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  1. Hi Desiree,


    I don't know if you go back and read the previous days postings....so I sending you this incase you missed my evening post!!


    Desiree...Happy Belated Birthday to You!! How wonderful to have your family all together for your birthday!!



  2. Good morning all! Just thought I would drop in and say hi. I've been sticking to flex really well, but find I keep thinking about what is core and what isn't. I can't believe how many different flex points I have forgotten. This is definitely good for me to see the serving sizes again too. I am realizing I was getting overboard in that area and I never thought so before. I miss not counting all the points, but would rather get the rest of this weight off. I think I am even going to be joining meetings soon, but haven't decided yet if I will do it when I visit my mom and make that my first meeting or start this week before I leave. Today I am doing a strenght training tape in the basement and then picking my step-dad up from my brothers to spend the day with him before he leaves on the ferry tonight. I have a few errands to run in town and am hoping to start sewing on dd's quilt within the next day or two. I hope you all have a great day! LostTeacher~I hope your root canal goes smoothly today!
  3. Good morning everyone! I decided yesterday I am going to switch back to flex for a bit. Maybe just a couple weeks or maybe more, I want to see how my body responds to it before I decide if I will be switching back to core quickly or not. I didn't want to start counting points, but I haven't been losing weight, I have just been bouncing back and forth between three or four pounds. I know my strength training can affect that, but I figure if I try flex for a couple weeks and still don't lose anything, it probably is me gaining muscle and not fat and I can go back to core. So if I disappear from this board for a bit, that will be why, hopefully I will be back soon though. Is it okay to post sometimes though? I love how active you all are on here and would like to keep up with you guys. Other than that, yesterday was a very busy day. I did my exercise tape and the kids and I cleaned the top floor of the house. I was also able to make some bread and then had to run some errands. I was exhausted by night time. Today my step-dad and a friend of my parents are flying in to look at some property and spend the weekend. I'm excited to see them! I have a venison pot pie dish to make. I got the recipe from a Cooking Light magazine and it could easily be made core I believe minus the breading, but it is super delicious. I also need to make jelly and am hoping to straighten up the basement in case my DSD and his friend want/need to stay at our house. Time to exercise. I hope you all have a great day! Bridgethemom~I hope today goes well for you! sodacracker~Have fun with your friends! WWLifer~I try to exercise in the morning too because I have a hard time in the evening. I just get to tired. Lfia525~That's so sad that woman hadn't been out on the grounds in five years. That's so wonderful you spend the extra time with everyone. It's important no matter what age we are. wwlynn~I feel nauseated when I don't get enough sleep. Hopefully it is something that will pass quickly. Jodi2008~I hope your appointment goes well today! Bummer about work though, that must be very frustrating. I hope you are able to get more work coming your way soon! LostTeacher~I am with you on that frustrating feeling. I hope your WI is better next week too!
  4. Good morning everyone! I made it through yesterday without a nap, I just had to keep moving, so I got the main floor in our house cleaned. Something that needed to be done since the kids had started soccer. I even did an exercise tape, but didn't get my cardio in later in the day. I was surprised I could even function yesterday on three hours of sleep, I just can't handle that very well anymore. Today I feel much better. I also started the second book in the series and am about halfway through, but was able to make myself put it down last night. I have some errands to run in town today and will be doing an exercise tape this morning. I'm also hoping to clean the top floor of the house and I need to make bread and jelly hopefully today. I guess I'd better get started. Have a great day everyone! Lfia525~Sorry yesterday went so rough, I hope today is better! having fun~Your planning sounds like it's working, that's wonderful! WWLifer~I just found out yesterday I am going to need a root canal too. Bummer for us! Glad your tooth is feeling better though and that's awesome you get so many steps at work! sodacracker~I have heard the wii fit is lots of fun, you will have to let us know what you all think of it after having it for a bit. wwlynn~Enjoy your nice day! Erlas~I just did a yoga tape yesterday and it's the first one I have ever liked. I am sore though! Enjoy all your fruit and veggie goodness! lismith~Good luck! Jodi2008~I struggle with stress eating too, try to think about the outcome at the end of the day. How good you will feel when you don't give in to that desire. That helps me sometimes. Have a great day!
