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  1. Ok, my daughter has decided to become vegtarian and I am looking for vegetarian beans. Is this a certain brand? or certain type? I can't find them in the store. Is it any bean? Some one help me please. Thanks, Nanc
  2. I'm gonna try the vinegar wash. For some reason I think I must be eating at all times. so I thought I'd prepare a big container with veggies and wash them so I can grab them to snack on. My mom says she has the same problem. I read the info. you sent. Thanks. Nanc
  3. I was wrong about the vinegar wash. It wasn't vinegar it was a tespoon of bleach. Nanc
  4. My mother told me that her friend would wash several raw veggies and rinse them in vinegar and then store them in a container in the fridge for easy access. Even lettuce, then she would munch on them all day. Has anyone tried this? How's it taste? Is there anything similar that you all know about. Just wondering. Nanc
  5. Great Advice Everyone!!! I'm gonna try a few tricks with the water this week and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks, Nanc
  6. I drank diet soda for a long time and everyone kept telling me I wouldn't loose weight drinking diet soda. So I went to water with the crystal light packets and ice tea with splenda in it. On oprah today they said it is not good to use the sweetners either. I haven't gotten to the straight water yet. Just wanted to know what everyone's opinion on this was. I have a hard time getting down all that water in one day and I seem to get hungry with justs drinking the water. I don't have time in the morning to take a break and eat something while I am at work so the water with crystal light was working good. Thanks, Nanc
  7. Thanks, I'll look this weekend. and let you know what I turn up. Nanc
  8. Hi, Did anyone ever figure how many servings this is? Sounds good. Thanks, Nanc
  9. Hi, I've been wanting to make this for a long time but can not find ff hashbrowns or lf gravy mix. They have every other mix but not lf. I've tried Wal-Mart and Krogers. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, Nancy
  10. Hello, How many points are you caluculating these to be? Thanks, Nancy
  11. Hello Friends, I have a co-worker whose granddaughter (age 12) is type 1. They just found out this weekend. Her great grandmother is Type 2. I have been helping my co-worker with WW and she asked me how WW would work for diabetics and counting carbs. Needless to say I wasn't much help. Does anyone have some advice I can give her. Thanks, Nancy
  12. Does anyone know how many pts. per serving this is? Thanks, Nancy
  13. Hello Everyone, I am going to search at Wal-Mart for DaVinci if I can't find it I may order it. I'm thinking of asking for a Sno Cone machine for my B-day. These recipes sound so good. I'm a bit confused I saw someone mention they were 0pts and some recipes had some points listed. Which ones are 0? Thanks, Nancy P.S. Gonna have to start not wearing my rings there getting so loose I'm afraid there gonna fall off. Yippee!!!
  14. Hello, Can you guys tell me what section you get the DaVinci syrup in at Wal-Mart, I can never find it and also can never find anyone to help. Thanks, Nancy
  15. Hey Guys, What are these walking tapes I keep reading about? And where do you get them? Thanks, Nanc
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