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  1. Hi, I had a couple questions about The Firm. I tried it a few years ago with the fanny lifter and had much better results than other exercises I tried, but I got rid of it (long story) and so was interested in getting a new set of firm stuff. I see they have a new version which just uses weights, but I think I would get better results with one of the step things. So... 1) Does anyone still use the transfirmer version, and if so, do you like it? 2) Where would be the cheapest place to get it? THANKS!!!!
  2. OK, the peanut butter cup one is 3 points per serving, but oh my god is it worth it! I used to get this super-bad-for-you ice cream from Baskin Robbins: chocolate peanut butter. This one by Edy's has chocolate ice cream, huge ribbons of peanut butter, and huge chunks of peanut butter cups--it's even BETTER than the Baskin Robbins one! Edy's gets a HUGE thumbs up from me!
  3. The peanut butter cup is 3 points per serving though, right? I was trying to eyeball it at the store and couldn't be sure, but it looked higher than the cookies and cream one. *hoping I'm wrong*
  4. What kind of dressing was on the salad? If it was just a vinagrette, then it looks like 3 points for the soup and 3 for the salad: http://www.dwlz.com/Restaurants/applebees.html
  5. Tried the mint chocolate chip. Has a bit of an after-taste, but the chunks of chocolate are much bigger, and you don't notice the after-taste after a few bites. I prefer it to the cookie dough one.
  6. I found these at Walmart last night! They are 6 fl. oz., if that means anything (look to be around 3/4 to 1 cup). I've only tried the cookie dough one so far, and it's ok. Similar to the Smart Ones cookie thing, but the cookie dough pieces are REALLY small. BUT you can definitely still taste em, and it's one point less, so it may still be worth it. I'll let you know how the mint one is when I try it!
  7. These were really good, too. Still partial to the chocolate ones (especially since they're one point less), but these are really peanut-buttery and delicious
  8. I tried the caramel one the other day--yum! reminded me of the diet cola cake with the caramel glaze. Really good, and bigger than I was expecting looking at the packet.
  9. The chocolate ones have been sold out at my local grocery store for the last two weeks now. Grrr...
  10. Good to know, I've never heard of Ace K before and definitely prefer the taste of Coke Zero to the others.
  11. I've never had pomegranate before. Does it taste berry-ish?
  12. I was really curious about these after all the reviews and got a box. BEST SNACK BAR EVER. They are the closest thing to a candy bar I've ever tasted in a granola bar. Yum!!!
  13. I picked this up the other day along with my usual yogurt just to give it a try, and OH MY GOD was it delicious! I felt like I was eating a creamy cup of apple pie! It has little chunks of apples and a cinnamon-y taste to it and is just great. I really recommend it
  14. Ooh, what kind of cake does it taste like?
  15. Yes! I can't remember if I used it for chocolate milk or some recipe, but I thought it was good. Of course, it may be different if you're just eating it alone, but mixed with stuff I couldn't tell the difference.
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