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  1. I do the same as CW, I just calculate the total time as moderate and go with that #.
  2. Thats amazing....what a change! Great job!
  3. Hello all....I am returning after a 2 year absence and back up above my original weight. I lost 50 #'s the first time around and this time I'm going to make goal! Just wanted to stop in and say hi.
  4. Not much of a change yet but the big smile on the right tells it all!!!
  5. This is really good ice cream and only 1 point per serving! Vanilla Who knew low-fat vanilla ice cream could taste this rich and creamy? Breyers knew. 90 calories per serving. 1.75 Quarts UPC: 77567-29500 Weight Watchers and Points are registered trademarks of Weight Watchers International, Inc. The points provided here were calculated by Unilever based on published Weight Watchers information and do not imply sponsorship or endorsement of those points or of Breyers products by Weight Watchers International, Inc. Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1/2 cup Servings Per Container 14 Amount Per ServingCalories 90 Calories from Fat 15 Total Fat1.5g Saturated Fat1g Trans Fat0g Cholesterol5mg Sodium55mg Total Carbohydrates19g Dietary Fiber3g Sugars14g Sugar Alcohol Protein3g Vitamin A 4%Vitamin C 2%Calcium 10%Iron 0%Kosher Low Fat Weight Watchers Points 1 * Nutrition Facts may vary in high altitude areas.
  6. If you stay within your point range you should lose weight but I try to avoid really high fat items. Just my personal choice, I save those kind of items for special occasions or for treat. What was the cholesterol for those fries? I'll bet they were pretty high
  7. Great Job, I wore a pedometer the other day when I walked 4.2 miles and it said I did 6800 steps. That means you really walked a long way if you figured your 15,000 into distance! That's got to be good for you!!!
  8. Hello I am new too, where are you from in Wisconsin? I have a lot of relatives in Wausau?? Good luck on the program!
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