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  1. Although I have been on WW off and on for a few months now, I just decided to incorporate the healthy oils supplements into my diet. I try to follow the healthy 8 guidelines, but honestly never felt the oils were that critical. Anyway, does anyone know if flax oil capsules are equivalent to the freeflowing liquid oil? I see that for the capsules 2 caps. per day are recommended and they are 10 cal. and 1 g fat each. It says to take them twice a day. One is 0 points, but two are 1 point. If I take them at two separate meal times (i.e. b'fast and dinner) would I count as 0 pts. or 1 pt.? Also, if i should be using the liquid does anyone know where I could find it and how much it costs and how many pts. it uses? Any particular brand to look for? Thanks so much.
  2. I just discovered a great tasting, low point (2) muffin at Walwart Supercenter. It is called Uncle Wally's Smart Portion Muffins. They come in three different flavors (cranberry/apple, blueberrry and banana nut). There are 4 twin packs per box. They are mini-muffins, but the serving size and NI is for the twin pack, so it is like eating a regular size muffin. NI: Calories=140; Fat=1g; Fiber=3g. Made w/ whole grain wheat, too. For more information you can visit the website at unclewallys.com. Oh,they cost about $2.49. I highly recommend these tasty treats. I wouldn't eat them every morning, but great for an occassional treat any time of the day. Enjoy!!!!
  3. HI, Just wondering if anyone has ever tried this product. I have been trying, in vain, to find a good support undergarment that will also be comfortable and wearable all day. After many trial and errors, I found Body Beautiful by Hanes. They are great for support and very comfortable, but the high waistband (they also have regular but creates a small pudge where there shouldn't be one) rolls. I find it very annoying and uncomfortable. Aside from that aspect, they are great. So, my search was on, once again. I came across a product called Lipo in a box and it claims to solve all my problems (support, comfort and smothing). It is expensive and non-returnable, so I would like to get any imput. Thanks so much
  4. This may be a silly question, but I was wondering what constitutes a serving size. Not so much the portion size of a give product (i.e. cheese or crackers or bread, etc.) but for stuff like veggies and fruits. I try to follow the healthy 8 guidelines, but all this time, (only a few months, actually) I was thinking a serving, for example, is one, like one apple, one stalk of celery. Any information would be appreciated.
  5. Sorry for the delay in my response. I only go to this site at work , just too buy at home. lolol There are 14g of fiber. Although we can only count 4g, the extra fiber is good just because. I'm sure the store bought Thomas will be cheaper than ordering on-line, just considering shipping cost alone. Hope you try them and enjoy them. Have a good day.
  6. I just found Thomas' bagels in my local supermarket. They are new and called Thomas' Light plain bagels. Very good and only 2 pts for the entire bagel. I usually buy the WW bagels, which are good, as well. But these are less expensive, appear to be a bit larger in diameter and have more "substance" to them (more filling). Try them, you won't be sorry. Also, Thomas' makes a great Light English muffin for only 2 pts. each.
  7. Hello, I am rather new to WW and this site (2nd week). I am doing WW at home and get most of my information and support from the BCB. I was just curious if anyone knew the "conversion" formula to figure out how many calories per day I am intaking. I am allotted 24 ppd. I do not use AP (mainly b/c I don't workout - lol) and am still getting use to my flex points. Also, since carbs are ultimately "sugar" or glucose and are used for energy, why doesn't WW incorporate carb counts into the slider. My swag is they do include it by including it in the fiber and calories. What do you think? Thanks so much.
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