  11. I bought them but haven't made them yet. Here is the nutritional info off the back of the package: Serving Size-1 Cookie. Servings per container: 12. Calories: 90. Total fat: 4g. Sodium: 85mg. Total Carbs: 16g. Dietary fiber: 3 g. Sugars: 0g. Sugar Alcohol: 6g. Protein: 1g. Compared to regular cookies: Calories reduced from 120 to 90 calories and total fat reduced from 6g to 4g per serving (1 cookie). ****Yes, they are sweetened with Splenda (to answer a previous poster's question)
  12. You can get a case of this at Sam's Club for $3.88!!! It has 4 six packs---one of diet ginger ale, one diet orange, one diet black cherry and one diet root beer. We love them!
  13. It is Dec. 22 and I just got my new Walmart circular and the back page has an ad for their brand of sugar free drink mixes. It says the 10 count of individual packets costs $1.86. The flavors mentioned are lemonade, raspberry ice or peach iced tea.
  14. While at Sam's Club last night, my husband and I came across a case of soda called Waist Watcher. The case has 4 six packs and they are all sugar free, aspartame free, caffeine free and sodium free. This case had one 6 pack of each of the following: Root Beer, Black Cherry, Orange and Ginger Ale. This brand uses Splenda. It is made by The Adirondack Beverage Company in NY. Their website is www.adirondackbeverages.com. My husband is sensitive to caffeine so we are always on the lookout for caffeine free drinks. We each had a Black Cherry last night and it was very good. The whole case was less than $5. I am not sure if Walmart carries it but since they are affiliated with Sam's Club---it may be worth a look. I did a search and only saw one mention of this brand on a Crystal Light thread so I thought I would post it here as a main topic.
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