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  1. When I work out to the Biggest Loser DVD my ear feels the same way and then it goes away. I really don't think there is anything wrong with it unless it does not go away. It could just be fluid moving around in our ear or something. I am not sure.
  2. Carla25

    I give up..

    I found mine at www.qvc.com I don't know if they ship to Canada. Hope this helps.
  3. I ordered mine through www.qvc.com and got it within a week
  4. The walking DVDs that I use are Leslie Sansone. Walk Away The Pounds. You can get them at: www.lesliesansone.com www.amazon.com (if spend $25 you get free shipping option) You might can find them at Walmart Hope this helps
  5. I also bought the walk and kick DVD from walmart. It was $9.99 I think. I love it. I have been using it almost everyday along with other videos. I also ordered her 2,3,4 mile DVDs from Amazon. Can't wait to get them.
  6. Well I got an email today saying my transfirmer system has been shipped! I can't wait to get it and join in with you!!!
  7. Well I broke down and ordered the Transfirmer series. I had to order it because I live in a small town and it has not become available at any stores. I will get it just before Valentines Day. So I hope I like it and I will keep you updated on my progress:)
  8. I am thinking about purchasing the transfimer. Can anyone tell me how they like it. I am a beginner at exercise so would this program be to hard for me?
  9. I was just wondering if anyone was doing Leslie Sansone's Walk away the pounds? I bought her book yesterday that has a six week program. I plan to start on Monday.
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