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  1. Rhonda - thanks. I hope that I will have more time to post and hopefully help others on their journey! nancy - that's funny, my MIL took off her whole car door because she was in such a rush she backed out of the garage while still trying to close the door! back to work!
  2. Hi Everyone - I just want you to know that I have been reading the posts but I can never keep up with you guys!! So, I do get inspiration and motivation from you even if I can't post on a regular basis. I have basically stayed the same weight for a while but seem to be having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I need to follow the rules rather than "my" version of the rules. Glad to see you guys hanging in there with me!
  3. Hey girlie...how are you doing?

  4. Hi Everyone - yup, cold here too. I think it's about 10 degrees but feels colder with the wind. Today I have been doing ok breakfast - ww eng muffin with veg pattie - 4 pt lunch - salad with grilled chicken 4 with dill dressing 2pt and a clementine 1pt I have been working on my water intake but that is going slowly. Gotta get back to work. everyone keep warm!
  5. Hi Everyone - I don't know if you remember me since I haven't posted since July! Sadly, I have basically gained back ALL my weight but more concerningly, all my health problems (High blood pressure, high cholestoral) have returned. Therefore, I have made the decision to come back the bcb because I found that really helpful before. I also go to ww meetings but need to be acountable on a more daily basis. For those who don't know me, I am 42 years old, married, and have an amazing 6 year old girl. I am trying to make more time for me but my job includes a lot of report writing so I find at night I am doing that. Today, though, I went to a local farmers market. I bought a ton of vegetables and fruit including things I have never cooked before - like beets (although I know I like them roasted b/c have had in restaurants). My problem is not usually choices but portion control. Hopefully the stuff won't freeze in my car b/c I went back to work after shopping lol. I can't catch up on personals right now but would like to say HI Christie - yay on Lexie, and Hi Lynn. look forward to more personals soon. Alissa
  6. AGT

    breakfast to go

    Thanks for the ideas. I am definately going to try the banana, soybutter (I am allergic to peanuts) and tortilla wrap! I also brought a box of shredded wheat to work and put ff milk in the fridge here. i ate that this AM.
  7. Good morning! So far, so good today. I stuck with my breakfast plan and brought it with me to work. Tonight is family night at dd's day camp so I have to bring dinner there. She wants a bagel (easy enough) and I think I will bring a big salad for me. Tomorrow we are getting new dining room furniture delivered (well, it's from a friend of my mom's but new for us!) and probably earned 2-3 AP's moving stuff around for it. my client just came into the office, gotta run, catch up with you later!
  8. Hi again! I did not have the salad with chicken for lunch. I ended up with a grilled portobello mushroom wrap with lettuce and roasted peppers so I just have to count the bread. It was yummy. That mango margarita looks awesome!! I'll have to try that one day. I have a meeting now, then have to run to get dd. I will check in again tonight. Everyone enjoy the rest of your day!
  9. thanks for the ideas. I really like the idea of making the sandwiches and freezing them for the week. I just need to be more prepared. Lara - I still eat the veggie corn dogs on occasion! After next week (I am on vacation), I am going to bring in a box of cereal and skim milk (we have a fridge at work) and try to wait until I get to work to eat. That is really what I should do because when I eat in the car and then get to work, I feel like I never ate.
  10. I posted this question on the recipe site but will ask all of you as well... Do you have any suggestions for easy, quick, to go breakfasts that are less than 5 pt? I never seem to have time and then make bad choices practically every day. I literally don't have time to sit and eat a bowl of cereal, let alone have time to cook. HELP!
  11. karen - I just saw the video under your signature. Hysterical!! Hi Esther - I hope Gerry is feeling better, but make him go to the doctor anyway!!!
  12. I need ideas for a QUICK low point (up to 5 pts) breakfast that is portable. By the time I get dd ready, it is time to leave the house. Any suggestions?
  13. hi Everyone - sorry I was MIA yesterday, been feeling a bit under the weather. My cold has turned into a really annoying cough. Also, it is about 95 degrees and humid here which is making breathing even harder! Yesterday was also a bad eating day and I was too embarassed to post. However, today is a new day! Unfortunately, it started off with a bagel but I am back on track now and on my 3rd glass of water. Hope everyone is doing well. Hopie - love the clutch! i wish I had some talent! Hi Lara - hope you are feeling better. I know it can be hard sometimes, but hang in there!! Rhonda - I use to puree and hide stuff in dd's food. I got away with it until I tried to hide spinach in the meatloaf. It came out looking like a Chia pet!! DD no longer trusts me and tends to watch when i cook lol! breakfast - bagel with egg and cheese 10 pt rest of day snack - popcorn 1 pt lunch -salad with grilled chicken 4 pt snack - lite coolata (frozen coffee drink) 3 pt dinner - chicken stir fry with brown rice 5 pt total (-2 flex points) I will try to check in again later.
  14. Hi everyone - hope everyone had a great weekend. I have been fighting a cold but otherwise am doing well. I went for another long walk yesterday and it felt good. I really like my new sneakers, lots of support. Feeling motivated by my good WI on Saturday. I am hoping it motivates me to stay OP again this week. Hi Lynn! Remember me? Tanya and Hopie - those popsicles look good! I have been taking my dd's drinkable stoneyfield yogurt (smoothies) and pouring it into popsicle molds for her but now I can make some for me take care, will check in again later.
  15. Hi again. I made it through another day within my points. I even got in my waters but not my oils although I do take a fish oil supplement but that doesn't count for the oils on ww. I wore my new shirt that wicks away sweat. It worked pretty well, although it is so humid here it is sometimes hard to tell. I got it at the outlet for 12 dollars and got it in two colors, cranberry and lime green (I guess I am into fruit colors lol). It stopped raining so DH grilled some hamburgers. That helped my day. I made french fries for dd and dh but only because I knew I was not in the mood for them. Today lite latte -2 pt kid clif bar - 2 pt whole grain flax tortilla chips - 2 pt lite cheese - 1 pt salsa - 1 pt morningstar veggie corn dog 3 pt klondike 100 calorie bar 2 pt hamburger (95% lean) 4 pt whole wheat roll 2 pt orange juice 2 pt That's it, no points left for today. I guess its time for bed lol. Tanya - don't worry about the breakfast, especially if you had a low point lunch. Just don't do it again tomorrow! Hi Esther - good to hear from you too. I had tried to check in on all of you on occasion even if I didn't post.
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