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  1. Oh, Jason, that looks so much better. Thank you. If you haven't figured out this is a major heartbeat in this body of friends. Thanks, again.
  2. Thank you Jason for explaining what put several of us into a panic yesterday. Hope it is smooth sailing from now on.
  3. i like the orange - but I've always liked anything that hinted at fall (warm) colors. Also like size of type. Seems cleaner to me - so I'm happy.
  4. Good question Norma - how limited will we be within the forum as members? Obviously with all the hacking and other things going on privacy and protection are lovely thoughts. On top of that we are often talking about very private (to us) matters, and it would be nice to have them more protected. I would definitely be interested - need to spend a little time looking at it too.
  5. Thanks Peg for telling us about this thread - and it's already over a year old! The critical thing here is that it's positive. We all tend to easily slide into the negative, say 'oh well' and give up. I haven't done the walk yet, but am off to buy a lot of greens, some almonds and some mushrooms. Not only do we need to count, we need to know that what goes in that mouth is good for us. I'm going to work on healthy eating - not rewarding behavior with c$$p (pardon the English). Attitude, attitude, attitude.....
  6. This is sooo Kool. Welcome - and I love it, we got your very first post. It won't be long before you are well into the 100's. Are you someone's older or younger sis? Hmmm. Doesn't matter, we love having you join in..
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