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  1. Wow!! You do look different!! Congratulations Girl!!! You look totally amazing!!!
  2. Wow!! Congratulations Girl!!! What a great inspiration!!! You look totally different!! Thanks for posting!!
  3. Teter10

    Subway addict

    Thanks for the warning Nan-See!! I didn't see this until this morning, and I ate them yesterday for lunch, and everything seems okay, but I appreciate the heads up;)
  4. Teter10

    Subway addict

    LOL I am a Subway Addict myself ~ I have subway everyday for lunch M-F and I count 1.5 pts for cheese and I think it's 1.5 for (1Tb) light mayo, (dottie's site) but I usually count 2 for the light mayo. Wow, I can't believe the lays lights are only 1 pt, I have been getting the Light Doritos, and those are 3pts, think I will be switching this week:D I'm with you Eagle ~ I have been waiting for them to get the individual "Light" bags at Wally World, they do have the "baked" individual ones, so the Light are sure to come, (crossing fingers) I just don't like the baked as well as the Light!!! http://www.dwlz.com/Restaurants/subway.html Subway rocks!!!! LOL
  5. We don't have the cereal here, but we do have the mini cakes and they are Awesome!! I love them! they are only 1pt a piece and very sweet. My favorite are the orange ones w/ the vanilla frosting, can't remember what they are called because I am out, and I am kicking myself for forgetting to buy more ~ they are on my grocery list right now. Love Em!! I get them in Wally World mine are in the coffee isle w/ the honey buns. Hope you can find them they are Yummy! All of em!!
  6. I bought one a few weeks ago, (the steak and cheese) I believe it was, because my sister was raving about them, but I wasn't that impressed with it. I made it in the microwave and it didn't look grilled like it was suppose to, and then it got hard. Are you all making them in the oven? It said not to put them in the toaster oven, which bites! So just wondering, since mine didn't turn out to be all that!
  7. Wow!! You go girl ~ you look totally different!! Thanks for sharing your pics ~ what a great motivator for me:D
  8. Thanks so much Sunni:buddysmoo I have only been on Core for a month, but I am really getting tired of whole wheat pasta and salads! lol Thanks Again!
  9. Thanks so much!!! I appreciate the awesome link:kiss:
  10. Okay, this might be on here somewhere, but I don't have time to look (my 5year old is getting hungry) Anyway ~ I made some of the oatmeal cookies the other day, and they were really dry(I'm thinking I used the wrong oats) I have been on core for a month now, but am not really knowing the difference in rolled oats, quick oats, & oatmeal. I just bought something called 100% Natural Oats at Kroger, is that right??
  11. Thanks!!! I have been craving cookies......my hubby bought me some sugar-free chocolate chip cookies the other day, but they were still 2pts. ~ Can't wait to try these!!
  12. Thanks for all the Great Recipes, I can't wait to try them!! Also, I might have overlooked them, but I am planning on making a pork loin, (I guess in the crock pot) however, I am not sure what to make with it after that. Any suggestions for pork loin?
  13. Name ?: Teresa Where ?: Corinth, Mississippi Married ?: Yes, 14 years!! (I was young:D, still am!) Kids ?: 1 boy ~ Olli (5 going on 15) Occupation ?: Professional Student (radiology) Sports ?: umm, I guess I could consider working out a sport right?? Hobbies ?: Trying the cooking thing (now that I am on core), spending time w/ family, computers, working out, tanning, shopping.... WW History Joined WW the first time in 1994, I was on the flex plan & I lost 60lbs. I did not reach my goal, and I hit a plateau, so I went off plan & gained back 20lbs. I started again but have not been OP like I should & just stayed on a plateau. I have been on a plateau for over a year now, so I revaluated my life & my priorites, and started ww for a 3rd. and final time ~ I am on Core for the first time, and I realize it really IS a lifestyle change! I am determined & excited about hitting my goal weight!! Hawaii Here I come!!
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