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  1. ive started C25k again. ive done it before and love it! on week 3 right now. looking forward to running 5k 3-4 times a week again. wish me luck
  2. i think most people said they could see it in my face. but for me, it was like i woke up one morning and had a waist again. it's awesome to have a shape back!!
  3. thanks guys. wow, looking at some of you signatures, you guys are such an inspiration. i have always just thought - hey, im fat. i cant be skinny. but seeing some of you guys start in the 2 or even 3 hundreds and loose so much weight. i really think i can make my goal this time. thanks for the encouragement.
  4. I am officially walking in a ONEDERLAND!!! took a long time but I finally got my sh!t together and stuck with it. I still have a way to go to get to my final goal but I am happy to be over that first hump. love you BCB!
  5. love me some frapps! the good thing is, if you think about it, its just coffee, milk, and ice. So, if you eliminate the whip/drizzle (which i dont think adds anything anyway) and use skim milk, no syrup, etc. its not that bad! enjoy the little things. On things like this, I sometimes add a point or two, just to be safe enjoy!
  6. leesa, you did really well dont get down on yourself. you'll pick it back up. im sorry i have been out of the loop. i am so busy lately. the only time i relly have to check in is at work at thats been hectic too. i hope everyone is doin ok. whats the current status. who's doing what???
  7. leesa, way to go on the 17 mins. you are doing SO great! keep it up. you'll be done in no time. i have been away since thursday so i havent been on. Friday we got to the hotel at around 230. checked in and the first thing i did was unpack my work out gear and headed to the gym, ran 3 miles on the TM in 35:26. just glad i did it on vacay at all! so monday i did my first official 5K!!!!!!!! I woke up and was throwing up and having 'other issues' I really didnt think i would run at all. but i didnt want to dissappoint my sis so i figured i would go and if i was still sick when the race started i would walk. but, after being in the fresh air for a half hour or so i started to feel better so I RAN IT. i am very bad at pacing myself so i went slowly and right at the first turn there was a huge hill. it took me awhile to get my flow going but i finished in 39:18 without stopping. I'll take it. my first goal was under 40 and i did it. my next goal is 30 flat - it may take awhile but ill get there. i felt disappointed in myself because honestly i wasnt even that tired at the end. I felt like i shouldve run harder but i was so worried about not finishing or having to walk that i didnt want to push too hard. i need to find a pacer! oh well! all in all i am proud i did it. wouldnt have thought i could 2 months ago. as far as the wedding weekend -went as i expected. drank too much, ate too much, regretting it now. but not really. a little temp weight gain is worth the fun we had! how's everyone else doing?
  8. thanks granola. that is awesome. i felt myself getting motivated as i read it. i want to leave work now and go run. but then of course i wont come back!!! rock on guys!!
  9. Way to go Leesa!!! almost there!! you're doing so well. ive been doing ok, still running M,W,F but stopped weekends. with hubby back and all the stuff for the wedding i feel like i havent had one free minute! i am also starting to get unmotivated. notwith the running, just in general. this weekend was not TOO bad no journaling, just kinda winging it. Don't know why, feel like i just hit a wall. i am back OP today and writing down everything. i hope my motivation kicks back in soon. i dont mind the exercise or even the healthy food it just gets so hard to find the time and energy sometimes. BLAH. im just whining now. i know what i have to do so i might as well quit my b!tching. anyway. i have my first 5K next monday. i am excited but nervous. i am running with my sister who is probably 110lbs soaking weight, 5'6 and beautiful. she drives me nuts. i jsut dont want to look like a fat red apple running and huffing away and finishing at like 40 mins ive been running out side lately and havent made three miles yet. depending on the weather i will run again today. i ran 2.3 on friday. i couldve gone more but ran out of road and figured i had to have done three. it sure seems a lot longer outside how is everyone esle holding up?
  10. Hey, 1.5 is great. Go back and read your posts from 4 weeks ago and be proud. I am just amazed that i even put on sneakers and go. Its better then nothing!!! keep up the good work and you'll lose. I lose quickly at first - especially with this much to loss. Im concerned about 203 - thats where i got stuck the last time and quit. This time I am NOT QUITTING though. just gotta keep trucking. If it makes you feel better your CW is my goal! So. Leesa, how'd it go??
