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  1. I did it!!! I rang in the new year by receiving my LIFETIME award on 01-02-2007! I would have received it exactly on 01-01-2007, but the facility was closed due to the holiday. Still, what a way to start out the new year!!! It took me a little less than a year, but i did it!!! Thanks to all of you that gave me words of encouragement and motivation. The only regret I have is not doing the program sooner! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  2. thanks for all of your support and kind compliments!!! my fellow BCB'ers is what gives me my inspiration - thanks for being there 24/7/365!
  3. Thanks Robin!!! I get told that my hair looks like it lost weight too !
  4. THANK YOU!!! In case some were wondering what a person looks like after they lose 63.2 lbs, here are my before and after pics. The one on the left was taken the day I started my ww journey. The one on the right was from last night's meeting when i achieved GOAL!!! [/url]
  5. well, i met goal tonight!!! i had to be 150.0 lbs and i weighed in at 148.2 lbs. i have lost 30% of my body weight since i started (had to be 148.4 lbs). i have lost a grand total of 63.2 lbs with only a few more personal lbs to go!!! it was very emotional for me last night and a few tears were shed, but i conquered through it with a smile and told everyone not to quit, that they would eventually reach goal. thanks for all of your continued support and words of encouragement!!!
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