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  1. This is great bc you can make them personalized for family members... 1 Light FLAT OUT bread- 1 point 1 serving of pizza sauce - 1 point 1 serving of FF Motz cheese - 1 point ( i spray cheese w/ Pam - it melts better!) add turkey pepperoni for 1 point (17 pieces - Giant Eagle brand) bake in oven for 10-14 min or until cheese melts. You can add any other veggies for 0 points, chicken for 2-4 points (depending on how much you add), I added onions....
  2. I got a recipe off of here about 8 months ago for an app - some of the ingrediants are pesto, turkey peperoni, mayo, cheese, in a flaky biscut. I need the rest of the recipe!! HELP! I made these once and they were a big hit at the party - and have been requested to make them again for a party tomorrow!! TIA!
  3. Going grocery shopping today - need low point idea salad dressings..........WITH FLAVOR - NOT FF Italian - sick of it! TIA
  4. I bought the F&A Turkey Meatballs at Aldi last week and they are really good and cheap! You get 6 balls for 4 points - made it last night with veggie tomato sauce (1 pt - 1/2 cup) and wheat angle hair pasta (2 pt - 100g) Had enought points left for a piece of bread to dip!
  5. This is SOOOOO GOOD!! I brought to a bachelorette party along with a WW 7 layer dip and they were both a hit - but the spin dip was GONE and everyone was asking for the recipe and couldnt believe it was WW!! Im making it again for Easter!
  6. I have been looking all over for the new WW cheeses and the other new items that are out - I cant find them anywhere! Has anyone seen them??
  7. I am going out tonight for dinner to a Mexican restaurant....I LOVE mexican food and margaritas! BUT I know that I can not have a marg bc they are @ 10 points each!!!!! I am eating very low point food all day to save points for dinner, I should have about 12-14 left for dinner..... Does anyone have any suggestions on what to order??? It is not a chain and they dont have the NI info anywhere.... HELP! TIA!
  8. I drink water all day long! I just continue to refill everytime I get up ( and if you drink it all day - you will be getting up alot to use the bathroom! ....if I get sick of it I have the crystal light single packets I add. I usually use half a packet and it does the trick for a 16 oz bottle. Drinking water also helps hunger...if I am getting hungry and cant or dont want to waste points I usually chug as much as I can and pop a stick of gum! Normally - cinnamon gum - seems to curve the hunger even more!
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