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  1. Thanks...I did try doing that...I guess thats the best I can do for today...
  2. Today I went to a place where there were no chain restaurants...just a deli and decided to have a turkey wrap. I got it without cheese and w/o mayo..it just had the wrap, turkey, salad, tomato slice and mustard. How many points do you think it was? It was pretty big!!!
  3. We might go to a Japanese steak house for dinner this week and since Im still learning about the points....how should I estimate how much im eating.. They make the food in front of you...and its typically some veggies, chicken/shrimp, rice... I dont know how they add oils etc... Any suggestions?
  4. Thanks Ladies...I will check out the websites I do have the Transfirmer....i really love it!
  5. The title says it all....I wanted to get some more FIRM dvd's....mainly 'Jiggle free buns'....where do you reccomend buying them from? Any good websites?
  6. Which is a good FIRM dvd for abs? I have only 3 dvd's..'Supercharged Sculpting' ...'Ultimate Calorie burner'..and 'Aerobic Body Shaping'... But I dont know which one is a good one for abs? Also..are there any other tapes you highly reccomend? TIA
  7. Im new to the FIRM...and just wanted to know if you ladies followed the calendar that came with it..as in did you take rest days ? And what did you do on those rest days? Or do you do the FIRM dvd's 5 days a week?
  8. I was doing some research on teh FIRM workouts (im very new to them)..and came across this post... I wanted to know...if i could use a regular step for the workouts? Or should i get the FIRM step - transfirmer ?? I was just planning on using a regular step and getting the dvd'srom netflix or the library...or shud i just buy it from amazon???
  9. Also which is the best dvd...i want to get one from netflix or the library to try it out to see if i like it...which one gives a good workout??
  10. I was hoping to get some info on the FIRM workouts...Ive heard very good things about them...but dont have much info on them... Can you tell me how it works...what i need to buy,,which dvd's and what else? Is there a step and weights??? And what is the best place to buy these? I saw some FIRM dvds in my library but wasnt sure what else i would need? Any info would be great....im very new to this..
  11. I just recently switched to Core and see that a lot of ppl are having bulgar as part of their grains.... Share your fav. bulgar recipe....I was looking for something salty (not sweet)...but wasnt sure what to make with bulgar! Thanks!
  12. Can someone give me an example of what their daily menu looks like? I want to incorporate the 8 healthy guidelines, but Im having a hard time with the fruits/veggies etc. Im usually eating processed foods, and i think that might be hindering my weightloss. Thanks!
  13. I have no idea. You need to give us more information. Maybe post a day's menus. I'll post yesterday's menu for you guys to review! Breakfast: -2 WW english muffins (1 point each) -coffee no cream Snack: WW bagel (nothing inside) (2points) Lunch: Smart Ones Entree (Angel Hair Marinara = 3 points) - 2 slices of WW bread (1 point) -WW Icecream 1 point Snacks: Yogurt (1 point) Dinner: Homemade chicken with rice (estimate 8 points) Iced Tea for the day (1 point) Is 20 points your minimum? 20 points is the maximum I have for the day. I stay b/w 19 and 20 points every day. Are you eating a lot of fast food type meals, i.e. high in sodium? Yes. I do tend to eat a lot of high sodium meals. Examples include Lean Cusine, Smart Ones. Im guessing these are high sodium? Are you drinking water? I am drinking 8-10 glasses of decaf iced tea which is 5 calories/glass and I count that towards my 20 points. Plain water I just have 2 glasses. Do you eat your flex points throughout the week or "save" them for the weekend? Our leader advised us to spread them throughout the week if were going to use them. I dont eat my flex points. Whenever I did eat my flex points in the past I felt like I gained weight.
  14. Hello Everyone! I need some advice/suggestions! I have been doing WW since January. In 3 months I lost 10 pounds. And it was working out well. Now Im at a standstill...Ive had some bad weeks where I wasnt good, gained 3-4 pounds then lost, gained it, lost it...that kind of thing. But ever since last week I have been doing it well. I am eating my 20 points/day. I excericse not a whole lot, but everyday and do 20-25 mins of aerobics. I dont eat my flex points because I feel I dont do well with them. This past week I lost 2 pounds and then gained 1 today? Why would I gain? And I keep see-sawing with this 2-3 pounds...gain it, lose it. But this time I have been super good..cant imagine what I am doing wrong! Im so depressed! I need some advice!!!! Thanks! Momsjoho
  15. I tried the Wendies plan this past week.....but I didnt lose anything!! What could I have done wrong? I was doing the WW for about 8 weeks but was not really using my flexpoints...only used them 1-2 times and just 5-6 points....never the 35... Do you think that could have anything to do with it? Momsjoho
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