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  1. Even though I am just lurking now.. I had to to tell you how proud I am of you! What a wonderful accomplishment! You are such an awesome inspiration and always amaze me! Thank you Sheri for being such a great person!
  2. Kelly you look awesome! I have followed you since I started on here in January(even though I am on the 30's board)..I love your attitude and apparently it works!! You are definately one of my biggest inspirations!!
  3. I am actually on 2400mg right now. 800mg 3x a day. Please pm me when you first start running so I know how it goes!
  4. Oh Marie you are awesome girl! My only problem is I am right-handed and I am having trouble writing the alphabet with my left foot.LMAO! But seriously that website really helped me understand a little bit more.
  5. Anyone had this problem before? I finally got up to 20 min running over the course of 2 weeks. I was feeling better and better about myself and would push to go 10ft further everyday.But then my foot starting having intense sharp pain and I could barely walk home. I ended up going to the ER the next day because I couldn't put any pressure on it in the morning. He diagnosed me with Plantar Fasciitis and told me no running for a week. I thought a week would be ok but here it is almost 2.5 weeks later and I still can't run! I was doing all the common causes for the condition.. 1-overweight 2-running on hard surface 3-high arches 4-excessive running ( I don't agree but was told not to run every day) So now I want to know when will the pain stop? I really want to get back to running. Has anyone else had any experience with this? What helped? How long before you could run again?
  6. That is my goal. Girl you look awesome. You have done such a great job! I started a little bit higher than you and that is my goal weight! I can't wait!
  7. crayfish,cooked 1/2 c .......1 crayfish,cooked 16 (2oz).....1 Just remember to add whatever you boil them in.
  8. OMG Sheri. That is absolutely amazing. You are really doing a great job! I love the last picture. That color and style shirt really look good on you and compliment your weight loss!
  9. Ok all you workout mavens. I need some help. First of all I have very high arches and instep and narrow heels and wide toes. ( I know paints a pretty picture.) When I started working out I used my running shoes and was doing some dance/aerobics videos. I did have problems with my feet in the beginning but it seemed to only be in parts of the workout so I just trudged on. I have since progressed to TaeBo and my feet are KILLING me. The balls of my feet cramp when I am trying to do the twisting motion required for the kicks and punches. In the video most of them wear like a flat/wrestling type shoe, so I purchased a pair of Addidas goodyears. www.shopadidas.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2179595&shopGroup=R&cp=2039765.2019615.2178666&parentPage=family&colorId=447683 I had to take them off 1/2 through the exercise because of the cramps again. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My feet thank you.
  10. Alright Almond Joy forgetting to check in! OOPPSS I pledge 150min Sunday-none Monday 50min Tae Bo Tuesday none Wednesday-40 min Tae Bo
  11. I, Almond Joy, pledge 150 min aerobics. (And I will get it this time!) Sunday~ 25 min aerobics. Thanks to Miss Daisy Fuentes circa 1995! Monday~ 50 min TaeBo. Whew that one is hard! Tuesday~Rest Wednesday~50 min TaeBo 125 down/25 left to go!
  12. Bad bad bad week. I didn't get near my goal this week.:::kicks:::: to me! But today is a new day. Momto2R's~ I got the 2pack of the bootcamp it is basic and ultimate. I have only done the basic without the bands. It is really tough for me that is why I love it. My kiddos think I look so strong doing it!
  13. Sunday- Nothing unless you count pushing buttons on the remote!HA Monday-50 min TaeBo Tuesday- Rest day Wed- Romantic night away with DH so no conventional exercises. HeHe!
  14. Almond Joy:bcbsalute commits to 150min this week
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