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  1. I know that with Lifetime, you need to weigh in once a onth, and within 2lbs of your goal weight, in order to not pay. So I was thinking, my Wi for march may be on March 31st at my regular center. If I wanted to, could I attend another weigh in the following day, April 1st, for the month of April? Or is this not allowed since it is technically the same week? Thanks!
  2. Lynn, we didn't get a darn thing in my neck of PA! W-B Area!
  3. PB2!!!!! I had to get the Choc. PB2 last night because the store was out of the regular! LOVE THIS STUFF!
  4. Lynn, WOW! You all sure did get the snow! We hardly got any up here.. and for that, it's a Christmas MIRACLE! (only because it allowed me to finish shopping ) I've shopped for 2 days.. now I must clean this room! UGH! Half these bags I need to take to work.. then bring half of the ones at work home... oh the life of a Pre K teacher!
  5. Dang Lynn! You're not having luck with the pressure cookers! I'd love to get myself one, but not until I move out. I'm not allowed to buy anymore small appliances (I love em!) and I already just purchased a meat slicer!
  6. Not too far from my house! I just went past there today on 118!! It is a very nice place! If it is the same place, there is a "beach" there.. Lake Jean. During the Summer, we went on a field trip there with the kids at work and hiked through the woods, etc.
  7. Yes, the new fiber one yogurts are 0pts!
  8. According to e-tools, not core/simply filling.
  9. Did you weigh out your pasta after it was cooked, or before? The 2oz is DRY weight. Remember, when water is added to the pasta it expands, and depening how long you cook it, and the shape/type of pasta, it could expand bigger than some others.
  10. And, apparently, the turkey or ham salad... which is made from the same lunchmeat as their subs, is simply filling.. go figure!
  11. I am wondering if it is a mistake in the planner. No other instant potato flakes (dry or unprepared) and marked with the green diamond.
  12. This is the Simply Filling recipe thread... not the Product Reviews.. PB2 is (AWESOME) but not Simply Filling.
  13. Linda, You are a lucky mom!! You have thoughtful, sincere.. caring children! You did a fantastic job! ...I thought Hungry looked a bit familiar!! You know, besides in the general context of trying to kick his furry orange (hey.. orange is a filling food... but I'm sure not furry ones...) butt! Again, congratulations on a job well done!
  14. Way to go and keep up the excellent work!! I hear ya about the tummy issues! Hang in there! BTW: How tall are you?I am 5 7 and started at 220.. so are stats are somewhat similar.
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