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  1. When WW introduced the points plan, only the people who actually helped with the testing knew about it prior to Jan. 1. I personally don't see how they can improve on the points plan, but who knows? Maybe the food plan isn't what they mean by exciting innovation. I think that we're just gonna have to wait patiently.
  2. I was RONG. The meeting closed because the leader moved to another state, and no one, even the current reception staff, wanted to take over. I would do it, but as you can see by my signature, I am way over my goal weight, and WW does not make exceptions in that area. Guess I'll continue on my weight loss journey and talk to them when I'm closer to goal.
  3. Thanks, Luanne -- I guess I just read too much into it.
  4. Maybe WW is trying to go all online? Is that a possibility?
  5. I'm a lifetime member who's been missing the local meeting for a long time due mostly to the fact that the time/place was inconvenient. I just now tried to find the meeting because I heard about a month ago that it changed to a different day, and I am now ready to return. But there was no meeting listed for my town on the WW site. There used to be two more meetings in the next town, about 40 minutes away, but they weren't listed either. So I called the WW meeting info number and was informed that my closest meeting is now about an hour away in a different town. She knew nothing about the closures. Has this happened to anyone else? Is Weight Watchers closing unprofitable meetings? Darn it, I can't remember who told me about the new day. Any guesses or info would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. I posted about a million years ago (OK, maybe a decade) that when I was having a long, frustrating afternoon, instead of turning to leftovers from the stuff my co-workers were always bringing in for "breakfast," I would brew a cup of HOT tea, black or green, and sip it slowly. By the time I finished the cup, my cravings were gone. I can't recommend hot tea highly enough. I actually came by to see if there were any changes to the 2016 program but couldn't resist replying in this thread. I'll search again later. And I see I need to update my signature. I'm below that weight. Still not at goal, but getting there.
  7. I've been gone a long time too, both from meetings and from this forum. What's just about convinced me to try Simply Filling is that I haven't gained weight over the holidays without counting points. I'll find all about it at the meeting tomorrow. There should be about five people there . . .
  8. Guess I'll find out everything I need to know at our meeting tomorrow. Sounds great, from what I've read.
  9. I would be very interested in the answer to this. Our leader has been put on the spot too many times for my comfort when point values, derived two different ways but both legitimately, contradict each other. She is forced to give us the "we're working on it." I've been away from meetings since last spring and hope most issues have been resolved. I'm very much looking forward to the new program.
  10. I'd forgotten about getting turned down for blood because of a cold sore. But I guess just as WW constantly refines the program based on research, so do the blood people for the good health of both the donors and recipients.
  11. Great info. The #1 biggest help for me was getting enough sleep, which didn't happen in my adult life until I retired. I was trying to get by on 6.5 or seven hours, then making it up on weekends. For me, eight hours a night is much better.
  12. I love that WW always reflects the latest research and develops a great program to help us. It seems they are working really hard on increasing that 5% who get to goal and stay there. Here's hoping...
  13. I walked to my blood donation appointment (about 20 minutes), but they wouldn't take me because of a cold sore which is healing over. So I walked to the hardware store, then home. All in all, about an hour's walk, and I'll be taking the muttlies out for their walk right after lunch. Walking is the best for me.
  14. When I can, I watch because I like the positives so much -- the emphasis on aerobic exercise, the medical monitoring (not seen on camera, of course), the joys and successes. I try not to watch the backstabbing, infighting, celebrity worship, etc. as Phobos mentioned. However, I think that's why a lot of thin people watch it. I know a marathoner who watches because she loves the drama. My favorite episodes are the makeovers -- those people look great!
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