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  1. I used a wooden spoon to stir. I was also thinking of using eggbeaters as well. Next time I'll use a whisk and eggbetaters. Thanks!
  2. I love this recipe...BUT... is there any way of making it so that the egg doesn't thread and turn into scrambled egg in the process? Thanks for any help - oh, I cook it over medium heat - any suggestions from anyone who is successful making this pudding? Thanks!
  3. Western Bagel Company makes the best pita bread for 110 cals, 0 fat and a ton of fiber per huge pita. I don't know how they do it. These are the best pitas I have ever eaten. Very filling and delicious. My husband is addicted to them with a smear of Laughing Cow cheese. It's his favorite snack. I hoard them and freeze them whenever I see them in the store. They are called Alternative Pita Breads, made by Western Bagel Company. These are the folks who put out good 1 point bagels as well.
  4. The South Beach pizzas are awesome. They are loaded with protein and fiber and really fill you up. Around here, they're on sale often, so I like to stock up on them. They make a good quick meal with some nuked veggies. Plus the pizzas (all varieties) taste great! I really enjoy the South Beach foods. The lunch wraps are good, very filling, and the cookies and whole wheat crackers are great too. I'm waiting for the breakfast wraps to come to my area. It's true that the food is expensive, but in my opinion it's very high quality, and not that more expensive than the others out there.
  5. I'm finding that technically, since our slide does not account for half points, I don't count them and try and squeeze every point out of food. I just round off to the next highest point. I'm just curious, do you guys count half points or just round up like the slide does? I'm finding it easier to just deal with whole numbers (or shall we say points)!
  6. Charski thank you so much! I love baking and am always on the lookout for a good low point bread. I can't wait to make this. Thanks again.
  7. I adore Shiratki noodles and have been eating them for years. I just can't believe they're not more popular, and I salute the hungrygirl website for finally bringing it to everyone (or at least the dieting public's) attention. Everyone on Core thinks they have it made with their allowable whole wheat pasta, but I've been eating low point shiratake noodles and can never go back to regular pasta. One bag will leave you stuffed for hours (it's all fiber), and will only have 40 calories. Hungry girl's fettucine sounds great (on the website). I'll probably be doing an adaptation of her recipe. Thanks for bringing this website to our attention!
  8. Joyced

    not meat?

    I am a vegetarian, and I love all the Morningstar Farms meat substitutes. They are fantastic, and even my picky husband who thinks he hates vegetarian food eats them. I think MF is better quality than Boca brand, but that's just my personal opinion.
  9. I don't know about converting, but I did get the UK formula. They figure only calories and saturated fat, but here in the US we figure calories, total fat, and fiber. UK formula: (calories/70) + (saturated fat/4) = points For example: 700 calories = 10 points. 4 grams saturated fat = 1 point. 10 + 1 = 11 points. This may be more than you wanted to know...(it's easy with a calculator). I can also tell you how to round off numbers if you're interested.
  10. I have a pretty stressful job, and I found that sucking on hard candy really helps control my eating and frustration! Do you have any favorite brands? Some of the low calorie ones are awful - The Go Lightly sugar free chocolate mint hard candies are awful, but the Baskin Robbins sugar free chocolate mint hard candy is divine! I can't get enough of them! Any favorites that taste decent?
  11. Amperage, I do the same as you, only I bank any uneaten points so I have them for the rest of the week. The older WW points plan had a banking system, and I think it's more realistic to work it this way. I allow myself a set number of points per day, and any not used I just carry over for the next day. I think it's easier and less complicated than the "35 weekly points" allowed. Yes, the way we're doing it is not like a diet, it's a lifestyle, but separating points into those "extra" 35 feels like a diet. Why in the world WW did that is beyond me.
  12. Joyced

    Points ?

    I went on that "other" board as well. Truth is, they seem to have very little patience with new members who may not be familiar with the program, like the "oldtimers" are. I like this board so much better.
  13. Does anyone have any good low point Starbucks-type coffee drink recipes to share? I adore coffee, but of course now must limit my high point gourmet coffee drinks. I would die for a low point Frappucino recipe. If anyone has a recipe or can provide a link, it would be very much appreciated! I miss my coffee drinks!
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