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  1. I wonder what the points would be if I used shrimp instead of chicken. I think I may make this tonight for dinner.
  2. This is the information for the Brownie Sundae variety. I can't wait to try it!! Nutrition Facts Serving Size 1/2 Cup (74g)Servings Per Container 14Amount Per ServingCalories 90Calories from Fat 0% Daily Values**Total Fat 0g 0% Saturated Fat 0g 0% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol less than 5mg 2% Sodium 70mg 3% Potassium 150mg 4% Total Carbohydrate 23g 8% Dietary Fiber 5g 20% Sugars 4g Sugar Alcohol 5g Protein 3g 6%
  3. I couldn't help myself. I made one for lunch at it was SOOOO GOOOD!! With the sub roll (which was 4 pts.) it was 6 points! I think next time I will use a Light String Cheese since it's only 1 pt. as well. I have 15 points left for the day so I think I may eat TWO of them for dinner tonight!!! Thank you SO much lolomo!!
  4. I am going to try this for dinner tonight! For a few extra points (I didn't count, so I don't know exactly how many extra), I bought some thick, whole-grain sub rolls. I can't wait for dinnertime tonight! I'm going to add mushrooms to it too. I'm so excited that I get to eat a "cheese steak"!!
  5. I'm so glad you all liked it! I think I am going to make this again for dinner tonight.
  6. I had a taste for ice cream/frozen yogurt but didn't want to buy anything more than 1 serving. I don't think I'd be able to control myself. So, I bought some Light yogurt in the small 6 oz. containers. I froze one tonight and it made the perfect, sweet, frozen treat! It was 2 points and I couldn't overdo it because it was just 6 ounces. Just an idea!
  7. Thanks for this post. I think I am going to try the kabobs you described and grill them later this week.
  8. I finally went and got some yesterday. I ate a pack of the blueberry ones this morning...mixed review. They were OKAY. I prefer the WW ones, but it seems like you get more for your points with the 2 smaller ones with Uncle Wally's. They weren't HORRIBLE, though. I may try the other flavors to see if I like those better.
  9. I made this last night but I haven't tasted it yet. It smelled WONDERFUL as I was cooking it though! The only problem I had with it was MY fault. Instead of using the fat-free ricotta, I used fat-free cottage cheese. Needless to say, my end result came out a bit watery. But it didn't look too bad. I cut a piece and put it in a container for lunch today, along with a salad. I'll post about it later this afternoon!!
  10. The ones I bought are 1 pt. each, even with I calculate the points with 4 pts. fiber instead of the 9. Italian Herb Carbdown Light Flatout Calories: 90 Total fat: 2.5 grams Dietary Fiber: 9 grams
  11. WOW! I saw these yesteday but didn't pick them up. I think I will get some later this afternoon!
  12. The pasta I bought actually said on the NI that a serving is 1 1/4 cup (dry). So, I measure it first, THEN cook it. I hope I've been doing it right!
  13. I bought the Italian Herb Low Carb Light Flat Out bread yesterday. I forgot to calculate the points, but I have time. I don't plan to use it until this evening for dinner anyway. Thanks Chris AND Plcm for your input! I will remember to count it as 1 point even if it comes up on my WW calculator as 0 points.
  14. Could someone post the point difference if I made this with Portobello mushrooms instead of the chicken filling?
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