  5. LostTeacher~It's a fiction book about an Amish girl and her Mennonite boyfriend and I just kept wanting to read more to find out what was going to happen to the main character. I thought the author did a really good job of introducing new situations to keep me interested in what was happening next, but not in a mysterious way. Some things I could start figuring out, others completely took me by surprise. I like it when books can keep me curious and help me to feel what the character would be feeling, ya know?
  6. It's the Sisters of the Quilt series, When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall. I can't remember where I heard about the series from, but it was an awesome book!
  7. Good morning everyone! I was up insanely late last night, until about 3 this morning, reading an awesome book. It kept me up the night before too. I haven't had a book peak my interest that much in a long time. I decided to just finish it last night so I could hopefully get some sleep tonight. I have the next book in the series but definitely need some rest before starting it. Thank goodness today I'm supposed to be home all day. I will probably get a nap in, and I have a lot around the house to do. I did not get any exercise in yesterday so I plan to do a tape at home today and maybe get to the gym later to do a little bit of cardio. I did get two boxes of homeschool stuff for the kids yesterday. It was like Christmas! Ds and dd were looking through all their books and were so excited to see which ones were theirs. They each have a shelf started now in the kitchen so it's easier for each of them to find their things when we start. I didn't plan on starting until mid-September, but they both want to start now, so I may let them jump into one of their subjects. I just need to get organized first. One more thing, I made polenta last night and used someone else's directions for making it and "fried" it in a pan with spray oil and my two tsp's of regular oil and ate it with dh's homemade salsa. I have to say, I had never tried it before, but I think that is now my favorite substitute for chips! It was awesome! I can easily see adding different spices in it for flare. I'm going to make some for my kids this morning for breakfast. Someone said they were good with butter and honey so that's how the kids can try it. Bridgethemom~Yeah for the last Freakin' Hot Pizza Day! WWLifer~I'm so glad school went so much smoother! How's your tooth? Nevermind, I just saw your answer. Bummer on the root canal and infection, I'm glad you were able to get it checked out though and get some meds for it. Lfia525~New goodies are always fun! Your dinner sounds yummy too! having fun~I love the timer on my coffee maker and had it ready to go this morning too. I hope you get more rest tonight! Jodi2008~Have a good day! Erlas~Those books are great ideas! Enjoy the sunshine!
  8. Good morning! I stayed up way to late last night reading a book that sucked me in before I realized it did. I was already lacking in needed sleep. Now I will just have to hurry and finish the book, and the next in the series since I already have it at home, so I can get some sleep. Yesterday's dentist appointment didn't seem to be very successful. He was trying to fix a filling because I can't eat on that tooth since I got it taken care of, but it still hurts when I put pressure on it. I'm not looking forward to hearing what he has to say about that because I'm afraid he may say I have to get a root canal. Hopefully not though. I did get my exercise in yesterday, but don't know if I will today or not. The organization that gives families funding for homeschooling here is having a meeting and activity time this morning through the afternoon. So I'm planning on going to that and hoping to exercise afterwards, but I have been so exhausted by the time evening rolls around I'm not sure I will feel up to it. I really need to try to get to bed early and get some decent sleep. Bridgethemom~I hope today goes smoothly! WWLifer~I hope the dentist can give you some relief! sodacracker~Like you said, activity will probably help your dd feel better. I think it just makes a person feel good, even if they don't have to lose weight, just become active and in shape. I don't know if it's the endorphins or what, but it can change a personality. That's tough being young and worrying about your image. Great idea taking her to the meeting, I didn't know all that stuff for teens. Lfia525~Enjoy the day off together! Erlas~That is exciting! My dd will be starting kindergarten this year and she is looking forward to learning to read. She loves to try and act older like her brothers and she is very independent, so I think she will love the extra freedom learning to read will give her.
