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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to pop in and say hello! My "ears were burning" as I knew Jack would mention me after this past weekend. I have still been running about 3 times per week, but struggling with continued shin and calf pain. I will be picking up new orthotics on Tuesday, so I am psyched about that, and the possibility of running pain-free. Or at least with less pain. I have been taking my mileage up again, inch by inch to avoid a lot of pain. It was nice to see Jack on Saturday, and as he said the race was great! Couldn't have asked for nicer weather. I finished in 41:24, which is a good pace for me, all things considered. I also just recently signed up for the Lake Placid Half-Marathon. I am still around, but not nearly as much as usual. I've gotten hooked on Facebook and that has been hogging my time. Still maintaining my current weight, but hoping to drop another 20 pounds, at least. Miss you all! I will try to get back here on a more regular basis! Take care, Christine
  2. Hi all, Still working on getting my legs back into shape here. I ran 3.4 miles this morning around the hilly neighborhoods here. It was a decent run. 42:12. Jack ~ You have beautiful weather this morning for the Stockadeathon. I was thinking about you! Take care all, Christine
  3. Hello all, Well, after a 2-week, much-needed hiatus, I am back. I went out for a slow and easy 3.2 mile run this morning, and it felt good. Yay! Ran it in 36:00. I am hoping to be back here more frequently, as long as the body cooperates! Christine
  4. Have I said yet that I love the humor on this thread? I am still struggling after the half-marathon. I ran two miles on the treadmill today, walked one mile. That was all I could manage. I am really frustrated, as I didn't think that I would need this recovery afterwards (despite the obviously correct wisdom that Jack has imparted). I am not sure if it is best to keep "plugging along", or take a week off and see how that may help? Glad to see everyone else out there running! Christine
  5. Jack ~ Love the shirt! You will definitely stand out! I had a miserable run this morning. Did 4.7 miles with the beginner's running group at the Y. I felt like I had lead weights attached to my ankles. I was slow, sluggish, and in pain. Not sure if I did too much, too soon after the half-marathon, or it was just a random bad day. Oh well, onward ...... Hopefully this week will be better. Take care all! Christine
  6. Hi all, I am back. I did my first post-half-marathon run this morning on the treadmill at the YMCA. I just did 3 miles and I think it helped to loosen my legs up some more. I still have some slight tightness in my calves after Sunday. I took it nice and slow and didn't push. This weekend I am going to try 5 miles. I am still contemplating the November 15K (Stockadeathon). We'll see how this weekend goes. Jack ~ I finally figured out who Jillian is - she frequently works the front desk, and is very sweet. I think she has started doing a little running too, right? Anyway, feels good to be back. Thanks to everyone for your nice words! Take care, Christine
  7. Official results: Finish time: 2:30:12 Pace: 11:28
  8. Jack, Do you know the best place to find results for the race? Thanks! Christine
  9. Pre-race photo: Almost done! Happy to be done!
  10. P.S. On a separate note, the 5 of us who ran the half-marathon have been considering doing a full marathon next year. Well, during that last two miles today, I was thinking to myself "to heck with that idea", "what were we thinking??"! Ask me again in a month or so and we can talk........LOL. Christine
  11. I am here, I am here! You guys are all so great for checking up on me. Well, the half-marathon is over. I am done and I finished!!!!! I accomplished my three goals: to finish, to run the entire race, and to not finish last. I signed up with 5 other women in my neighborhood. Only one has previously done a half-marathon and a full marathon. The rest of us were "first-timers". It was great weather and a nice course. The leaves are just beautiful up here right now. The first five miles were really pretty, running along the bike path. I really enjoyed that part of the race. I started lagging a little at mile 6, but did a power gel pack and that seemed to help a lot. I felt fine up until about mile 10 and then started wanting the race to be over at that point. At mile 11, things started feeling kind of surreal. I seriously felt a little "out-of-body" at that point. Don't think I'm a total loon. I think that my body was ready to be done, and everything just went on auto-pilot then. Mark and the kids were there at the end, and when the kids started cheering, "Go, Mommy!!!!", I got tears in my eyes. If finished in approximately 2:30:09. I don't have the official results yet. I wanted to finish in under 2:30, but I doubt that I did unless they took into consideration the time it took me to get to the start line in the beginning. I'm not sure if these particular chips noted that. We'll see. I should have some pictures to post in the next day or so. Several of us took some, and several of the hubbies did, too. Thanks for cheering me on buddies! I appreciate it. Take care, Christine
  12. That just means a better chance that I won't finish last! Looks like great weather for the weekend here, too. ~Christine
  13. Hi all, This morning was my last run before this weekend's half-marathon. :bcb_bigsm I did 3 miles on the treadmill at a good pace and walked one mile, too. Wish me luck buddies! After this weekend, I can start thinking about the next goal. Take care all, Christine
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