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  1. I agree Michellina's meals are tasty slightly skimpier than LC but they taste alot better and the price is great.
  2. 1 5oz grilled chicken breast (chopped and seasoned) 1 cup of mixed greens salad blend 1 cup of European or Italian salad blend 1/2 cucumber chopped red onion ( the amount is your choice) sweet roasted red peppers ( the amount is your choice) bannana peppers ( the amount is your choice) 2 tbsp of walnuts oil vinegar ranch or blue cheese dressing. The sweet roasted peppers and red onion is what adds a savvy new taste and variation to the tradition grilled chicken salad.
  3. What has worked for me in the last couple of weeks is that I usually save the majority of my flex points for Fri, Sat, and Sun. I may use 1-3 points Mon- Thursday and save the rest for the week end. I have found this to be effective for the past couple of weeks. I am down three pounds so I am proud of that. Exercise is still a challenge, I guess because of the time of year. But I am determined this time to make WW work for me.
  4. Thank you for the tips, I will try the sf jello and ff whip cream.
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