  9. Quick check in. I was able to do some exercise this morning. I decided to just try it and see how I felt. Hopefully tonight I will go to bed early and feel better tomorrow. I've had this cold for a week now and it is definitely time for it to bed done. I am hoping to either take the kids to the park and walk while they play or walk to the base and they can ride their bikes. I love getting the extra activity points, but I'm not worried about it if I don't make it. *WWDonna*~Great job sticking to your plan! Amylouie~Welcome to the Daily Thread! I also homeschool, but we aren't starting for a few more weeks. I'm still waiting for some of our stuff to come in and then the kids and I are visiting my parents for a couple of weeks. LostTeacher~Peanut allergies are so scary! Good luck getting everything peanut free and baby proofed! sodacracker~That is awesome the chalkboard is working so great for you! I will have to keep that in mind for the future if I need some extra help.
  10. Jodi2008~Yeah for de-cluttering! Good luck getting all that editing done!
  11. Good morning! I'm up, even though I wasn't quite ready to be. Yesterday my throat started hurting a little and my stuffy nose hasn't totally gone away yet. I'm thinking I may be running myself ragged a bit so I guess I will lower the intensity of my exercise for the time being and hope everything gets cleared up this week. The kids are done with soccer for the moment so I shouldn't have to go to town very much at all, which will be a welcome decrease on the gas bill along with getting more time at home. I have lots of cleaning to catch up on and in a couple of weeks I will be flying to see my parents. I might start packing some things now because I love to be prepared early and it never fails I forget things. We have the limit of only one free suitcase now too so I have to make and list and then go over it again to eliminate unnecessary items. I do have a dentist appointment today and am hoping to take a walk outside, but we will see how the day progresses. I do want to say that my awareness of how much I am eating is getting so much better! I have really been trying to be careful about eating if I am not truly hungry and cutting most of my portions almost in half. It really cuts back on a lot of my food and I'm hoping that will be the key to losing instead of maintaining. It feels good to eat less without feeling hungry. Bridgethemom~Yeah for the last week! I hope things go smoothly and good job planning everything out like that! WWLifer~Sorry your tooth is still hurting! I hope you are able to get some rest tonight, I'm sure today will go wonderfully! sodacracker~Your friend's place sounds wonderful! My oldest and youngest and like your son, they love the outdoors. My middle is iffy about it, there are things he loves and others he does not, but overall, I think he enjoys the experiences and activities with family and friends. That's great your weekend went so well! Lfia525~I usually need a rainy day to keep me inside too, it's to wonderful to be out in the sun rather than inside organizing. I hope you get everything done you are wanting too! Erlas~I'm so glad you had a great time! It sounds like a lot of fun. WWCarol~Going back and forth between the two would probably keep your body guessing plus let you have breaks after a certain amount of time too. I like having Sunday be a relaxed exercise day or at least exercise with the family that everyone can do. Even if it is just playing kickball at the park or something. It feels good to keep moving. Bummer about that gain, but you are probably right, I notice the same type thing happens with me if I don't pay attention.
  12. WWCarol~Buying new iTunes is a good idea! I may use that as an incentive for myself too, I always love new music but never think about buying it.
  13. Good morning everyone! I think we might get another nice day here so I'm sure we will be doing something outside at some point. We have church this morning though so it would be after that. Yesterday we ended up going to the park and playing frisbee and kickball. Then dh and I took the kids to the movies to watch Wall-e. The kids liked it, but dh and I thought it was a little strange, cute story, but different than we had expected. Dh made burgers on the grill last night and I made potato fries and salad. Delicious dinner and simple too! I ate my burger on one piece of COW bread, definitely satisfying. I can also write the day down as another successful no-stuffing-myself day. I feel so much better when I don't eat to much. I have more energy and I'm not near as crabby. sodacracker~I love my morning time, but when the kids were younger I had the same issue, one or all of them would wake up shortly after I would and I never felt like I had any quiet time. Hopefully you will get some time as ds gets older. Erlas~Have fun tonight! WWLifer~I also find myself making some bad decisions on flex that I don't on core, another reason I didn't want to switch unless that was the last straw. Sorry about your tooth, toothaches are terrible! I hope you are able to get it taken care of soon! having fun~I love family get togethers! I'm so glad you guys all had a good time! Lfia525~I don't know about ham, but it sounds good! Have fun shopping!
