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  1. I made this awhile back and never posted a reply- but it was Delicious! I also don't like rosemary so I used a few other spices and garlic. It almost cooked down to mashed potatoes with the glaze- but with larger diced potatoes in it. It was a nice dish for the cold weather! Will make again!
  2. You look great!! And I love your hair color!!
  3. You look awesome! hubba hubba! LOL
  4. Oooo! Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  5. just made this for lunch for DBF and it was delish! putting this in my 'keeper' pile!
  6. mmm this sounds easy! i have some sara lee bread that I can use!!
  7. I would like to hop in on your thread! I was running a year ago, and then slowly got out of it with my new job. I am ready to go at it again! I am doing the couch to 5K and plan on joining a 5K this year. Thanks Padre for the info!!! I did my first day of the program and the 60 seconds go by quick but my lungs were killin' me! It was nice out so I ran around the good ol neighborhood. Had a dog happily following me all around and acting all excited to run, so it kept me goin LOL.
  8. These sound good! Only 2pts?
  9. http://www.nissinfoods.com/choiceramen/ these are 4pts for the whole package, and they taste great! I couldn't tell the difference between these and the regular kind. I love ramen noodles! yay for easy meals!
  10. I can't veiw it at work bc of it's dirty content! LOL
  11. thanks for your opinion! that's what i'm worried about, not using it! but it is used and it's a start. I am going to go and look at it and test it out first. I am going to think about this! thanks!
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