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  1. Is there a point list anywhere for alcohol? Such as beer, wine, etc. Thank you!!
  2. Meaniejr

    Wii Fit

    Does the Wii Fit really help in losing weight? Can we count that activity as "Activity Points?" I'm thinking of buying one as Winter is approaching soon.
  3. I lost my slide rule for Activity points. Does anyone have this information?
  4. I can't see to find the Thread for the "Weight Watchers at Home" forum. Can anyone help me?
  5. Does anyone know where there might be a FREE points calculator for a windows mobile??? I'd like to be able to have the points calc w/me at all times. Thanks so much, ~Debra
  6. Meaniejr


    Does anyone know how many points a brat has? Thanks!!
  7. Does anyone know how many pts bruschetta might be? I use a french loaf bread, spread olive oil on it and toast in broiler. Then rub a garlic glove on it, put basil leaves on it w/tomatoes. I'm thinking it can't be that high in calories can it?
  8. At Target they are located over by the pharmacy with all the other "nutritional bars" that they offer. In the same isle are all the vitamins. I just heard that they are coming out with a milk chocolate version too. YUM!!
  9. Yes, I figured that I would definitely be cheating myself b/c the fiber isn't actually found in the food itself that I'm eating. But gosh, wouldn't that have been great if it worked. Ha, ha. And our daily struggles to lose weight continues...........
  10. I was going through the Sunday paper and I saw an add for Fiber Source and they were saying to add it any foods to give us more fiber in our daily nutritional value. So......that got me to thinking. If we (those of us on WW) were to add this Fiber Source to the foods were eating would we be able to count that in our daily point range? Let me give an example if that didn't make sense. Example: If a McDonald's Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddle points are normally as follows - Calories -550, Fat 33g and Fiber 1g that equals 14pts. However if we use the Fiber Source on it that would give us a higher fiber pt to calculate thus giving us lower pts value. Hmmm.............is that something we can do??? Or is that cheating or something odd like that? Just curious what everyone's thoughts on this may be. Something to ponder.... Thanks!!
  11. I cap my fiber points at 4g b/c that's where the Points Finder ends it. Well actually, I'm looking at it right now and it says "4- and the next line says or more -" So it probably ends then at 5g's.
  12. Does anyone have ideas on how many points that Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls have? I love them and I would like to make them this weekend, but I have no idea on points. I would think that they are low in points b/c they are filled with fresh veggies, but I thought I better make sure before I start making them. Thanks so much!
  13. Hi purplcatz00, I would love to have a buddy doing this. The program also worked for me 5 years so I know it'll work again. But I'm finding it hard to stay within my points range how about you? I can't seem to find my books right now, all I could find was my points slider, but I think my daily point range is suppose to be 18-23, does that sound right for my weight range of 156-159?
  14. I'm wondering if anyone else uses the Winning Points program? I was on it several years ago and I'm using it again b/c I really like it. I decided that I really need to get this 25lbs off of me so I'm doing WW on my own at home. It would be nice to find someone else using the same program as me. Thanks.
  15. I've decided to get back on WW and get this last 25lbs off my body. But I can't seem to find my book so I'm not sure what is my daily points range. Can anyone help me? I'm thinking it's 18-23 but I'm not sure. Thanks so much.
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