  14. Good morning everyone! I have actually been up for a while but was fidgeting with a new heart rate monitor and body fat calipers I ordered. I love new health gadgets! After messing around with those though I started thinking about becoming certified as a group fitness instructor. I ordered the materials years ago, but never followed through with it. I'm starting to re-think that now though so I am just looking into what I need to do. Kind of exciting, but a little intimidating too, I think that's why I never followed through with it the first time. It's a gorgeous day outside today, so I'm planning on doing a strength training tape in the basement and hopefully will be heading outside at some point. I'm going to skip personals for now because I have only a short amount of time before dh gets home and we get moving, but if I end up getting some free time, I will get back on here. Oh, one thing before I go though, yesterday I decided to try to really pay attention to how much I was eating with each meal. I tend to over eat, even on the core foods and I really don't want to start counting points and weighing and measuring everything, so I'm trying to visibly decrease my serving sizes and think about whether I am truly hungry or not. It went very well yesterday and I didn't feel full/stuffed once! That's a big deal for me! Okay, I'd better run so I can hopefully check back on here later. Have a great day everyone!
  15. Good morning everyone! I did not plan on being up this early and haven't really gotten enough sleep to warrant being up so early, but I couldn't sleep very well last night and my body seemed to decide it was time for me to get out of bed. I still have the stuffiness of my cold, so maybe that has something to do with it. Today is a busy day. I have one ds leaving to visit my parents and the other coming home. All the kids have a soccer potluck to end the season and I have a few errands to run in town and of course things to do in the house. I'm planning on going to the gym some time this morning to get get my cardio in, but I'm not sure if I will push myself as hard as I normally do just because I've still got this cold and I am now lacking in sleep. I will see how I feel when I get there. Bridgethemom~I have been so happy since deciding to homeschool. We have our frustrating moments, but this is only my second year and so I think we all just have lots of adjusting to do to make it work for everyone. I always loved having the kids home and we are also busy outside the house with other activities enough that I can't even imagine they wouldn't get enough socialization. The only thing that concerns me is how to deal with it when it comes to graduation. How do you show the grades they have gotten over the years and work they have done? Can they apply for scholarships and such? Do you keep grade books or anything? We have the added stress of moving around constantly with the military, so each state we live in will have different laws and rules for homeschooling. I feel very fortunate to live here right now in such a homeschool friendly place. Any insight you can give me would be much appreciated! That's great your kids are excited too! Latin, wow! We are trying to work on Spanish, but we weren't very consistent with it last year. I'm hoping this year will be a little better. WWLifer~Good luck! That's so awesome you love the kids that much, it makes such a huge difference for them. Lfia525~I seem to always fall into winging it, but it is so much more difficult! I love to plan, just have a hard time finding the time to sit down and do it. Sounds like you have it figured out though and the gold stars aren't a bad idea. It always helps me to see my progress and accomplishments. I'm glad yesterday went so well too! AFJ.KJMR~When I was pre-ww, I used to love going to cafeterias, now though, not so much. Sorry the eating didn't go so well, I hope your drive though is smooth and you are able to get home quickly and enjoy the boat ride! Erlas~Where do you get all your smilies? They are so cute and I love using them, just not sure where to get them. Mmm...fresh lettuce. The kids and I have been picking ours from the deck for the last week or so and they love eating salad with it. Have a good day!
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