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  1. You look awesome keep up the good work!!!!!!!! Your dress is beutiful!!!! Melinda
  2. Ya LOOK AWESOME!!!!!! Your confidence shines through in the smile on your face. Keep up the good work!!!! Melinda
  3. Moody there is a Wild By Nature in Huntington and one in East Setucket they would have it there also. Melinda
  4. Congratulations !!!!!! That is awesome!!!!! Melinda
  5. OMG you LOOK GREAT.I am so jealous I have been on WW for slighty longer then you and I am still fighting to get to 30 pounds. BUT GIRL YOU LOOK AWESOME Doing the happy dance for you Melinda
  6. You look awesome and that is a very beutiful wedding dress I must say. Keep up the good work!!! Melinda
  7. I made this for dinner the other night for DH with pineapple chuncks and it was awesome he even took it for lunch the next day. Melinda
  8. I made this marinade and marinated my chicken breast in it and grilled it and they came out awesome. Melinda
  9. Lisa, I have done this recipe with a fully frozen pieace of beef right out of the freezer and it turned out great. I cooked mine on low for 6 hours and it turned out awesome Melinda
  10. Yes I agree these are awesome!!!! Melinda
  11. Ya look great keep up the good work!!!!!!!! Melinda
  12. I am going to make this today for lunch sounds so yummy. Thanks for sharing Melinda
  13. This one sounds great too. I was looking on the cooking light website for a asain inspired salad just the other day. Thanks for sharing Melinda
  14. I am going to make these and store them in the fridge it will be great because I make a salad for hubby for lunch everyday with left overs from dinner the night before. Thanks for sharing Melinda
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