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  1. You can do it Trudie! Here to cheer you on. :bcb_kick:
  2. wow, can't wait to be back here. Will take some work but I will get back here.
  3. I remember you too. Was just looking at the runners area and saw you over there too. I'm running this go round also. Have been running just eating wrong so I wasn't losing. Maintaining. It's been said before and it's true. You can't outrun your fork. Try to run 3-4 days a week. 3-5 miles. I enjoy it. Especially now that's its cooling off. Will be catching up. Lurking and hopefully posting some too.
  4. ....too long. Did core several years ago with great success. And then I got complacent. Gained quite a bit of weight back. Ready to start again on simply filling. It is similar to core so I'm trying to read up to do this right. Hope to see some familiar names. Always got good support from this site.
  5. Thanks Kimberley, that's what I thought but did not want to assume and wind up over my points allowance. Getting my menu for the week together, my journal and myself ready to get started.
  6. I am not new to weight watchers, but I haven't counted points in a long time, like over 4 years. My question is, I have figured my daily points and came up with 25, but what about the weekly points allowance? Is it 35 like with simply filling??
  7. Still here just lurking. Been busy with work and kids so little time to be on the computer. Planning meals and sticking to them. Check in again soon.
  8. Just wanted to say I have made this several times and it is really good. I am going to try letting it cool and then adding the pudding to it. Sounds like it would be good.
  9. I'm here. Going to get back to goal this year.
  10. Baked oatmeal with some sf maple syrup as soon as I get myself into the kitchen to get it made.
  11. Ninja Blender, I may have to look this up. My blender is about 10 yrs old and looks like it has seen better days.
  12. Happy New Year buddies. I was in bed by 10p. I had worked yesterday and been up since 3a, lol. Heading into the kitchen now to make some baked oatmeal and a crustless pumpkin pie. Getting pretty cold here in TN and they are calling for snow showers Sun. Hopefully it won't be too bad. The kids are supposed to go back to school Mon, and momma is ready for the 3 boys to go back to school.
  13. I am recommitting. I have been following simply filling mostly, and that is where the problem lies, mostly. I have a vacation coming up May 24 and would like to be back in the 140's by then. So, yes, I am getting serious Jan 1.
  14. I carry oatmeal to work with me and usually throw a 1/2 cup frozen strawberries on top or 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and then sprinkle with cinnamon. I heat it up at work and then add a little splenda to make it sweet. I also like baked oatmeal. I heat a piece and then put a little sf maple syrup on it.
  15. Thanks for all the welcome backs. I know what ya'll mean about all the testosterone. It's me, DH and 3 boys...16,9, and 5.... My sis just had a baby girl so I am enjoying her.
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