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  1. Sounds GOod. I need to pull out my crock pot and put it to use with recipes like these. I have a HUGE crockpot and it is only me here, so I need to get a smaller one I think. I had my house catch on fire (many years ago) from an electric blanket and I have been a little paranoid about putting something on and then sleeping or going to work, but my guess is that it is safe. Thanks for the ideas. Elle
  2. I'm in the same place. Plus I had to go on steroids for six months and experienced gain from that, so it does get depressing coming back and starting over, but then, maybe this will be where I finally accept that this is something I need to do for life, not something I go off of. That's where I am with it today. Hang in there. Elle
  3. Thanks. I'm going to go ahead and do it. I have all the materials. Thanks again for responding. Elle
  4. Hi all. I was in WW before, and then I let go for a period of months. Now I'm back. I loved core. It doesn't look like I get to go back on core, or simply filling for about 6 weeks. I am wondering if I can just go back to core without having to wait for six weeks. I lost weight on Core before and I have a hard time with the points thing...it makes me a little crazy. Thanks. Elle
  5. I have been away for a while and am back....ready to do it this time I think. Thanks all. Elle
  6. This has been a great thread for me. I think I became able to do weight watchers when core became available, and although I have struggled through a binge eating disorder, I am truly willing to eat this way....but feeling pressured about stuff just doesn't work at my age (61)....and realistically I will probably be at the higher end of the goal weight scale. But on a daily basis I am willing to live with the Simply Filling philosophy and to work on being healthy. Elle
  7. A friend of mine was talking about going out to dinner with other friends who are normal eaters, and how small their portions were and how satisfied they were with those portions....and how different she and I are because we don't have the natural ability to gauge satiety...and yet that is what I am learning in core. Also, eating simply filling foods doesn't trigger the need to eat more and more and more....whole unprocessed foods make it easier for me to know when to stop. Elle
  8. Feeling hungry is often we are reducing the fats and refined carbs so the body is producing more acid than it needs, which can feel like a burning hunger, but really its indigestion. The body craves food trying to dilute the acid. I take Zantac for that...it really helps. Also, a bowl of hot oat bran. For me it is learning to accept that I will never have that high fat stuffed feeling of satiety again, so I am trying to redefine a sense of "full". Good luck. Elle
  9. I actually purchased a really good elliptical machine...it nearly takes up my entire den...but I had ankle replacement surgery and this is the only exercise that doesn't give me pain...I absolutely LOVE it. I also do some yoga and isometrics and some rebounding (very carefully now). I have a slant board I do stretches on. I wish I had one room I could dedicate to a home gym! Elle
  10. Hi Corebies - this is my first day on core. I didn't have success on the flex because I tended to use up my points on non nutritive foods....so I am looking forward to doing this well. Elle
  11. I experienced "detox"....coming off of fats and processed foods. It feels a little "flu-like"....it goes away. Elle
  12. Isn't ICBINB a fat free spray? Elle
  13. Sounds great. I really need to try some of these new recipes!....my food is pretty boring. Blessings, Elle
  14. Sounds great, but TEN to TWELVE HOURS???? At what temp? Blessings, Elle
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