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  1. I don't know how many points but you might try using FF sour cream and light and/or fat free cream cheese to lighten it up...I understand from other friends that they have made cheesecake using these substitutes and it works fine. Good luck!!!
  2. Welcome back...but if you SW is 112 and your GW is 175 what the heck are you doing here...LOL...good luck....cherie
  3. I too buy the red, yellow and orange peppers...a much better deal at Costco than even when on sale at the grocery store; large bags of broccoli are another staple from Costco as well as spinach...of course Costco's price on berries is always the best. Like someone else said though it "upsets" me that I get used to buying things and then poof they are gone. Used to LOVE to buy the low fat CedarLane bean and cheese burritos and now they stopped carrying them in our area. We live in Northern CA and my husband actually took a cooler with him to San Diego when he drove and brought back three boxes...a single burritos at the local markets is close to $3.00 when a box of 8 is only around $9.00 at Costco...a huge difference! Oh well I guess we have to take the good with the bad...LOL...have a great day one and all...cherie
  4. Believe it or not I just saw this...I would be happy to be your neighbor...whatever that means...cherie

  5. Another take on microwave potato chips....instead of paper plate or pyrex dish I cook my potato slices on a microwave bacon dish....a rectangular plate with ridges...works great and I don't even bother with Pam or any other spray...cook for about five minutes...turn and cook for another five minutes...delish....cherie
  6. I make a pitcher of Crystal Light...then I start my morning with a 32 oz "glass"...I fill it with 16 ounces of water and 16 ounces of Crystal light...I find it goes down easier if I use a straw. I also have found that if I don't have my water ice cold it is easier to go down....just a couple of suggestions that have worked for me...good luck...cherie
  7. Firstly I want to congratulate you on such a HUGE weight loss your first week. Secondly, I want to remind you NOT to expect that kind of loss each week...in fact there will be weeks that you will have stayed OP and done everything right and you might even show a gain at the scale....please DO NOT let it get you down...as many people have said before,"if you work the program it will work". In terms of exercising my advice to you is not to expect too much from yourself all at once. I can tell you that I had been in WW for just a little over a year when I FINALLY decided to incorporat that awful "E" word into my life...I started walking...20 minutes three to four times as week. Now that I have been on WW for 3 1/2 years I still only manage to walk three days a week consistently although I do walk for no less than 65 minutes each time. I have lost 125 pounds...obviously it has not been overnight but staying true to the program will get you the results you want! The point of this VERY LONG post is to remind you that you didn't gain your weight overnight and this is not a race or diet...it is a lifestyle change. Even if you take "baby" steps and concentrate on new eating habits in the beginning and are not able to incoporate seven days of exercise/activity each week doesn't mean you are a failure. Keep up the good work and don't be too hard on yourself....good luck...xoxo...cherie
  8. I am a little confused ... you indicate it is four servings for four points each and then you suggest cutting into six pieces???? thanks for your help...xoxo...cherie:bcb_bigsm
  9. I actually do FLEX but there was a time when I was trying to "mix it up" and did CORE...I used Quinoa and Couscous as a "base" for my lunch meal...would use some chicken, diced onions, diced celery, diced red pepper...and some FF Italian salad dressing and would have a wonderful lunch...don't know if this will help but hope it does...good luck...xoxo..cherie
  10. I think you will find that once you get started it will become habit and believe it or not like the rest of us you will look forward to it. I started WW and for the first eight months I did absolutely no exercise (a dirty word to me)....but went to the doctor for a physical and although I had lost a tremendous amount of weight, approximately 80 pounds at that time, my BP was "high" (I still maintain I have white coat syndrome). Anyway, the doctor challenged me to incorporate "exercise" (that dirty word again) into my life. I started walking...20 minutes three times a week. It is now almost three years later and I have lost now 125 pounds (still have 15 to reach my goal) and I walk a minimum of three times a week for no less than 60 minutes and sometimes I even walk four or more times. I know this is a long post but my point is that "exercise" was a "dirty" word to me and now I look forward to my walks. I try and walk with a friend and that makes it more enjoyable, but if I can't find a friend then I take my IPOD.... Again, sorry for the long post but if it helps you to get a diffent mind set then I am glad I could help. Wishing you the best....xoxo...cherie
  11. I know you didn't ask for a kick in the butt but after reading your post I felt you needed one...I totally and completely understand that staying on program when you are away from your comfort zone can be a challenged, however, when reading your post I noted with particularity that you said you had two sour apple martinis at 7 points each...why not stop with one...you also mentioned birthday cake at 12 points and ice cream at 6 points...why not only eat half the portion of each and leave yourself points for healthier foods. I have been at this program for three years and have lost 127 pounds so I completely understand the challenges with being away from one's comfort zone and/or special occasions but the success of the program is in your hands. Only you can make choices that are going to make you a success. I apologize in advance if my words seem harsh and that you aren't getting the sympathy you might have been looking for but if you put your mind to this you can reach your goal....I wish you the very best....cherie
  12. Since I don't do CORE I am not certain, but I think you would either have to count the points for the pasta or the potato toward your 35 "extra" points or if you exercised you could count them against your activity points....I hope this helps...good luck...xoxo..cherie:bcb_bigsm
  13. Just to add to the previous post...don't forget that on FLEX unlike CORE you need to still get your healthy 8s in and you must count the points for your oils and milks when calculating your points...just thought I should add my two cents worth...keep up the good work...xoxo...cherie
  14. My lecturer calls it "Weight Watcher math"...1 plus 1 doesn't always equal 2! It has to do with the fiber and the fact that the "cut off" is 4... you are correct the Progresso soups that are "0" points for one serving are two points for the whole can....hope this helps!!! xoxo...cherie
  15. I too was at Target recently and purchased the Pepperidge Farm 100 calorie pack...the Chocolate Chunk Dark Chocolate kind...wasn't all that impressed. I like the 100 calorie oatmeal chocholate chip cookies from Trader Joes better...also if it isn't a chocolate fix and just a "sweet" fix you are looking for I like the Lorne Doone 100 calorie cookies...obviously just my opinion but thought I would give you my two cents worth....xoxo...cherie
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