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  1. You guys are all the best. you all keep me going. Good luck to everyone with your journeys!!
  2. I am only in my 3rd week (just starting 3rd week) of core so still trying to figure out all I can eat and memorize it. I don't always have my WW book with me. Does anyone know if you can have sausage on core...like I know you can't have brats I doubt. What about: Turkey sausage Italian sausage ground beef has to be only 7% fat or less right?? anyone know?
  3. In response, I think core is hard for me in actually finding foods I can eat to make a complete meal. I am losing weight so I love it!! But for lunch and breakfast it is hard. Any suggestions for Breakfast. I have an infant at home so just don't have too much time to plan for breakfast. Right now all i can even think of grabbing is fruit. Or a quick egg.
  4. Is anyone else finding that core is hard to do??? it is working though.
  5. Thanks everyone!! Core is actually working for me...but you gotta remember I am also exercising. I have lost 2.5 pounds in 4 days...probably a lot of water!! But that is good.
  6. New to core as of today. Need to try something new...so here is my thing. If I saute cut up white potatoes, and use spices and Fat Free spray butter (parkay now makes it) is that part of core?? There is no added fat at all so I assume it would be. Also, what about wheaties? There is a bit of sugar in it, not much but I know the plan says if there is no added sugar, nuts, etc. then it is part of core. So just wondering if anyone knows if I can have that on core or not. Thanks. Wow, thanks to all who have helped me...so you can have a serving of oil and it is still core. Can you tell i am new to this. I gotta read up on this more!! Thanks you guys.
  7. I will have to read the core board. Still trying to figure out this site again so I will have to look for that board. Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks to all who I have inspired in the past. I hope to keep myself moving this time to do it again!!
  9. Okay so I had my second baby this summer and gained 49lbs. arg!! I lost 30 lbs now but have a way to go to where I really want to be. I started really exercising again and am just at a stand still. Today I weighed in and I was up 1.6 and there is no explaining it. I track everything...the leader thinks it is water in my muscles from exercising a lot all of a sudden and will drop it soon so we'll see. So today, being frustrated I decided to try something new...CORE. My question is, can you eat: 1. Wheaties Cereal 2. White potato cut up and sauted in FF butter (parkay has FF spray butter and that is all I ever use) So I am not using fatty butter or oil so wouldn't this be core??? This is very new to me. In 3 years I have never tried core so I want to try for a week and see if this helps. Thanks.
  10. all your pics look great!!! Keep up the good work!! Liz
  11. I added my half marathon picture. good luck to all of those who have told me they have started running!!!
  12. I ordered the swim suit through Victoria's secret. Wow, never thought I would do that.
  13. YOu will get there. I promise. Just know it will take time. It took me 10 months to get where I am at. Some times hard...sometimes easy. Just exercise when you can. That is the best result to losing weight.
  14. I did add a new updated picture of me. Good luck to everyone. I know you can do it. If I could do it, so can you!!!
  15. you look good and you do look much happier!!!
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