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  1. Someone asked earlier and I am curious too. Can you or has anyone tried to make this with skim milk. Also, I'm assuming that you pour on the pudding before it is totally set. Am I thinking correctly on that? Thanks!
  2. nancee05

    Wedding cake

    When I was going to WW meetings my leader told us that roughly, if you take a dollar bill and fold it in half and it fits under it it's 10 pts. I don't know where she got that from but, it's what I go by. Hope that helps at least a little
  3. For the bread crumbs do you use real bread crumbs?(and if so do you toast the bread or something to make it crumbleable) or did you buy premade bread crumbs? I feel like it's such a silly question but, I was thinking I would surprize DF with these tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. I really like egg salad sandwiches. I know all about low point bread and ff mayo...but, I'm wondering does anyone else know about how to make the eggs lower points? I was kind of thinking maybe I could just use like half of the cooked egg yokes. I thought that it might make it a little less points. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I tried searching the threads for it but, it only brings up threads with the word salad in it. Thanks!! Nancy
  5. Sugar-free jelly belly's are awesome. They are a little sticky and don't have quite the flavorful flavor as the original but they are definately a good option for a candy-like snack. It does say on the bag to be aware of a laxative effect which I have never noticed but be advised. hope you like them. Nancy
  6. nancee05

    Sub buns

    I've been on a sub kick lately and was thinking it would make economic sense to buy the hoagie or sub buns from the store and use my own meat and veggies. My problem is I am unable to find any nutrition information as I am just looking at buying them from the bakery section of the grocery store. I know that these would vary from store to store but, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for even just a guide. Thanks!
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