  11. so yesterday I decided to try to run outside. But even with all the water i drank i still couldn't handle the 90 degree weather. I didn't even make it a mile. the area around me is all hills and it was prtty tough. I ran to the top of the first hill and then walked alittle. I started running intervals from one lamp post to the next, alternating walking and running. By the time I got to the last stretch (to the half way point) -which luckily was down hill, I ran 3 light posts. I ended up walking the 1.5 miles home. I was so dry I had that sticky cough at the back of my throat and i thought i was going to pass out . Not to mention I got myself a little farmers tan going! So now I an concerned about the 5k in 2 weeks. its at 930am so hopefully it wont be as hot. I just have to finish it. I want to RUN the whole thing with NO walking!!! Still felt like one hell of a work out. i want to start incorporating sprints into my workouts anyway so I can improve stregth and speed. hopefully I can start doing run sprint intervals up the same hills at some point. Losing weight pretty steadily so hopefully as i get lighter Ill get faster.
  12. Leesa, I don't think its a matter of having to do one day on a specific day. If you need to do D2 on Saturday (which I know you wont cause i know you'll do it on thursday!) then do D2 on Sat and D3 on Monday. You may have to shift the days you do it or do Mon, thurs, sat for one week. Or do day 3 on tues. get it? Basically it is up to you. I have done one day on friday and the next on saturday. Just give yourself time to rest - though it doesnt always have to be a day or two. You can do it!!
  13. way to go Granola! 10 min mile is great. you are so close to 5K!! do you have an event planned yet?
  14. leesa, way to go on finishing W4!!!!! very exciting. I had to go dress looking again yesterday for the last dress. Spent another $80 on two pairs of shoes but at least I can wear them again. I didnt get home til around 6 and I really had no desire to run. you realy have to love my husband though. We always joke that there is never any right answer when I ask him a question. SO for example i will ask him things like should I make a low fat meal tonight. if he says yes i will come back and say -see i knew you thought i was fat! if he says no I will tell him he doesnt care enough about our health. Its all in good fun and he knows what I am doing. But yesterday while I was out I told him, make sure I run when I get home. His response 'if I tell you to run you will be mad at me for 'telling you what to do' if I tell you not to worry about it you won't respect me anymore' now this is always funnier to us -tone and delivery and knowing each other for so long makes it funny for us. BUT, the point of my long winded story is He's RIGHT. He can't win and he knows it. But last night he was so good. I got home and crawled into bed. He was already dozing off - he's all jet lagged from his recent trip. And he said 'nope, go run.' Me- 'But i dont want to!' H- you told me to make you Me - thats when I thought i would be home at 4 H- you'll just be mad at ME and You if you don't, go run me- i have to stretch first (laying in bed) H- get up. go put on one of your crappy crime shows and run! me - meh, blah, whine, moan, FINE! (literally rolling out of bed) H- I love you! me - blech! So. I did my run, moaning and groaning the whole way. Sweating and huffing. i thought i was gonna die. Started to think I was gonna loss time near the end so kept creeping up the speed. Ended up cutting nearly 2 mins off! ran 34:44. Though I did stop (stopped the clock too) to jump off and move the treadmill (it shifts while i run and can pull out the plug if it goes to far) and move the fan (its insanely hot here, even with the AC on) a few times. So, moral of the story: DH is right - though I'd never tell him that!
  15. Granola! great job!!! 2.1 miles is still excellent. Lessa- did you get that run in? I ran Friday but hubby got home Friday night so we slept in saturday and sunday and took the girls to the park both days. We did so much running around I wasnt too upset about not getting a run in. I had to go find a dress for my friends Black tie wedding!! Don't know about you girls but there is nothing I hate more then clothes shopping let alone buying a nice gown that I will probably wear once - especially when my intention is to loss another 60lbs! But I did find this great cranberryish colored dress that looked really nice but it had this weird indent. They tried to get it out but it wouldnt steam out. So after trying on a dozen dresses and finding one i liked my day was pretty much wasted. Went to nordstrom rack and got a $60 plain black gown that I don't like nearly as much but at least it was cheaper. Though had to get a $50 Victoria secret strapless/7 way bra to work with the dress back. plus my $30 Spanks to flatten out the tummy. And $45 in alterations to shorten the straps and pull it in on the sides. Overall this wedding is bleeding me dry. 2 nights in a hotel in Long Island, plus gas/tolls and gift. These people are lucky I love them Wedding is labor day weekend. I have already decided that there is NO way to stay OP. Not with the great food and open bar!! But I will do my best! Anyway, WAY OT but I get rambling and cant stop. So I plan to run 3miles today. Last run was 36:36. I hope to move down a little more but i think i am pushing myself as much as I can. Don't know that I will get down to 36:00 this week. keep up the good work ladies.
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