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  1. I like EA Active - for a game, it's quite an intense workout, especially since it's less than 30 minutes and if you get a band with more resistance - but my leg strap has taken a bit of a beating, and I do wish it had a bit of focus on stretching. There's a new Wii Fit - Wii Fit Plus - coming out in October, that let's you customize a bit more and string together workouts. My biggest complaint of Wii Fit is having to go back to the menu, so I'm looking forward to this upgrade.
  2. This is the official WW quiz for determining your points, as per changes to the plan at the beginning of 2007 (at least that's when it came in in my area). When did you do meetings, and when are your materials from?
  3. Hi all, A big vet bill (I love my puppy!) has made me rethink joining the gym again. I'd like to tone up my arms/abs/legs for both my own health and for a bridesmaid dress that I'll be wearing in late August. Soo... (1) What can I do at home to cover off the best set of muscles? I've read tons of ideas and tried a lot, but I'm specifically looking for exercises that I can do in the living room with my body, some handweights and furniture. (2) What handweights/equipment should I buy? I currently have a mat, stability ball and a pair of 5lb handweights, but I find that the handweights are a bit light for some of the exercises I try. (3) What leg exercises work at home?
  4. It IS the same number of calories... I *think* that the "servings per sittings" rule of thumb is just easiest to track. Really, as long as your consistent in how you track your points, it should work out. Some things you'll lose a half point on, other things you'll gain a half point on...
  5. It's partly because of the fibre cape, but it also has to do with rounding... the calculator you are using only goes to whole points, so say something has 120 cals, no fat, no fibre... that's 2 pts. But have two of them, now you've got 240 calories... that's 5 pts. This counts generally for anything you have more than one serving of in one sitting (i.e. the same meal or snack).
  6. I've copied it from another part of the board... Your Personal Daily POINTS Target 1 Are you: Female? .......... Score 2 Male? .......... Score 8 A nursing mom*? .......... Score 12 2 How old are you? 17** - 26 .......... Score 4 27 - 37 ..........Score 3 38 -47 .......... Score 2 48 - 58 .......... Score 1 Over 58 .......... Score 0 3 What do you weigh? Enter the first 2 digits of your weight in pounds. For example, if you weigh 175, enter 17. If you weigh less than 100 pounds, enter the first digit of your weight in pounds, i.e. for 98, enter 98. 4 How tall are you? Under 5'1" .......... Score 0 5'1" to 5'10" .......... Score 1 Over 5'10" .......... Score 2 5 Do you spend most of your day: Siting down? .......... Score 0 (e.g. as a receptionist, bus driver, cab driver) Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing? .......... Score 2 (e.g. sales person, housewife, cook, teacher) Walking most of the time? .......... Score 4 (e.g. waiter, mailman) Doing physically hard work most of the time? .......... Score 6 (e.g. nurse, gardener, construction worker) The total is your daily POINTS Target*** * Nursing moms, please see your Leader of Receptionist for more information. ** You people under 17, please see your Leader or Receptionist for more information about your daily POINTS Target. *** If your total is less than 18, your daily POINTS Target is 189; if your total is more than 44, your daily POINTS Target is 44. *** Retake this quiz as your weight goes down, as you get older or if you change the way you spend your day.
  7. It's part of the new "quiz" you do to determine your point level, that's how I figured it out.
  8. I don't know what card you are refering to, but I do know that for nursing moms and teens, you're encouraged to get three daily dairy servings instead of 2... is that note written next to the info on dairy as a Good Health guideline? if so, I would think they mean on top of the extras you get for nursing (say 8... I remember 8 from somewhere), you add the extra 2 for dairy, thus getting an extra 10. Does that make sense?
  9. Hi there, Just wondering what Points program you're following.... they recently changed the formula for calculating your daily allowance, and nursing moms get 8 or 10 extra (can't remember off the top of my head)... if I find the info I'll update this post. EDIT.... it's 10 extra!
  10. Hi guys, welcome!! We cook for two pretty much ALL the time... it takes practise to know how much food to cook is enough or too much. I find it help if you have the space, make a full recipe and freeze/refridgerate the leftovers. If you know someone else in a similar situation, maybe you could do a "leftover swap" of recipes you really like (that you made the night before, say) so you're not eating the same thing for a week. You can always half a recipe that serve four to get two portions out of it. One recipe site I like (allrecipes.com) even lets you choose the number of servings and adjusts the recipe accordingly (can get some bizarre fractions that way, but that's what rounding is for!).
  11. I'm pretty sure they are!
  12. Hi! If you haven't already, check out the Terrific 20's forum. There's a few people there who have the same problems with binging, and sometimes there's a daily discussion/accountability thread on it, to offer support and ideas for what to do instead of binging. We're here for you! Good luck!
  13. You can find that info here: http://www.weightwatchers.ca/health/asm/calc_healthyweight.aspx For 5'7", your range would be 127 - 153 lbs For 5'8", your range would be 131 - 158 lbs But remember the correlation of weight/height to age is really only suggested there... as long as your BMI is under 25 you're doing okay.
  14. As far as I know, pretty much all foods have the same point value. I remember there being a 4g fibre cap in Winning Points (i.e. if a food contains more than 4 g fibre, you still only count 4), so that wouldn't be an issue you'd have to deal with. With the flex program, you get your daily target points (compared to the point range you got with winning points) that you have to meet. Don't eat less than your target points value. Beyond that, you get 35 flex points you can use throughout the week. I'm sure you've probably located info regarding what your target points are given your weight... basically it's the lowest end of the Winning Points range for that weight plus 2 more (you actually eat MORE on flex!). Hope this helps and that I haven't confused you!
  15. lori2.0


    Goodness! I've never thought of doing anything with broccoli other than steaming it. Thanks for the ideas!
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