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  1. Is their enough calcium in them to qualify as a dairy serving, like with the ww smoothies? I found this on a site: "Carnation Instant Breakfast also provides twice the protein of an egg and more calcium than a 6 oz. Cup of yogurt."
  2. I used an arc trainer at the gym the other day and after only 10 minutes, my thighs were DONE! I slowly walked towards my dh and had to grab him as we walked down 2 stairs. My legs were shaking and the muscles were shaking. Is that safe? And is it ok to do that day after day or skip a day? My dh said to hit it again the next day. We've both been sick, so we are waiting to go back on Monday. Also- I have no idea how to calculate AP for this
  3. Hey! Just wanted you to know that I voted a for you a lot. I entered a ton of email addresses from my address book. Hope it helps!
  4. I am so addicted to this stuff! My family loves it too. I take this to church functions as well and people really like it. I also add mandarin oranges, sliced strawberries, sliced grapes and crush just a few points worth of peanuts into it. It's DELISH! I also substitute the butterscotch pudding with vanilla if I'm out of the other.
  5. That's so encouraging! You look great and yes.. like everyone else said- you look so much younger! Awesome
  6. Awesome job! And I must say, your eyes are beautiful!!!
  7. Way to go! 50lbs. is a big deal! I'm counting down to 50 off. Only 15 #'s to go!
  8. Yeah!!! Lookin' good! What a difference! Keep going! You can do it!!
  9. Yes! Big difference! You can totally tell you have lost a lot of weight! Keep on truckin'
  10. Yes! Awesome job! What a difference! Whatver kind of bra you are wearing in the pic with the pink shirt is doing a *great* job! I'm still looking for the "perfect" bra!
  11. Yes, they were awesome! I had to give the bag ot the kids to eat. I could've easily eaten more than one serving.
  12. Graciante- Are you referring to the old 4 mile walk or the new 4 mile dvd from the Walk Slim set from Leslie's website? I have the new Walk Slim set from her site and the 1,2 and 3 mile are much more intense than the old 1,2 and 3 mile dvd's. There is interval walking with 3 sets of jogging (if you want) or stay low impact with walking etc. I LOVE the new ones. i still have a lot to lose and they kick my booty!!
  13. Yeah for you! Huge difference! You look GREAT!! :)
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