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  1. Awhile back they started offering the iced coffee (also available in sugar free) and I thought these were good. But now that have the frapps and lattes too. I tried the lattes and didn't care for them much. The flavors are just not right in my opinion. I later tried an iced coffee same as what I used to get before and its not made the same... the taste is very different.
  2. I tried their white meat turkey dogs and these were awesome too!
  3. What do you prefer, a treadmill or an elliptical? If you've been shopping for either one, what do you look for?
  4. I've been using sour cream and salsa for the last few weeks now. This is the salad I eat it with. 2-3cups lettuce(0pts) tomatoes(0) 1-2 ounces cut up chicken breast(1-2pts) or 1/2c of 95% ff beef(2pts) 1/4c ff kraft shredded cheese(1pt) 2tbsp salsa(15 calories) w/ 3tbsp of dalsy light sour cream(30cal) =(1pt) I've been eating this salad for a while now, its really good.
  5. 1 potato (1-2pts depending on oz) 1 garlic&herb LC wedge salt&pepper to taste Bake/boil/cook potato add LC, s&p, smash/mix together
  6. What are the pt values for these? I didn't check the NI on them. TIA
  7. I could never find WW pitas anywhere in any grocery store near me, I live in Illinois and the nearest place that has them is in Wisconsin so I get them every once in a while. The other day while shopping at Walmart (near the bakery) I found pita by a brand called Joseph's and you get the whole round pita not 1/2 for 1pt. Its 60cal, 2g of fat, a 4g of df. The other day I also saw a new Joseph's product, kind of like flat iron type bread. I'm sure it would be yummy to make a nice size pizza with it. Try them out if you can find it, I personally like the taste better in the Joseph's pitas than in the WW pitas.
  8. Has anyone tried these? If so, do you like them? I work for Abbott Labs and these are made by Abbott, so we get a discount on them. I've only tried them once and they were okay, but I was looking on the website and a lot of the bars are only 4pts some are 5pts. So I figured rather than going for a 6-8pt candy bar these might be a better option with the added benefit of it being good for you...
  9. I found Fage at my supermarket on sale 2/1.50 Only saw plain, and another that had a little compartment for honey, but I thought it was kind of high in points that way so I got the plain. Out of curiousity, what do you eat this with. I'm used to flavored yogurts like dannon, activia... I remember a long while back Fage being mentioned on the boards somewhere.
  10. Carmen324


    Tribe-All Natural Hummus I never had hummus before and was curious to taste it. I bought the sweet roasted red peppers and its so so good. 3tbsp is 1pt. I really like how it tastes with pretzels.
  11. These are really good. I had one for dinner last night topped it with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a dollop of ff sour cream. Yum yum.
  12. Where can I go to purchase these?
  13. I buy it at Walmart. The Walmart I go to has it in the deli area in the refrigerated area with the prepared subs and salads.
  14. Have you tried Borden 2% singles. They are 1pt per slice and the taste is much better.
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